back to article Updating to Windows Phone 7.5

Just like Apple iPhone users needn’t own a Mac to sync data and apply updates, Windows Phone 7 users needn’t be reliant on a PC either. To broaden the appeal of Microsoft’s latest handset OS, the company offers a Mac software alternative. Windows Phone Connector for Mac Nice to know there's an update, but what version is it …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    At the risk of sounding linke one of those tedious "it worked fine for me" types:

    It worked fine for me.

    Same phone, but all updates were done from Win 7. One update to prepare for Mango, accompanied by a little excitement about getting Mango, then a relisation that it was to prepare for Mango, when the next update came down straight afterwards. I can't really tell you how long Mango took, I went to the pub and when I was back the phone was working fine on Mango.

    I quite like it, most of the differences are not initially obvious, but they are there and it does make for a nice OS to use.

    1. Rosco

      I'm tedious too

      Worked fine for me too, unlike many of the horrendous update experiences I've had with my iPod touch, where backup and restore frequently fails. At least half of the OS updates I've given to the iPod have resulted in having to hard reset and start from scratch (not a quick process with nearly 60GB of music).

      I'm not being a fanboi either way, I just think it's a bit odd to have a two-page article describing a failed OS update; I've never seen one before for any of the other phone OS's. It implies that WP7 is unique in its failings, which it isn't.

      1. Can't think of anything witty...
        IT Angle

        I like tedious

        this update woked fine for me as well, using a Win7 laptop and Samsung omnia7. Couple of points though;

        1) It did seem to take a long time - maybe an hour or so? it seemed to install several incremental updates before going for version 7.5 - but then i hadn't updated it since i bought it. Still, i plugged it in to my laptop clicked "ok" a couple of times and left it until it was done. Very easy to do. I think that not unplugging it whilst the "DO NOT UNPLUG" message was on the screen was the key to my success.

        2) Yes, it should be availible over the air - or at least over a WiFi link, it was a pretty big download. My Nokia N8 does this fine, maybe this is something that we will see sooner rather than later?

        3) this is a non-article and can be summarised thus: Man plugs phone into computer to update it. Man ignores "DO NOT UNPLUG" messages. update doesn't work very well. Phone returns to some sort of usable state. The sky does not fall in.

  2. hplasm

    Oh Dear... sad.

    Never mind!

  3. Complicated Disaster

    Why do we need to have software at all to connect Win Phone 7 to Win 7??? It should just be supported natively, surely!!

  4. Anonymous Coward


    "Unlike Apple’s dual platform iTunes offering, MS keeps Zune exclusively for its PC clientele and Mac users get Windows Phone 7 Connector"

    ...and Linux users get ... shafted?

    1. HMB

      If you spot a linux user using their own Windows Phone mobile you're automatically granted 3 wishes.

      Don't get sucked in though, they're rarer than leprechauns.

    2. hplasm

      And Linux users get...

      a decent non W7 phone...

      1. Rubberchicken

        Which is what, exactly? Surely not Android?

        What is a passable smartphone anyway where I am the customer and not the product being sold to advertisers (so that's Google out) and that can be easily synced with a linux box?

  5. JDX Gold badge

    Worst article title ever

    "Updating to Windows Phone 7.5"

    There I was thinking this might be a review of 7.5 or something useful... instead it's a whole article about updating your phone using a minority OS. I'm sure it's interesting to the other Mac users who wanted to upgrade their WP7 devices (all 4 of them) but would a descriptive title be OK next time...

  6. Fuzz

    Windows phone connector

    It would be nice if this software was available for PC too. Or if Microsoft had included support for the new phones in an updated mobile device centre or active sync.

    Having to use zune to update your phone is one thing too many Microsoft have copied from Apple.

    Updates should happen OTA and they should be incremental.

  7. Kay Burley ate my hamster
    Thumb Down

    A step backwards

    Good one MS, Android updates without a computer, get with the new century.

    1. aThingOrTwo
      Thumb Down

      Back in reality...

      Most of the time you are lucky if “Android” updates at all.

      Don't pretend it's a bed of roses on the other side.

      Having a desktop sync/backup/update tool is actually quite useful. And at least Windows Phone and iOS offer first party, first class solutions.

  8. JeffyPooh

    I've extrapolated, and the conclusion is disturbing...

    By the year 2023, I will be spending 24.5 hours per day updating gadgets with new firmware.

  9. Eponymous Cowherd

    You need to plug it in to a comuter to update it?

    How very quaint.

    1. IanPotter

      Plug it into a comuter?

      Well I suppose it would make the trip to work more amusing...

      1. Eponymous Cowherd

        Bend over, sir

        I want to update my Windows phone.

        Why do you never spot the typo until you hit "submit"?

  10. Nanki Poo

    Why not just do the update from the phone?

    Surely WP dupports this...? Android has been for years.


    1. Rosco

      I believe Mango enables this so future updates will be done OTA. A bit crap not to have that from the start though.

    2. B4PJS


      How about so it can perform a backup...

  11. Ryan Clark

    Mine worked without issue although the 2nd update to actually go to mango takes quite a while. Having to plug into a computer to use zune for so many tasks is really annoying all the time, not just when upgrading.

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