back to article Thai floods threaten Seagate hard drive supply chain

Seagate is assessing the potential impact of flooding in Thailand on the production of hard disks that forced arch rival WD to temporarily halt manufacturing this week. Severe flooding has reportedly killed at least 280 people, inundated homes, disrupted transport links and caused chaos at utilities close to WD's facility, …


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  1. Inachu
    IT Angle

    Hey guys I have a great plan!

    Lets build a 20 billion dollar facility that sits 1 mile from the ocean and is 20 feet below sea level!

    What a great plan indeed!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That reminds me of another resent disaster in Japan ;)

  2. Scott Marshall

    Okay - who opened the flood-gates.....

    .... or should that have been the sea gates?

    We should remember that cloud networks are built upon oceans of data.

    (Okay - before everyone puts the boot in, my heart goes out to the Thai & Cambodian people who have been impacted by the floods through loss of family, jobs & homes. We Australians had our own taste of this earlier this year with the floods up & down the Australian eastern seaboard.)

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