back to article Self Service BI: Would you, should you?

We asked last week for your expert views on the state of self-service business intelligence. Let us set the scene: Analysts at Gartner (and Forrester, and elsewhere) have predicted that 2011 will be the year of self service business intelligence, as users demand tools to help them access and understand company data. The users …


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  1. Datalover


    Thank you for this article it is very interesting, I agree that users are demanding tools to manage their own data and it is important that they are provided with these. It is important that they keep up to date with the latest trends.

    Companys also need to be prepared for the fact that company information typically doubles every 18 months and they need to be prepared for this and by giving users the tools to manage their data they will keep on top of it all.



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  2. Jon Massey
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    Three points

    1. Well design DW with application-specific views, e.g. SCV for marketing

    2. Intuitive front-end geared towards non-technical users, allowing train-of-thought analysis without getting caught up in technicalities .IMO, smartANALYSER (neé Viper) is a great example of this geared towards MI.

    3. Good training, even with the best tools, you need to spend the time and effort getting your users up to speed with what data is available to them; how best to obtain insight from it and what to avoid to severely impacting availability of the analytical environment for other users (good DW design plays a role hear but you can only do so much!).

  3. Graham Bartlett

    Dodgy eyes

    Initially read that as "Self service BJ". In which case, "Would you, should you?" is a reasonable question. Clearly something is affecting my eyesight.

    (Yes, that's Sherlock sucking on his pipe...)

  4. lost in space

    couldn't find smartANALYSER, could you point me in the right direction?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    cloud bi = more traffic than porn

    Cloud bi is going nowhere as long as a user can forget to add a filter and attempt to return 20 years worth of detail in a single query

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