back to article HP's chief techie departs, will not be replaced

HP's chief technical officer, Shane Robison, is out. Robison, an EVP as well as HP's CTO, and member of HP's executive council, will leave on 1 November, having spent 11 years at HP. He will not be replaced: HP CEO Meg Whitman appears to be pulling strategy, research and development closer to HP's portfolio of businesses. The …


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  1. Smoking Man

    Next please!

    Robsion came with Compaq, and the only thing he did within hp was to create an hp-branded Apple ipod..

    One Compaqter less to be annoyed about.

    Good Job Meg!

    If you want to, I can give you the names of some other candidates we should get rid of.

  2. Melanie Winiger

    More to come as Mystic Meg makes magic numbers

    And in Robison's case, well money doesn't make you happy, but it helps:

    Where did I go wrong?

  3. spiny norman

    So what happens to WebOS, which was pushed out to Robison's department?

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