back to article Dowler family bags £2m payout over phone-hacking saga

News Corp has agreed to cough up £2m to the family of Milly Dowler after individuals working for the now-defunct Sunday tabloid the News of the World were found to have hacked into the murdered schoolgirl's phone. News International, owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, confirmed the settlement in a joint statement with the …


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  1. Craigness
    IT Angle

    121 years!

    Christopher Chaney, who hacked Scarlett Johansson (the full backal photos) and others, faces up to 121 years jail if convicted. He claims to have hacked out of obsession and possibly addiction, didn't take any money and says he was glad to be caught. Murdoch headed a corporate hacking operation on a far greater scale but the corporate veil looks like it will protect him from any personal punishment. Paying out a few million of his shareholders' money here and there is nothing.

    Another example:

  2. Turtle

    "Regret". Please.

    Murdoch's "regret" needs to be "underscored" by a lengthy prison sentence.

  3. DJV Silver badge

    Optional title is optional

    No payment would be big enough for me to trust those scum again (not that I did in first place).

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'Bags £2miilion'?

    Really? After their murdered daughter's phone messages were listen to.

    You think that's a good way of putting it?

  5. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    Sorry but

    What the notw did was terrible but we need to put this into perspective. At most all they did was raise false hope for a few days and frankly since no amount of money can compensate you for losing a child I don't believe any payment to the family should have been any more than a token.

    1. Haku

      Essentially they deleted phone messages just so they could drag out the story a bit longer to keep the family in a continued traumatized state to write more stories to make some more money selling their 'newspaper'.

      That's truly despicable.

      If the family had been given a token amount of money it would've been like "oh sorry we conned you into thinking she was still alive, here's a bit of money to say we're sorry *takes wallet out of back pocket and grabs the only fiver stuffed in a thick wad of 20's*..."

    2. peter 45

      Just my own perspective

      What NOTW was terrible......and was also illegal and immoral and was done in a culture where anything to get the story was not only ignored, but allowed and even encouraged.

      Remember that NOTW was not doing this for the 'greater good' or for 'the public right to know', or even 'to help save our Milly' but to increase circulation and profit.

      Let us not forget that, having been caught, the staff indulged in practices of deceit, omissions, misdirection, covering-up and downright lying.

      Finally, remember the NOTW paid out £1/2million in an attempt suppress their illegal, immoral practices.

      Now paying out £2million hardly seems OTT does it?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    On the understanding that nobody will know the family's feelings about this, a personal viewpoint: this is tainted money. if I were in their situation, every time I thought about spending any of it, I'd think of the events that brought it to me and how it compounded the tragedy of a murder.

    It's tantamount to blood money and all the professed shame in the world by Mr Murdoch and co doesn't alter the fact that it need never have come to pass were it not for a corrupt organisation trying to sell more newspapers.

    1. peter 45

      Dont forget

      The Dowlers have already stated that any and all compensation will go to Charity.

  7. David Pollard

    And for the 'official' taps?

    The use of 'authorised' telephone taps continues to grow, getting on for 2,000 each year.

    Some of these official interceptions will be just as invasive as those set up by newspapers, and a proportion will be misplaced or malicious. There is, however, no remedy for the harm that official taps cause.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    With Respect

    I am quite sure that if the Dowler's had been given a straight choice between getting £2m or keeping their daughter then the daughter would have been the choice without hesitation. Thankfully families that do accept payment for their offspring are few and far between.

    Furthermore, I don't doubt that Murdoch does feel remorseful about this situation. He's a human being with human thoughts, and whilst he may have many qualities which many people would find contemptible I very much doubt that he is unable to appreciate what losing a precious daughter could bring. So in that respect, I award him some human respect for having tried to do something positive to compensate. Aside from nailing his despicable son to a cross and parading him for the world to see I can't actually see what other action he could have taken beside handing over a wedge. Sure, Murdoch is a very rich man and maybe there could have been some discussion about the amount being offered - but he's made an honest commitment to try and bring peace to a family that has suffered from the actions that were brought about by a company that he owned - and I applaud him for that.

    And whilst I'm not defending Murdoch or his evil empire, it wasn't him who was directly involved in phone tapping any more than it would be the owner of a company who sold pump action shotguns used to carry out the Columnbine disaster (etc). The problem comes down to the greed of individuals, who sold their soul so as to earn a living. Maybe there was a problem within the Murdoch empire which allowed that to happen, maybe there wasn't. But old man Murdoch wasn't the one pulling the proverbial trigger. I somehow doubt that Murdoch sleeps peacefully about this situation.

    As far as I am concerned they can tap my phone a thousand times and post the results in the daily news - if it helps keep creatures like the one that carried out the crime off of the streets. I have a daughter too, broadly similar age to Milly, and I sure as hell wouldn't want her to suffer in the way that Milly did. And for the record, £2m won't buy her release, ever.

    My greatest respects to the Dowler family. It must be an appalling tragedy to deal with.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Minor detail you missed, AC

      It is fairly probable that the voicemail interception undertaken by the NoTW in this case prolonged the investigation and enabled the perpetrator to stay free for quite some time.

      Time in which the perpetrator might have killed more people.

      I would like to know when the NoTW editor and hacks will be arrested and tried for interfering in the case and for wilful destruction of evidence during an ongoing police investigation.

      I am reasonably sure both of those are crimes, and I am also pretty sure there is enough evidence for arrests.

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  10. Naughtyhorse
    Thumb Down

    3 million in total???

    so that means murdoch has spent the last 3 months scrabbling down the back of the sofa for lose change.

    stick another zero or 4 on there, that'll make the fucker sorry

  11. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    The money is pittance to the Murdoch empire. The police should get their rear's in gear and lock up some executives. Until they loose their liberty, they're not going to be truly punished.

  12. irish donkey

    Of course all these payments are tax deductable

    As a necessary Business Expense

    So guess who will be paying after all. That's right the Tax Payer!

    source: Private Eye.

  13. Ascylto
    Big Brother

    So, Mudroach pays out two or three million to the Dowlers and a charity.

    Compare that with the Millions paid to Rebekkah Brooks (or whatever she calls herself now) for being fired for incompetence.

    Seems like a bargain!

  14. Bernard M. Orwell
    Thumb Down

    Justice? What's that then?

    So, again, a rich twat buys his way out of trouble.

    Where is the justice in this?

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