back to article Texan lone star Dell lassoes storage into servers

Texans have a certain swagger, and today in the Austin Convention Centre it was Dell's turn to sashay onto the stage. EMC World, Symantec Vision, Dell World, NetApp Insight - the single-vendor trade shows give corporates a catwalk on which to strut their stuff, and Michael Dell strode out to walk the walk and talk the talk as …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    best they all get working on external pcie ports and cards then olol.

  2. steeplejack
    Thumb Up

    Once again, Dell values every customer.

    Although 'attitude' wasn't the article's subject, the most important words were probably these:- "plain-speaking with a common touch", "photographs taken with him", "appreciating every customer and channel partner and employee".

    These are the things that have differentiated Dell from HP and IBM, and apparently, they're part of the company's dna and ethos. Every customer matters, no matter how small. It's key to success, and poor attitude was the reason why some competitors faded away (or are fading now!).

    1. Jay 2

      Hmmm, several times I've felt like an un-valued Dell customer!

      Generally I have no complaints about the hardware. Does what it says on the tin. Some of the support and customer service on the other hand sometimes beggars belief.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You know

      You do know that this 'ethos' is the exact same one that every company spouts. It's all about the customer.

      Dell isn't different.

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