back to article Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

It's one of gaming's longest enduring and most profound existential questions. Twenty years and as many platforms later, Another World - aka Out of this World in the US -remains as enigmatic as ever, surviving even creator Eric Chahi's own fascinating personal deconstruction of his work at this year's Game Developers Conference …


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  1. Greg J Preece

    Personally I'm glad they left it alone. I *love* the visuals and animation in Flashback/Another World. Normally I'm quite welcoming to graphical updates, such as the Final Fantasy/Gradius upgrades on PSP, but these games are just so stylish that I would fear them losing that individuality.

    Touchscreen though? You'd have to be nuts. It was infuriating enough on a real device, but on an iToy...?

  2. Jedit Silver badge


    Looks identical to the 15th Anniversary Edition for PC, which comes with the full soundtrack album and can be picked up for no more than five Yuckian Shekels if you know where to look.

    1. Audrey S. Thackeray

      Yeah, got that a few years ago (no more than five, I suppose).

      Still can't play the fecking thing - just don't have the skill and patience required.

      But it does look and sound great.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Movie Deal on the cards then?

    That is all

  4. Yag

    Ferrari-driving physicist ?

    This is indeed Another World!

  5. yossarianuk

    Another example of Amiga genius

    It reminds me of a time developers pushed computers to do things there were never designed for.

    A time before Microsoft ruined computing.

    1. Alan Dougherty

      Odd.. I had it for the PC (286)...

  6. Scott 2

    "but it still looks decidedly geriatric beside modern iOS titles, such as Infinity Blade and Dead Space"

    Because games must now have superior textures, suuuper gfx and effects to be classed as 'good'?

    I am so SICK of people who complain about things like this. I remember the original Prince of Persia - that was a superb game, the graphical style was wonderful for it's age, and even today it offers a great challenge.

    Then you look at the 're-releases' with their 'updated gfx' and 'gameplay enhancements'...

    3d and bloom does not maketh the game.

    1. Yag
      Thumb Up

      Amen brother!

      Time for me to get back to my Dwarf Fortress :)

      1. Martin Lyne

        My first well planned fortress.. mined one square too deep and everyone got flushed outside by cave crocs, only to rush into a large goblin/troll siege. Watching my last military dwarf single handedly kill 3 trolls was a wonderful sight. Before the got injured, ran off and cried in a corner til he bled to death while the children were butchered all around him. Epic.

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