back to article Israeli gov nabs 6 for leaking population register

An employee of the Israeli Social Affairs Ministry has been arrested on suspicion of copying the personal details of nine million citizens listed in the population registry, according to the Justice Ministry. The Justice Ministry's Law, Information and Technology Authority (LITA) announced on Monday that they had arrested six …


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  1. umacf24

    "Let Go"?

    What's the point of a site if you're going to write in US euphemisms? Sounds like he was sacked.

    1. n 5


      The site is US owned and staffed.

      The use of the is to trick worked....just leave the site...i did years ago and never regretted it.

  2. Eduard Coli


    Why would Israel want to keep it's open immigration quiet?

    No big deal really, most of this is public information in the US.

    1. Peter Murphy

      Identity theft made easy.

      "LITA said the employee stole the information, which included names, identification numbers, addresses, birth dates and relationships, and kept a copy of it at his home. " Enough data to fake quite a few identities there.

      1. hplasm


        who fakes Israeli passports?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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