back to article Reg hack desperately seeks deeply frustrated pensioner

We enjoyed your letter of the 9th. And would love to chat further. Discretion assured. ®


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  1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    If that isn't a teaser I don't know what is

  2. blem wit
    IT Angle

    The left "socialized" this title

    wtf was that...?

  3. Matt Bradley

    This is definitely the best article I have read on ElReg for some time. Maybe I'm just getting too used to using Twitter as my primary source of news.

  4. Andus McCoatover

    But I also never send you flowers.

    Love and kisses.

    Mine's a tin of tramp-juice at the "Coach and Horses", Soho.

    1. Sam Therapy


      You mean "Trampagne".

      Mine's the one with the bottle of Courvoisier XO in the pocket.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Best article EVER

    best article ever.

    1. Yes Me Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Re: Best article EVER

      its 2 lng

  6. Chris 228

    YES we have no money!

    Please send money! Thanks.

  7. Jim Coe

    Alternate ?

    Wiil I do, I'm almost 85 ? Not deeply frustrated but constanty utterly disgusted.

    My number 1 election slogan, which I retain permanently in my window. covers it all.

    "Goldman sacks the World."

    1. mhenriday

      In what constituency are you running, Joe ?

      If you are, as I presume, also anti-war and I there possess the franchise, you've got my vote....


  8. Steven Raith


    Does this explain the lack of BOFH articles of late? Is Travaglia being a grumpy recluse these days?

  9. Darkwolf

    It is obvious

    they had someone send them some info on something they want more info on, they replied to the person but havent heard back, and really want more info so are hoping the person sees this.

  10. Oli 1

    Artcile of the year nomination?

  11. TeeCee Gold badge


    Mr Murdoch has now sobered up and vowed *never* to get that thoroughly ratarsed ever again.

  12. Tim #3

    Has the Zodiac made a reappearance maybe?

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