back to article Acer UK boss Watkins quits

Acer UK boss Bobby Watkins has quit after a string of disastrous quarters in which the firm's sales collapsed, The Register can reveal. It is understood that Acer veteran Neil Marshall, currently director of global sales and marketing transformation, will be picking up the reins. Channel sources reckon that Watkins resigned …


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  1. jungle_jim

    not surprised

    The company i work for buys a fair amount from Acer - they are a crap supplier to deal with never reply to any queries and if they do it takes ages. they run a skeleton staff apparantley - well it shows now.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    also not surprised

    Selling kit with a build quality of £50 for £500 to the customer is never going to be a good business model.

    They should trying being more honest and sell their kit in the right price bracket!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yes because everyone "RESIGNS" at ACER...

    Come on.... Get real

  4. JaitcH

    Stuff Acer: Don't colour it green

    Whether you care or not about global warming, pollution, etc., and we should, my employer has stopped buying Acer because of rubber feet.

    As we are in an area where power can get dicey when water levels fall or high temperatures cause air-cons to kick in, we always buy laptops rather than desktop computers because the batteries allow us to get away with a manual switch-over generator, which is much cheaper than auto-switching.

    Over time Acer computers rubber feet drop off - they haven't figured out what ASUS uses for glue, so we tried to buy replacement feet.

    Oh, they are available BUT you have to buy them attached to half the base cover. Really dumb.

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