back to article Nokia's Brave New World is (almost) Finn-free

What a difference a year makes. The only Finnish presence on stage during the 90-minute opening session of Nokia World this year was a dead architect. None of the five speakers was a Finn, and they said some very un-Nokian things. It’s a sign of how much Nokia is changing under Stephen Elop. Although Nokia still speaks its own …


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  1. GatesFanbois

    WP7 Made for Linux Fans?

    "Another differentiator is the fact that Windows Phone is actually quite good, although most punters don’t know it exists"

    All the linux fanboys shoudl be running out to get one of these after they read this it's just like there favourite OS, quite good but no one uses it.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      given that I usually buy some windows-installed box or other when I get a new computer, and then install Slackware on it instead, should I buy one of these winnokia phones and try the same? :-)

    2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge


    3. Manu T

      RE: Another differentiator is the fact that Windows Phone is actually quite good

      I'll correct that:

      'Another differentiator is the fact that Symbian S^3/Anna/Belle is actually quite good, although Nokia wants punters to forget about it and shove a Windows OS with less features through punters throat.'


      'A true differentiator is the fact that meego Harmatan is awesome but we wan't to shove you Windows Phone through your throat anyway because we get a nice fat bonus from Steve Balmer next year!'

      The trick with Microsoft is they make at one time a 'good product' to catch ppl. And when they have enough market they make crap afterwards (usually concealed as 'upgrades' or 'updates'). Most of us DO get it now and probably won't be fooled over again. Only the young punters who don't know (any better) can be tricked. Which is what they're hoping for since their target age-group is +20-year old's. Probably the most naive ones too who won't go for Android and don't have the cash to go iOS.

      It's clear that the old geeks (+30/40/50-year) have already been tricked and hence aren't 'profitable enough'.

      Anyway. Linux fanboys don't use Linux because no-one uses it. They use it because it has its strengths and they need that particularly. Or because it's cheap and legal (unlike a hackintosh or cracked Win7). I applaud that. Fact is Linux is a real OS with real substance, great features and unfortunatly less in the looks departement (though that's changing if you look at present distros like e.g. Ubuntu)

      The case with Win Phone is quite different. No-one uses it because it's all gimmicks and no substance. It has less features than current Symbian and Android phones and is as restrictive as iOS. For instance there's no full 2-way call recording on Windows Phone (nor Android for that matter) while it's perfectly possible on even a lowly S40 phone like Nokia 2730.


  2. Bilgepipe


    No brown ones?

    1. defiler

      Nokia Brown

      I believe it's called "wenge". Because "brown" isn't good enough...

    2. alain williams Silver badge

      Re: colours

      I suspect that the case will be coloured blue - to match the colour frequently seen on the screen :-)

    3. Anomalous Cowturd
      Thumb Up

      I see what you did there. ^^^

      Nice one!

    4. Manu T

      RE: No brown ones?

      No please, there's enough 'brown stuff' already comming out of these ex-microsoft-bozos orifices.


      After the shit they put me through with Windows Mobile I'd be damned if I EVER walked that route again!

      I want either that bloody N9 (and stop delaying the damn thing, you fucking Elop!!!) or a decent made Symbian device. I NEED to record phonecals and I NEED a decent navigation system and I want to use my fone without putting a condom over my head, hands or fone! And no I don't care what processor is inside nor how much RAM it has. I NEED a proper comms-device. ONE that doesn't break down after 6 months like the current crap that's made in china INCLUDING CURRENT NOKIAS!

      If you MUST know... Yes I own a Nokia fone (c7-00), Yes I'm happy with it's speed and functionality, Yes I'm happy with its 'precieved' build quality... NO, I'm NOT happy with the fact that this bloody thing broke down after LESS than 6 months! Just like my Acer F1 before that and my Samsung i900 Omnia 1 before that. (FYI All of the mentioned phones have full 2-way call-recording.)

      WTF is wrong with these consumer manufacturers! Get the hell out of china and build your stuff in the US or Europe! Use decent materials and perform a some REAL QUALITY CONTROL preferably with ppl who can SEE through their fucking eyes! Oh and there are NO floodings in Europe or US (expect if you build your plant next to the Mississippi) and no earthquakes either (unless you really need to build your plant in San Francisco). And I've NEVER seen a hurricane in Düsseldorf, Paris or Amsterdam either!

      Good advice to Nokia: STAY in FINLAND! Get these 3000 ppl back from accenture, build a factory in finland and put these ppl back to work as you SHOULD BE! So that we have fones that last longer than a few bloody months!


  3. Dan 55 Silver badge

    I remain to be convinced

    I think I'll stick with my black N8 for the moment.

  4. Amraj

    Fantastic Bootnote!

    I have to say it, i am sitting here at my desk in tears, that was one of the funniest keynotes ever!

    I was watching the live stream and even i thought his volume levels were disturbingly erratic. The image of people flinching has put me in a laughing fit that will most likely last the entire day!

    Good work El Reg you made my Wednesday!

    1. Andrew Orlowski (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Fantastic Bootnote!

      It was definitely a "Where's the nurse?" moment.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Another differentiator is the fact that Windows Phone is actually quite good"

    No it's not, you have been brainwashed by the Microsoft brain-rays at work....

    It's actually very poor, and thats why consumers simply aren't interested. It's iPhone or Android, the only credible smartphone OSes...

    1. Dave 15 Silver badge

      Laughed at that

      Are you really serious? Android and iPhone are no where near good - battery life is poor, processors have to be massive. Symbian is actually the best of the mobile OS's - designed from the ground up for battery life (which is exceptional), stability and lack of virus opportunity.

      WinMob isn't actually bad - built on top of wince technically its actually pretty good, the dev environment is superior to all the others which will lead to an explosion of applications as soon as the phone gains in popularity.

      As for the BSOD we are all so used to from windows desktop don't expect to see that ... the underlying OS, the applications on top of it, the device drivers and other such stuff were all built by a different team to the desktop guys. The hardware is much more under control (it doesn't have to cater for 20 different manufacturers from a single build), the device drivers and other Nokia specific content in this device will have been 'tested to death' by Nokia and Microsoft. I will eat my hat and yours if you get a BSOD in the first 10 years of having one.

      BTW I don't work for either company - I have worked for both over the years and left for other work - but I do know my way around smartphones having worked in the industry since Nokia started it, I go back far enough to have worked on Epoc32 which was the starting point for the Symbian OS.

      1. Manu T

        It's NOT WinMob it's Windows Phone AKA WinPhon

        Why do ppl keep mixing things up!

        Windows Mobile IS NOT Windows Phone!

        Windows Mobile (6.1/6.5) is a derivative of Pocket PC OS (2000) and build on top of an older version of WinCE. It's INCOMPATIBLE with Microsoft's current smartphone OS 'Windows Phone 7'. Which is build on a newer WinCE kernel.

        Both these Microsoft smartphone OS's use indeed WinCE kernels (albeit different versions) but are TOTALLY incompatible at application level!

        Or do you also say that Android is compatible with Meego/maemo (or Bada for that matter) because they're all using some Linux-kernel as base?

        1. Monty Burns

          @Manu T/Dave

          Awww.... having a bad day are we??? Go to the pub, grab a pint and chill out.

          I think we all know what Dave means, no need to blow a pedant fuse over it.

          1. Manu T

            @ Monty Burns

            Well, I'm having a pint right now.

            Fact is: This IS important because marketeers use this to base THEIR assumptions on!

            If ppl keep mixing up Windows Mobile 6.x with Windows Phone 7 then the generic public wrongly assumes that they are the same OS which they aren't! And then they get dissapointed because their cracked TomTom navigation program from Windows Mobile that they received from 'a friend' doesn't run on their Windows Phone device (or whatever)!

            It should be made clear that Windows Phone 7 is a completely new OS JUST LIKE that Harmattan that Nokia uses /used on their N9.

            To clear things up again.

            Windows Mobile <> Windows Phone

            N9 Harmattan <> Android

            X-Box <> PS3

            Linux <> BSD Unix

            Windows <> OSX


        2. Jim Morrow

          > Windows Mobile IS NOT Windows Phone!

          so fucking what.

          it doesn't matter if a steaming pile of shit was produced by a fresian cow or a jersey cow. it's still a pile of shit.

        3. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: It's NOT WinMob it's Windows Phone AKA WinPhon

          Dreadfully sorry, but I seem to have nodded off, and temporarily misplaced my careface..

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Laughed at that

        "I will eat my hat and yours if you get a BSOD in the first 10 years of having one."

        Which sauce will you have with your hat? Ah, right, you don't actually expect us to buy into Microsoft's nth iteration in the mobile space after all.

      3. This post has been deleted by a moderator

      4. ThomasW

        Microsoft shouldn't be allowed *near* software.

        Sorry, just read any MSDN example -- Microsoft fail most elements of basic software-reliability & engineering practice. Logging, fault reporting, configurability.

        And this is what they teach others.

        On to business practice & software examples. Subverting and undermining "standards" to try & lock-in customers to their bug-ridden proprietary software. "Active Desktop" as a radical mis-design, turning the desktop into a webpage & HTML into something that "runs".. introducing a whole new galaxy of viruses & malware.

        If IE had been written correctly as a *parser* to "view" HTML, not an "executor" which dangerously "runs" HTML, the world would have only about 8 to 10% of the current torrent of viruses & malware.

        Back to mobiles & WP7.

        The real problem is Microsoft's much-vaunted low processor & power requirements. Basically, the way they get those is by allowing uncontrolled native code to run. Hello viruses & malware, device drivers, DLL version crashes.. all the BS the world hates.

        Android doesn't do this, it uses a virtual machine and is likely to be inherently far more reliable & secure. I get good usability & battery life with Android, too -- after 9 hours at work and one or two calls, I still have 82% battery.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Barry the Fandroid strikes again...

      Actually Barry, it is a neat smartphone OS that exhibits some rather original ideas. It has so far been hampered by really poor quality hardware and a reliance on Microsoft services (unsurprisingly).

      1. hplasm


        Apart from the hardware and the software, it's ok?

      2. MIc
        Thumb Down

        be specific

        What are the short comings of the MS services that you refer to?

        Zune is rock solid and fun to use.

        Sky Drive works as advertised.

        HTC hardware is the same hard that android uses and it hasn't been an issue there.

        You seem to be missing any real data.

    3. MIc
      Thumb Down

      I don't think you can back that up.

      Everyone that I've encountered that has one loves it.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But they did launch a white N9

    So at least one decent phone announced today. :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      The White N9 is a prototype.

      Unless you're a Nokia exec, you don't have one. ;-)

      Also they are numbered and identified so that if something is released they know who did it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        @White N9 is a protoype

        Um, no - it's actually due for release in Q4 2011:

        Though not in the UK because according to Nokia, UK buyers would be confused by the N9 and Lumia 800 looking so similar.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          @AC re: @White N9 is a protoype → #

          Uhm ... When we saw the prototype N9, the person said all prototypes were white (easier to track) and that they all had some distinct markings so that if anything leaked, the person who leaked it would be caught...

          Of course in the states... no N9 and actually as of now... no online Nokia store :-(

  7. Ralph B


    Regarding the "outrageously camp colour palette": You can also have it in black - where it looks rather smart.

    But I'd rather have the N9 than a Lumia 800.

  8. Malcolm 1

    I love the bright colours - thoroughly bored to black/grey phones. Not sure about the pink one but would quite happily wield the blue. The N8 came in bright orange - would definitely go for one of those in a heartbeat (Had similar feelings about the orange Sony P-series mini laptop: Orange - it's the new black)

  9. Law


  10. Pseu Donyme

    I suppose the natural progression of things would be 1) management promising/insisting on a speedy release of a (n all) new, great product. This results in 2) getting out something so-so at best ( 2a) late, more or less). Then 3) much effort goes into fixing this which results on a strain on R&D which 4) guarantees similar or worse results with the next generation product (if any).

  11. James 51

    That looks a lot like the n9....

    Like my netbook, I would get it and then put linux (meego) on it. At least it will go on sale in the UK unlike every other phone Nokia have released recently. I'd love to get some of their dual sim phones for going on holiday but am loathed to pay the grey market import tax (over 100% at least).

  12. GoingGoingGone

    That Bloody Scream from the Bloody Bootnote

    Almost blew away my brain before I was able to pull out my earbuds. He should be impaled for that. Asshole!!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If I owned shares in TomTom, I'd be selling them...

    I might get one of the cheaper phones for the car.

    1. Dave 15 Silver badge

      judging by profits and share price you're not the only one

      Can get the mapping stuff on the existing S60 smartphones, have done, its brilliant.

  14. Richard Porter

    Pink Smartphone

    "But are you going to be seen with a pink smartphone? Anywhere?"

    But are you going to be seen with a Microsoft Windows phone? Anywhere?

    Not bloody likely!

    1. Dave 15 Silver badge

      I'd rather have a winmob phone than an iPhone.... at least

      I'll have bought it with my brain not my backside.

      Windows mobile is actually both more open and more competant. With Nokia behind it you will see it has better equipment and more form factors.

      Android - well, lots of hype but I've tried a couple and was not very impressed.

      Probably not a pink phone for me, but certainly one of the other colours.

      I'd have rather he had sorted out the S60 stuff, but winmob is excellent.

      1. Manu T

        @ Dave

        It's NOT WIndows Mobile!!!! It's Windows Phone 7! AAAAAARRRRRGH!

        Windows Mobile 6.5.x IS NOT compatible with Windows Phone 7!

        I'd also rather have a N9/Lumia 800 with Symbian Belle (or it's successor) than winphone 7.5

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          Stop being so pedantic, you tosser.

          WinMo = WP7 = same piece of shite from Microsoft.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I'd rather have a winmob phone than an iPhone.... at least

        "Windows mobile is actually both more open and more competant. [sic]"

        We get it, "Dave 15": you worked for both companies, you're in the know, really you are! Sheesh!

        But citation needed, anyway.

    2. Giles Jones Gold badge

      A pink phone is a great way to teach school age boys self defence. They will get bullied so much they will have to learn how to stick up for themselves.

  15. Herer

    poor finns

    The Scandinavian flair for design was one of the things which set Nokia apart. Being M$ or getting all Ballmery at NokWorld isn't a good thing; it demonstrates the repression of a unique quality to be all 'me too' which is the only thing m$ ever do.

    I feel so bad for all those poor Finns. I just hope Elop gets chucked out for his treason before it's too late.

    The white N9 has made my day though, Mrs will love that

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I have every confidence that

      Microsoft will do for Nokia what General Motors did for Saab. The parallels are striking.

    2. Anonymous Coward 101
      Thumb Down


      Nokias were really boring; their phones, even the expensive ones, did not stand out.

    3. NVG76

      Finland part of scandinavia...ehh?

      its true a lot of Nokia terminals were designed in Denmark, so yes some scandinavian influence was present... BUT Finland have NEVER been part of Scandinavia...

    4. Captain Hogwash

      "...Scandinavian flair..."

      Finland is a Nordic country. Finland is not a Scandinavian country.

  16. Goffee

    Despite all the nay-saying, I may well give one a go, just to be different. And who would have thought you could be saying that about Microsoft and Nokia four or five years ago.

    [Looks for magnetic field shift icon, settles for smiley face]

  17. Arctic fox

    What a wonderful image.

    "................they made people physically sick at their concerts. So the Kevins have something in common: they’re both sonic terrorists."

    That's a keyboard you've cost me!

  18. Steve Evans


    What's the deal with these numeric numbering schemes? They've only got two phones and it's already meaningless!

    Old Nokia did attempt some kind of logic to its naming scheme, although hid it well, but 710 and 800, what on earth do these relate to?

    if you're going to use numbers, at least make them refer to something... BMW, Merc and Ferrari manage it. A phone doesn't have cylinders, but it does have cores and RAM.

    1. Ralph B

      > if you're going to use numbers, at least make them refer to something...

      I think they refer to the number they expect to sell.

  19. gaz 7

    It's another closed system like iOS -

    you need PC desktop software to transfer media and files - FAIL

    There is only limited multitasking - lot of apps freeze when backgrounded - FAIL

    no proper microSD support, although academic here - FAIL

    1. Sean Baggaley 1


      ... iOS devices are selling like hot cakes, so clearly that "closed system" issue isn't, er, an issue.

      ... unless you're aware of some magical non-standard, yet somehow ubiquitous wireless media and file transfer protocol, you're going to need some form of connection between your media and your pocketable devices. And Windows Phone 7 is supported on both Windows AND Mac OS X, so that's both the major desktop platforms sorted. (For Linux, there's Android. Poor buggers.)

      ... multitasking is overrated. Most people task *switch*. Even so, it is possible to run some tasks in the background on WinPho7 (and recent versions of iOS, and even WebOS), but the more "true" multitasking you allow, the shorter your battery life will be. This is a tradeoff most users are unwilling to accept, hence the focus on limited multitasking features.

      ... SD Card support is idiotic on a smartphone when they already have built-in 3G / 4G and bloody WiFi! There's a bloody good reason why iOS devices sell so well: Apple don't expect you to "manage your cache" or manually decide which particular abstract bit-bucket to install that application and data into. The computer's job is to do all that boring techie shit _FOR_ you, not burden you with micromanagement features that are of interest to precisely two people, neither of whom have a girlfriend.

      1. Giles Jones Gold badge

        Even if you don't have a girlfriend you still may have better things to do than manage your phone. Creating software that works fairly autonomously is quite difficult, hence why Android doesn't bother and has lots of buttons for clearing caches and data.

        I'm actually tempted to get one of these phones. I was tempted by the Palm Pre but the cut price phones never materialised. At least we know WP7 isn't going to vanish quickly, sure the Kin phone died a death but that was because Microsoft did the hardware as well.

      2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

        @Sean Baggaley 1

        "unless you're aware of some magical non-standard, yet somehow ubiquitous wireless media and file transfer protocol,"

        Er, its called "USB storage device" and it allows you with nothing more than a USB cable to copy to/from the device on any OS without a pile-o-shite like ITunes/Zune.

        "SD Card support is idiotic on a smartphone when they already have built-in 3G / 4G and bloody WiFi"

        Er, no its not. I can change my phone's 2GB storage to 32GB+ for a FRACTION of the cost some suppliers would charge. Also I can swap cards to remove personal data at repair time (how do you wipe/factory reset a dead phone's internal storage?) and/or to swap in any apps that need a lot of data easily, like a detailed map of Europe, etc.

  20. Mark 176

    competitively priced?

    I just don't see where people say it is competitively priced to the iPhone and High end Android phones when the hardware is nowhere near as good. It is on par with a mid level android phone or iPhone 3gs which cost nothing compared to these.

  21. Jay 2

    Kevin Shields tool, Lumia fail and potential Asha win

    Saw that clip on BBC News last night, thought he came over as a bit of a tool. Somewhat unstrangely I was reminded of *that* Balmer clip.

    I can't really see Nokia making too much headway churning out identikit WP7 handsets. They might be able to shift some in Africa and the bits of Asia where Nokia still has some brand loyalty left, but elsewhere they'll be up against all the other manufacturers' WP7 phones before you even mention Android or iOS. So I think their long term future lies in how much of the Asha line they can shift.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    "Back when the seismic strategy shift was revealed in February, many doubted this was possible.."

    Considering that the only Nokia contribution was Navigation application (ported from other platform, and taking into account that it had .net variant, not much work also...) I am not very impressed. Even manufacturing was outsourced...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The same version of Drive and Maps

      is on the MeeGo based N9 - obviously just a port of the work done there.

      The Nokia Music app on the N9 is also quite decent, but fortunately doesn't have the stupid automated "playlist" feature present on the Microsoft devices. Sorry, Nokia WP7 devices.

  23. Manu T

    Nokia World 2011, what a joke.

    The only thing that really happened was a few non-Fin employees padding each other on the back.

    Like that weird Indian woman talking about Carla and Vivien... WTF!!! And that shrieking monkey with his ESPN-app. That's gonna be available to any Samsung and HTC winphone device within minutes. Not to mention mr. beardman with his crap about social websites in one place?!?!? Nokia phones already have that! It's called Social and it ain't new. It's made by former-symbian employees and just ported to WinPhone.

    In fact it's insulting to all the poeple whom worked for years on Symbian, OVI-maps, Social-app, the small-footprint webbrowser, the magnificent calender and contacts integration with OVI-maps and many other things that current Symbian owners take for granted, that these guys claim that he navigation app on the 800 is unique.

    Apart from it's design there's nothing to differentiate Nokia's Lumia 800 (winphone crap) from other Windows phones. Pronouncing that this Lumia 800 is the first true 'Windows Phone 7-'phone is pure bollocks. There's nothing special about it. An off-the-shelf half backed feature-less OS embeded into the last-years design o/t N9 (which isn't even available this year unlike what Elop insinuate!). It's even WORSE, gone is that beautiful slide-UI, gone is that gorgeous swipe to homepage, gone are ALL the smart things that made the N9 a real unique phone. The N9 was the first true iPhone opponent from Nokia. What we get now is something that looks like an N9 and behaves like ANY cheap LG/Samsung winphone. The only thing that might grab some attention is that Carl Zeiss logo on the back.

    Also it's insulting to current customers that these assholes openly tell us that WE aren't important enough for them. They only care about the 'emerging markets' because "hey, we wanna get another billion people connected". It's thanks to the Western World that these retarded assholes can play ball. We provided them with the big money and now we're "redundant"?

    I really don't like this. And the weird thing is that NOBODY in that audience even stood up and called against this! They even applauded this insulting 'sing and dance contest'!

    Oh... and why try these 'suits on stage' to impersonate Steve Jobs? It's just laughable. with their wrinkled shirts out of their pants trying to look 'cool'. It's not working, Dude!

    I just couldn't bear myself to watch this thing through to the end. It's a joke! An insult to ALL the things Nokia has done in the past. They invented GSM for god's sake! They invented smartphones AGAINST Microsoft and now this charade!

    AFAIC. Nokia! Go fuck yourself in 'the emerging markets'!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Deeply integrated social networking and IP communication has been in Nokia devices for several years, it was very well done on the Maemo based N900 and even better on the N9/N950.

      The only thing Nokia lacked was *focus* to bring this all together and to do it well.

      The company needed to rationalise it's R&D spend, that's beyond doubt, but it certainly did not need to dump it's own software and it's own independent future just so that it can help Microsoft crush everyone else. It was already moving in the right direction, the announcement on Feb11 was premature.

  24. airbrush

    Telegraph Awards 3.5 stars

    The telegraph seemed to think its good but not as good as higher end android + apple phones. At least meego kept software development in Europe + engadget thought the n9 was on a par with mango.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Love it...

    ..."Sonic Terrorists" not heard it before but will now refer to my little boy as that on a regular basis.

  26. cgunner


    I *think* you'll find that the vomit-inducing volumes myth is attributed to Swans, not My Bloody Valentine. And in any case, is completely unconfirmed.

    Mine's the one with the no-wave vinyl records in the pocket...

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