back to article Google+ opens up to enterprises and apps

As promised at last week’s Web 2.0 Summit, Google has opened its social networking site to enterprises, via integration with Google Apps. The move will see hundreds of companies pouring onto the social network and setting up business pages. Over the next few days customers of Google Apps for Business or free customers will get …


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  1. alwarming

    Can't believe I am the first to post a comment!!!!!!!!!!

    On such an exciting technology!!!!!!!

    1. Ralph B

      Exciting Technology

      My Google Apps account, now activated for Google+, is able to use the browser-based access to Google+, but cannot login using the iOS Google+ app.

      The exciting technological challenge is how to Google for a Google Apps Google+ iOS Google+ app solution.

      1. muttley

        Can't login with the Android Google+ app either...

        That is all.

        1. Ralph B
          Big Brother

          Re: The G Apps Acc Mob G+ App Login Prob

          Of course, Google do know about the problem ...


      2. This post has been deleted by its author

      3. alwarming

        @Ralph B

        did you see the troll icon ?

  2. Justin Clements

    Why bother?

    What is the point of G+ if no one is using it? We already have to keep up Twitter and Facebook and heaven knows what else, now we have to run a G+ profile as well? We don't have all day to keep on top of every social media gadget.

    1. turnip handler

      Thankfully there are thousands of media studies students looking for a job and they only expect minimum wage and an iPhone.

  3. gort

    There is nothing you can do, they just haven't fixed the login for either the Android or iOs apps yet, that sucks.

  4. Chris 3

    I saw you say 'opens up to enterprises' ...

    And thought you meant that they were now encouraging companies to sign up with Acme-Co accounts.

    Has that happened yet? companies, rather than personal accounts?

    1. LesB

      Yes, or no, depending

      If Acme-Co has outsourced its email to Google Apps, and the Acme-Co administrator enables Google+ for users, then yes.

      Otherwise, no.

      1. Chris 3


        Much appreciated.

  5. Spanners Silver badge

    @Justin Clements

    Google+ is proving a very interesting "place" to discuss things. There seem to be lots of people wanting to discuss things I am interested in. It does seem to have a chronic shortage of MBAs and liberal arts graduates.

    Perhaps they are all staying on Facebook only, or that enhanced RSS feed called Twitter.

    Google+ will not soon replace my wanting to keep track of friends and family but it is replacing a lot of FB use and it replaces Twitter immediately you set up your contacts in it.

    1. Justin Clements


      You are a very small minority.

      Many of my friends tried G+ and couldn't be bothered with it after a few days. It just doesn't have their friends on it, and their friends are still active on Facebook. So if they want to chat to friends, they have to use Facebook.

      If your group of friends are all on G+ then more power to you, but I fear you are in a small minority.

  6. Rob

    Sorry what!?!

    "...considering how well Facebook has developed business integration." I must have nodded off for a few months, has Facebook provided new tools and really understood how businesses want to use Facebook or is it still botching stuff together so that it looks like it knows what it's doing. I hate to say it but Facebook need to contract Apple to help with UI design.

  7. Dirk Vandenheuvel

    Hundreds of businesses? Oh wow!!!


  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Latitude Check in for Google Apps finally works

    Now that is handy.

  9. Putonghua73

    Ripple effect

    I've noticed that a ripple stream - a stream containing a number of publically posted posts that Google+ recommend - has appeared in my stream. Fine to integrate enterprise / companies into Google+ and notify users of changes and new functionality (a new features / functionality section would work) - not fine to introduce ripples / streams into my stream that I cannot control / remove.

    One of the principal reasons I deleted my FB account and switched to Google+ was to regain control over what I considered relevant - not FB. I hope that Mountain View is not falling into the same trap of deciding on the user's behalf of what content is relevant to the user.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    google apps

    aside from google apps sign up form not working, the real question is 'Where is the API'?

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