back to article Android Marketplace blocked by Great Firewall of China

China appears to have tightened up its Great Firewall, interfering with Google services in what appears to be a reprisal against the Chocolate Factory playing politics. Access to the Android Marketplace has been blocked entirely from within China as The Next Web reports, but locals are also complaining that Android handsets …


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  1. Sir Runcible Spoon


    If one's man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, and vice versa, does that mean China believes the Dalai Llama to be a terrorist?

    1. xantastic

      Worse, he has the face of a man but the heart of a beast ... or some such dramatic nonsense.

  2. Jan Hargreaves
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    Frankly, given the history of malware in the Android marketplace, and the fact that it is not a walled garden leaves this as no surprise to me at all. I'm happy with pcs; I'm happy with macs, but I do think the walled garden approach for apps is a good move to keep everything clean. One way to stop smartphone viruses and the like is just to block people who do not make any security checks on their marketplace until the horse has bolted. Good move China.

    1. Xin Eoph

      above: stockholm syndrome

  3. Daniel 31

    No Martet - Broken Gmail.

    Well Gmail gets its push notifications via the market app (as well as C2DM - its a constaint connection designed to keep overhead down). My guess would be this is why gmail has stopped working. Swap to IMAP with the standard email app and should be back up and running alas with the lack of push and having to rely on poll.

    Just my 2 cents

  4. alain williams Silver badge

    Shoot the messenger

    It means that they don't like him since he acts as a focus for dissent and will not shut up about how they have tried to destroy Tibettan culture. The Chinese leadership acts like a school play ground bully (and they do now have a lot of [financial] muscle) who cannot stand anyone else pointing out that they are less than 100% perfect.

    Yes: some people see what is going on, but they are good enough at what they do so that many don't realise and those who do understand that they will get hurt if they talk about it.

    Also most outside China, unfortunately, do not care.

  5. Long Fei


    Come to think of it, most Chinese Android users don't use the 'normal' market anyway, but a Chinese version of it, so it seems to be more spiteful than usual.

  6. Skymonrie


    As an Englishman in China, I was wondering why my marketplace stopped working. Some things here are great, some things are just plain puzzling.


  7. Long Fei
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    As soon as I read about the whole Gmail/Dali Lama thing I groaned, knowing some of my Google connectivity would suffer. Just didn't expect it to be the Market, which I can confirm is blocked.

    At least I have my VPN. Fking China. Fking Google come to that.


  8. Arbuthnot Darjeeling

    I just hope

    President Obama joins the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader on this, so you can headline the development

    Obama Lama ding dong

  9. Kevin7

    It's kind of irony considering most Android devices are made in China...

  10. Shakje

    All this to look forward to...

    With the Tories getting involved in UK internet censorship.

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