back to article Yahoo! refuses! to! sell! as! buyers! flash! cash!

Yahoo! is still trying to work out if it can survive without having to be sold to any number of bidders said to be circling the troubled internet company. "The intent going in is not to put ourselves [up] for sale," the firm's co-founder Jerry Yang told All Things Digital yesterday. "The intent is to look at all the options …


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  1. auburnman

    They should stick to their guns and not sell themselves - that strategy worked out wonderfully for them last time round.

  2. KroSha

    So the banks will lend money for that? Typical.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If they do decide on a suitor...

    ...I hope they offload Flickr first (especially if the lucky winner is a certain large software company based in Redmond).

    Mind you, I imagine the photo-site would be one of the more (only?) attractive elements of Yahoo!, so I'm likely to be disappointed on that front.

    And I just "bottled" and renewed my Flickr Pro account for another year, too... at least I now have the next fifty-ish weeks to plan my escape ;-)

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  5. Mr Young

    Give! meeee!

    more! exclamation! marks! now! above! the! tab! key! to! the! right! of! the! squiggly! key! I'm already running, see icon etc

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yahoo Should Die

    As a 'merkin AT&T customer FORCED to use yahoo I question the user numbers, considering all AT&T, SbcGlobal, SouthwestBell, etc internet customers are defacto Yahoo users.

    Lazy-ass AT&T outsourced their internet service bundled residential and business email services to "powered by yahoo" awfulness years ago.

    Often can't forward an email using yahoo smtp server - yahoo postmaster thinks it's spam - no recourse.

    Can't send emails from yahoo accounts to our business isp email servers - yahoo ip blocks are blacklisted for spamming on a rotating basis (if I attempt the sends enough times I can eventually get a server in the server farm that isn't in a blacklisted block).

    Web based interface is down too often ("we've experienced a temporary... try again later"...)

    Yahoo decided to join the "social networking revolution" and shared dozens of email accounts with who knows who (defaulted ALL activity to shared - similar to how Google did when they blundered with Buzz and gmail accounts). Took hours to turn all that crap off and restore my email to being just email.

    Yahoo was a great thing back in the mists of time at the beginning of the interwebs (90's), but they have become arrogant and stupid (along with the rest of the internet)

    I won't be sorry to see them die a painful death - except that there is nothing to fill the void except Google (even worse), or Bing (pull the other one)

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