back to article Uncrackable quantum crypto undermined by new attack

Hopes of building an uncrackable cryptographic system using quantum mechanics have been called into question, after scientists devised a way to cheat a test used to detect secret keys that have been intercepted. By blinding detectors with laser beams, the scientists were able to defeat what's known as the Bell test. In theory, …


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  1. Christian Berger


    I thought such an attack has already been published in 2009.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The upshot then

    is that, for the moment, there is NO secure communications protocol.


    Given the interest and kudos in breaking stuff like this, it seems that there never will be.....

    1. as2003

      Not true. OTP encryption is unbreakable (key exchange makes it impractical though).

    2. eBusiness

      Traditional encryption schemes still work fine. While the quantum-thing may be broken, the good news is that it was a completely redundant technology in the first place.

  3. as2003

    I'm no expert, but surely you could detect this kind of attack?

    if ( detector.isBlind() )


    die("We are under attack");


    I'm assuming the detector isn't blinded as part of the key exchange process?

  4. NoneSuch

    A universal truth.

    Encryption only delays access to information, it does not prevent access.

  5. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge


    And while you are worrying about the lasers cracking your crypto, you'll never even notice the shark chomping on your leg.

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