back to article 'iTunes in the Cloud' has arrived in iTunes 10.5 update

Apple has released iTunes 10.5, adding "iTunes in the Cloud" support in preparation for Wednesday's scheduled launch of the long-gestating iCloud service and iOS 5 mobile-device operating system – and downloading previously purchased songs is already up and running. As Apple noted in its announcement of the October 12 launch …


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  1. TimBiller

    Match seems to be US-only

    No Music option here in the UK, just Apps and Books.

    That's nice.


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    1. Bgfreeman

      No FAIL here Wednesday 12th 9am. I can download previously purchased MUSIC on my fondlephone.

      Previously only Apps and Books were available.

  3. NoneSuch Silver badge

    I just renamed my external USB hard drive to "TheCloud". Now I can listen to my music collection immediately.

  4. Inachu

    I hope this works!

    I am missing so many music files and movies its crazy!

    I hope this settles my issues once and for all.

  5. Goat Jam

    Itunes 10.5

    Maybe this time iTunes will be able to succeed at updating my phone OS.

    For a year it has kept telling me that there is an update available, only to download all 666.66Mb of it and crash at the end, which then begins the download again.

    Why is it not possible to pause/restart downloads in itunes? Despite there being a button that allegedly does that?

    This happens on multiple machines, XP and Win7 and on multiple networks.

    "Just Works" my sweaty arse.

    More iTunes ranting here;

    1. PhilipN Silver badge

      Same here

      I have given up trying to update from my Intel Mac Mini.

      Have to fire up an ancient PPC Mac Mini, which works OK every time.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Direct Download Links

      Try using the direct links (through a browser) and then just shift + click on the update button, choose the manually downloaded IPSW.

      Redmond Pie usually always have DDL links available.

      E.g. for 4.3.5

    3. Giles Jones Gold badge

      Transparent proxy

      Some ISPs have a transparent HTTP proxy server that can screw up such downloads. Most software downloads via HTTP as it's the port that is generally open on firewalls.

      Don't blame all problems on others when it may be your ISP.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      In my case it was down to Kaspersky. Proved it by successfully updating whilst pausing protection to complete the download.

    5. Archibear

      "For a year it has kept telling me that there is an update available, only to download all 666.66Mb of it and crash at the end, which then begins the download again."

      Yeah - I had that - didn't happen when I temporarily turned Kaspersky off....

      I've also recently done a metal up rebuild of that maching and that seems to have solved the problem as well

  6. Matt 20


    I'd at least hoped iTunes 10.5 would fix the issue it has with audio playback on Lion.

    But no, it's actually worse! I have vinyl that plays better than this, for heaven's sake!


  7. Matt K

    Music now in the UK?

    Music seems to be downloadable now. Last night it was just apps and books, but there's music showing up this morning.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In the uk

    And I have music, apps and books in purchased section of iTunes.... literally nothing has ever been more exciting than this.

    1. gingerman

      Sarcasm, I hope ?!

      So... we can now re-download tunes you have already purchased. Woopidy doo. When I first installed iTunes many years back, I was AMAZED that this wasnt supported. It removes (almost) the need to perform local backups of purchased music as you can now just grab it again, so its good news. But why has this taken so long ?

      iTunes Match - now there IS a good service that I will be making use of if it arrives in the UK. I have a lot of music from Uni days that would benefit from this 'consolidation'! :)


  9. GavinL

    Now working in the UK.

    It wasn't working last night following the update but is this morning.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Surprised at update issues

    I have two bog-standard Hackintoshes (AMD and Intel) and both have updated just fine.

  11. JDX Gold badge

    Question for Apple users

    Is this the first version of iOS which means you can use your iPhone/iPad fully without needing iTunes on a separate computer?

    1. chr0m4t1c

      Strictly speaking, yes.

      In actual fact you've only ever *needed* to use iTunes to activate the device for first use and to perform firmware upgrades, but this revision will remove both of those requirements.

      Personally it was the activation thing that I always thought was the most strange, I've no real problem with having to connect any mobile to a computer in order to do a firmware upgrade, it's not like I don't do that for other stuff anyway.

  12. Real Name
    Thumb Up

    Now works in UK

    You can now download music in the UK, but iTunes Match still US only.

    You can not yet download TV Shows and stuff either.

    1. Inachu


      When my hard drive died I lost all movies.

      APPLE SAVE ME NOW!!!!!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Yes it is, which clearly you already knew, now go troll somewhere else thanks.

    1. gingerman

      push ?

      Will this now also wirelessly push new downloaded content, and resync selected tracks etc, to all devices when they are plugged in ? I remember this being talked about, but not sure when it was actually going to land....

  14. JDX Gold badge


    Asking a question without sarcastic overtones is trolling? As a non-Apple user I'm simply interested if I can avoid iTunes, that would make an iPhone more attractive.

  15. biggles1000

    half working

    (I'm in England) iTunes said under help>check for updates at around 1AM that 10.5 was available. however, on clicking download, nothing happened. Apple software update told me nothing was available. so, i connected to a US VPN and apple software update then said it was available, so i updated it (understanding that this could cause regional problems). At first, only books and apps would show (just like before) in previous purchases. then, music finally appeared. however, it failed at re-obtaining any of my music. when i returned home this evening, i ran the itunes installer and selected 'repair'. then, previous music purchases would download (not sure if the repairing fixed it or it was just an apple issue early on). As others have said, TV shows still not showing in the UK. This is a real pain, and I really do hope that TV shows are 'allowed' (what, do Apple have some dodgy deals with networks detailing how shows can be distributed??) in the UK very soon :/ (I had to delete seasons worth of TV shows from my iPod before syncing to clear space a few years back)

    1. rihannajosh

      Apple's $24.99-per-year service that allows you to upload non-purchased tunes onto iCloud and share them among your authorized devices - is not yet available, but look for it soon.Apple doesn't note in which geographies iTunes in the Cloud is currently working – only that "Features may vary by country" – but UK-based Reg readers have pointed out that it is as of yet a no-show in Blighty. <a href="">iPhone 5 Release Date</a>

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