back to article OpenSUSE 12.1 delivers Fedora punch with GNOME 3

The big news in openSUSE 12.1, whose first beta has recently dropped, is the arrival of GNOME 3 – in this case GNOME 3.2. Unlike Fedora, which is already into its second GNOME 3-based release, openSUSE had – thanks to its release schedule – stuck with GNOME 2 for its last release earlier this year. OpenSUSE 12.1 embraces …


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  1. banjomike

    No zero versions, no surprise

    One of the reasons for going straight to 12.1 is that many people will refuse to use the zero version on the grounds that it is a major upgrade and therefore probably full of bugs. Wait for the first bug-fix.

    1. Marco van de Voort
      Thumb Down

      Yes, and this new versioning will just cause them to restate that as "never use the first release of a new series".

  2. Thorsten

    "In a way openSUSE will likely lose some of its appeal – particularly with potential new users who are often focused on what the desktop looks like."

    I don't see how openSUSE loses any appeal. The users could do the sensible thing and use KDE instead.

  3. Andy B 1

    Pardon my incredulity but...

    'openSUSE boasts "many of the top open source GUI designers in the world".'

    There are open source GUI designers? Really?

    Rev. Andy

    1. Martin

      There must be....

      ...surely no-one who is PAID for his work would have produced the piece of shit known as Unity.

    2. Uwe Dippel

      Open Source GUI Designers - @Andy

      Yes, Andy B.

      There are Open Source GUI designers. Gnome 1.x was actually pretty good, if not great for its time. Then metacity came along, and we all were told to do what metacity wanted us to. Because it was done by experts. Some of those found out that Gnome 2.x was tweakable; much too much for their taste. And since the future is tablets for all, we all need to use the greatest interface for fondleslabs, the very moment when finally Linux will conquer the desktop - with Gnome 3.

      Oooops, and KDE is actually done by German engineers. And it is done to a great engineering height, no irony here. But in order to make it usuable, one has to start configuring it from scratch.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The interesting side effect of leveling the GUI playing field in GNOME is that it throws the spotlight on what arguably should be the primary means of judging a distro – all the stuff under the hood."

    Erm... the average user of a computer *just wants to get the job done* and does not care at all about 'all the stuff under the hood'

    How you or I judge a distro is irrelevant if Linux is to be taken seriously as a Windows replacement/alternative.

    1. Nun of Thee Above

      Which is *exactly* . . .

      " Erm... the average user of a computer *just wants to get the job done* and does not care at all about 'all the stuff under the hood'"

      . . .why Linux doesn't even have a measurable percentage of the desktop market.

      As much as I enjoy the Unix / Linux environment -- and I recently switched 100% to Ubuntu -- much of it still sux! Music players are pathetic (where's MediaMonkey for Linux?!), movie players are worse, and on, and on.

      1. Svantevid

        "Music players are pathetic (where's MediaMonkey for Linux?!), movie players are worse, "


        Ahem... regarding the movie players, what's wrong with VLC for Linux?

  5. bob, mon!

    ehh, so what?

    I use OpenSUSE for its KDE support. What does or doesn't happen to Gnome is wasted effort as far as I'm concerned.

  6. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    No Gnome 3 Tweakery then?


    Go and sit on the naughty step ElReg. A simple google would have brough you

    Where's the dunces cap icon then you need it?????

    Fail. You really must do better (as my geog teacher said when I'd got 95% in an exam}

    1. Chris Harden

      Oh man

      You have no idea how stupid you just made yourself look.

      "OpenSUSE does include the gnome-tweak-tool, which can help change some of the GNOME Shell settings"

    2. gerryg

      Yeah... physics :)

      <--- mine's the one with Nelkon and Parker in its pocket

      1. Uncle Slacky Silver badge

        +1 N&P reference

        Is it the one with the "bubble tesseract" on the cover?

    3. DrXym

      GNOME tweak tool

      The tweak tool is better than nothing at all but arguably virtually everything it provides access to should have been made available from a settings dialog.

      GNOME Shell itself is a good experience, definitely on the right track, but it needs to be configurable to some degree, even for regular users, and definitely for power users. Not KDE levels of configurability or anywhere close, but the basics such as being able to set fonts, name workspaces, manage extensions and so on.

    4. Jim 59


      In Steve Davies' defence: apart from the factual error that was a jaunty and well written post.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "I use OpenSUSE for its KDE support. "


    "What does or doesn't happen to Gnome is wasted effort as far as I'm concerned."

    I think "wasted effort" may be putting it a bit strong. I've tried Gnome on and off over many years but never really "got it".

    Fedora 15 is favoured at work right now. But because the Fedora folks still have KDE as an option, because it's not seen completely as "wasted time", if I ask the nice sysadmin nicely enough, I still get KDE. Which is nice.

  8. Tralala

    Stop hijacking news stories...

    SUSE has long been associated with KDE.

    SUSE has long been associated (vilified even!!) with a more relaxed view on competing license interaction. The fundamentalist approach to license intolerance as championed by genomes and youbuntus is tempered in OpenSUSE.

    That is another of SUSE's USPs - alongside its preference for KDE...

    Headlining changes to doctrinaire and inflexible [by your own admission] user interfaces when reporting a beta is not objective news reporting – you're devising an artificial agenda – like the 'mainstream media' you criticise..

    Some consumers might consider complete inflexibility and a refusal to permit customisation as doctrinaire, off-putting and a deterrent to adoption. Not you.

    This kind of me-too reporting is one of the prime factors in pushing consumers away. By all reliable accounts most OpenSUSE consumer use the default choice, [I know I do]

    Why not pander to the mass-market?

    Could you not force yourself to admit that OpenSUSE defaults to KDE?

    1. Will Stephenson

      Agreed, editors: please stop Scott Gilbertson writing all his Linux articles around his preference for GNOME, or just prefix them with "The GNOME Marketing team writes:"; it's not even a controversial point of view that brings something to the Reg, it's just boring and does not tell us anything about the supposed subject of the stories.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    openSUSE better placed than others, now

    You say openSUSE will suffer because it can no longer tweak Gnome to make their product distinctive. I say openSUSE is now in a position of relative advantage; it's reputed to have one of the better KDE implementations, and judging by the number of forum-posters dismayed at the suckiness of Gnome3 and Unity, they may be looking for a solid KDE desktop. SUSE provides it - let's see this great distro get some of its mojo back after a few years in the wilderness.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  10. AdamWill


    "The interesting side effect of leveling the GUI playing field in GNOME is that it throws the spotlight on what arguably should be the primary means of judging a distro – all the stuff under the hood."

    If this is true, why did you spend most of the article on the GUI and four measly and almost information-free paragraphs on 'all the stuff under the hood'?

    I'd be rather interested to know what stuff is under the hood in OpenSUSE, but your article didn't really help...

  11. REGriff

    OpenSUSE 12.1 sucker punched just like Fedora by including GNOME 3

    At this stage is there anyone seriously touting gnome 3 (or 3.2) as a plus. OpenSUSE has long been a KDE distro, and for the former gnome 2.x users Xfce is a great alternative. For that one person who is still promoting gnome 3, even Linus Torvalds called gnome 3 an `unholy mess´.

    And like most other posters, I am a GNU/Linux user, I look under the hood all the time.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There's only one thing...

    ....under the hood in openTraitor and that's Microsoft funding and Microsoft licences.

    Wait, that's two things.

    There are only two things under the hood of openTraitor - Microsoft funding, Microsoft licences and patented code.

    That's three, there are only three things under the hood, it's no good, I'll have to come in again.

    1. REGriff
      Thumb Up

      There's only one thing...

      Well made point with a VERY good monty python reference - actually LOL.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Except OpenSuSE != Novel SLES

  13. noodle heimer

    the lack of SaX2 in the 12.x line is going to be fun

    For years, SuSE has relead heavily on SaX2 to manipulate the xorg.conf file and actually get xwindows visible.

    With 12.1 landing and the Sandy Bridge chips (and associated new graphics capacity) coming online just as SaX2 is dropped hard... big fun.

    I still have a viable SaX2 on an 11.3, and may have it on an 11.4 that was done as an upgrade, but on new installs, I don't have it any longer and it is truly annoying at times not to have it. (as, for instance, I was setting up a new laptop a few weeks ago - so, completely fresh install on new hardware.)

  14. John Sanders


    Its not for me anymore, I'm evaluating moving to KDE, and considering that as a long time Linux user and full-time Linux admin KDE feels repulsive says a lot about the current GNOME 3.x

    Currently I'm running Debian 6 + Gnome 2.30, and seriously I do not understand why they had to screw with it just now that they just got it right.

    PD: Not great or awesome, just right.

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