back to article Holographic storage biz files for Chapter 11

If you listened hard you might have heard a thin scream of despair as holographic storage developer InPhase Technologies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday. Bart Stuck, of Signal Lake, the venture capital fund that owns the assets of InPhase, has been struggling to keep the company alive after his VC snapped …


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  1. Ben Liddicott

    It's the storage techology of tomorrow.... and has been for twenty years

    Cos, you know, it allows you to store information in the depth of the media. Unlike, say, a four-layer DVD. Wait, what?

  2. Inachu

    Helllo Apple?

    This would be an awsome company for Apple or Microsoft to buy ASAP!

    Cheap and the technology is so cool!

  3. SirWired 1

    They hadn't declared BK already? These clowns are the Duke Nukem Forever of the storage industry! All these years later, they STILL haven't shipped the one product that would have been barely considered competitive when they first announced it. (A 300GB drive with only 20MB/sec transfer rate.) As of now, five years after the original release date, it's a bad joke.

    Continuing struggles in this direction are just Good Money After Bad.

    1. Inachu

      LOL you also forgot about that other company.

      The other company I wished had a true product to sell.

      I forgot the name of the company but the product they were designing was a new type of compression that allowed a person to zip up a DVD movie and fit it onto a floppy disk.

      The spokesperson claimed they used 3D quantum mathmatics.

      Many mathmatical geniuses complained that the data being compressed has to have some sort of output data to tell the program how to uncompress it and the output control data would get over large in the process of compressing the original data.

  4. Relgoshan


    ...who's going to make those nerdy little clear plastic chips now....?

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