back to article BlackBerry users back online after outage

RIM has been issuing a flurry of apologies for yesterday's network outage, which knocked out connections in Europe, the Middle East and India, and assures us that everything should be tickety boo by now. The outage started yesterday morning, around 10am, with users around the world who were reliant on RIM's servers losing all …


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  1. fatty lewis

    Possibly not?

    I got an email from o2 Outage comms suggesting there is still an issue with BBM, at least on the o2 network anyway.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    and guess what?

    BBM is down again!

  3. Tubby21288
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    Being a blackberry user myself I wasn't to upset about it in all honesty. Its very rare RIM have any problems with there services. Being down for 12 hours after having my device for 2 years didn't bother me. Its like all things, eventually they fail. Its nobodies fault.

  4. jonathan1

    Just to clarify...

    Our corporate BES was knocked out by the outage yesterday too....

  5. simpfeld

    BES was effected for us

    We use only BES BB's and a small percentage of users were effected (maybe about 4% of our users).

    But I keep hearing BES users were unaffected. Is this just RIM spin to not try and hurt their corporate base?

  6. Refugee from Windows
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    Must have been bad - seems our leader here actually got a full night's sleep, not being disturbed by by that infernal device. Has put her is a better mood.

    More down time please.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    12 hours isn't the end of the world - first major outage that has affected me in about 8 years of Blackberry usage.

    Makes me laugh when I see other forums with people saying they're going to dump their handsets because they couldn't use BBM for a few hours. Think some people need to get a life !!

  8. simpfeld

    Not that rare for this to happen!

    Looking at our global BB infrastructure serious outages happen annually. There were large outages in 2007,2008, 2009, 2010 and now 2011. With the severity of this one looking like one of the worst (with time to repair being very high).

    Also RIM were silent for a long time during yesterday. It would have helped for us not to be looking for faults on our infrastructure or devices!

  9. Burner
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    Trouble persist at least today in Holland

    Just to add:

    Im in Holland on T-mobile subscription

    Yesterday was all bad, no functionality whatsoever

    Between 2 and 3 am regained some functionality

    since 11 am lost all functionality again

    My bb feels like and expensive paperweight now :(

    1. Ben Holmes

      Now you know how us iPhone users feel, 24/7.

  10. RichardB

    Looks like a reg journo

    is headed for the cells... incitement to riot on a grand scale

    1. JeepBoy


      Now, I realise it's a joke, but a similar jokey reference about blowing an airport sky-high if his holiday flight was delayed led to an arrest under the terrorism act.

      Just sayin'

  11. ajsmith
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    BES services were affected, there are still issues

    50% of our BES users stopped getting emails. The email service seems fine now, but there are still issues with internet and IM, and I am unable to activate new devices, presumably due to the BB internet issue. I have been a BB / BES user for 8 years and this is the worst problem I can remember, compounded by a lack of transparency (or interest to communicate with customers) from RIM. Get you act together please RIM

  12. Trystan 1


    Just to add that BES WAS effected for us too! Also Enterprise Activation failed when setting up new handsets.

  13. MrTango

    The article mentions that enterprise users were unaffected but our Vodafone supplied BES was definitely affected for most of yesterday...

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Also had corporate BES affected

    Many of our users had problems receiving mail and we are all on BES. Nor could we activate new connections, even when using wi-fi.

  15. Brian Davies
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    Out again today by the look of it.

    Messages on my PC still not arrived on my BB.

  16. Solomon Grundy

    Network Equipment

    You didn't think RIM could install all that eavesdropping hardware for those Commie countries with out a little bit of an outage did you?

  17. waltg

    Oh no they're not!

    blackberry owners at my work are back OFFLINE again today!!!

    1. Wattsy

      Confirmed 5 minutes ago by Vodafone tech support.

      I think RIM need a status page thats easy to find!

  18. John70

    Percentage Availablility

    Do RIM offer a 99% availablity?

    No company can guarentee 100% availability.

    If so that means out of 365 days of the year they are saying that their service could be unavailable for 3.5 days (84 hours).

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's down again apparently

  20. John Young 1

    And.... again....

    Just received a text from Orange UK stating BB services are down again...

  21. nny4lenore

    bes is affected as well. out enterprise bb are all down and have been since yesterday on vodafone

  22. nichobe

    So does this mean that....

    The RIM share price will go down for 3.5 days also?

  23. Burner

    Third day of Epic Failure

    Third day now

    Is there even anyone adressing to the problems at RIM??

    I had little functionality again very early this morning (the Netherlands)

    It even seems the downtime gets longer compared to yesterday and the day before

    Also without any single notification from RIM or my provider tmobile

    Two thumbs down!

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