back to article Job creation better than expected in the US

Some good news out of the US economy. Job creation was better than expected in September, according to a report released today from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Better still, more jobs were apparently created in July and August than expected. The job count is done by the BLS using surveys of businesses, but the unemployment …


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  1. BigFire

    Sort of, kind of. 1/2 of the job creation is a result of Verizon workers going back to work. Factor that out and the picture (which wasn't pretty in the first place) gets much worse.

  2. Bango Skank

    Malthus grins

    The key phrase being " the job creation is not anywhere near the 200,000 net new jobs or so necessary to match population growth in the US"

  3. Dan Paul

    Make Offshoring a crime of Treason, punishable by death!

    If the USA had not blindly allowed hundreds of thousands of good paying manufacturing jobs to be "offshored", we would not be in the dire predicament we are now.

    The REAL unemployment numbers are far greater than are being reported!

    I do not feel that I am overreacting by saying that offshoring should be considered treason, and the death penalty is (in my mind) completely warranted as the consequences of this odious practice is at the root of most of the worlds financial troubles.

    For every manufacturing job, there are at least 3 good paying support jobs that come with it.

    The standard of living of each of these jobs was far greater than the poverty level wages that our sons and daughters "enjoy" today.

    All of us, worldwide, have incompetent fools for leaders and criminals run our corporations.

    It is LONG past time for a change.

    Occupy Wall Street protesters are right on the money! Power to the people!

    1. Charles Manning

      Just different problems

      "If the USA had not blindly allowed hundreds of thousands of good paying manufacturing jobs to be "offshored", we would not be in the dire predicament we are now."

      No you would just have different problems.

      USA is primarily a consumer economy with a distorted number of jobs in retail. They'd have no jobs because there would be no enticing consumer devices to buy. You'd be paying an extra $50 for sneakers. Flat panel TVs would cost a few hundred dollars more.

      You'd also be producing crap. Look at the automotive industry. It way only competition from imports that forced the US car makers to start making reasonable cars.

      America's biggest problem is that the people have an inflated sense of entitlement. People are now far better off materially than they were 50 years ago but they still think they don't get enough. Everyone thinks they are entitled to live like movie stars.

      1. kain preacher

        "You'd be paying an extra $50 for sneakers. Flat panel TVs would cost a few hundred dollars more."

        New balance shoes are made in the US and cost the same as other sneakers . THe whole it it would cost way more to make in the US is a bad myth . Now what you get is not having to comply with safety regs .

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Made where?

          I am wearing new balance and they say Made in Indonesia inside. Yes I did buy them in the USA, a couple of years ago in Florida.

          Just about everything in the USA says it is made somewhere else, usually China. Except aluminium foil. it actually says on it Made in USA. Must be about the only thing made in the USA.

        2. Charles Manning

          According to the label, my NBs were made in China.

          For all the bleating, people in the USA are now materially better off than they were in "The Good Old Days".

          Pick pretty much any consumer metric and you'll see the USA is consuming more per person than they were 50 years ago. Average house size is almost doubled, average meat consumption is quadrupled, number of TVs per person or cars per person, energy usage... all up.

          What is down though is the rate of increase. That's the problem with consumption-based well being. You only feel good if you're consuming more than your parents. As consumption flattens out people are no longer satisfied.

          Aspirations are also up huge. In the 50s - when many still remembered the Great Depression and war years - people were happy with food and a simple house. Having a car was real wealth. Now most people are dissatisfied because they don't have a movie-star lifestyle.

      2. L.B.

        RE: Just different problems

        I agree with everything you wrote, but the same "entitlement" issues apply to the UK and most of the Europe.

        In fact I would say it's even worse in the UK; particularly with those people who went to great effort in avoided getting an education, then expect the state to just hand them loads of money to live in houses that people who actually work for a living could not afford.

        All because they are a poor, “hard done by” waist of space.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Maybe you start with

      ..stopping to mess with other countries. Saves a lot of taxpayer money and generates proper jobs inside the U.S.

      You could also create lots of jobs in constructing new railways and new nuclear power stations instead of running that oil protection biz in Wahabistan...

      Oh, I forgot that Freedom To Waste Gas. Never mind.

  4. Kevin 6

    Wonder how many of those jobs, that aren't verizon employees going back to work, minimum wage jobs that most people have to work 2 of to just put a roof over their head...

  5. david 12 Silver badge

    Creation of Jobs?

    Ohhhh... job creation, not Jobs creation.

    For a moment there I thought.....

  6. LarsG

    just like over here

    The jobs are generally part time and low paid, most of them attributable to Tesco and the new stores they open.

  7. niya blake

    You still have guns and land mines made the US.

  8. Richard Jukes

    "Creation of Jobs? #

    Ohhhh... job creation, not Jobs creation.

    For a moment there I thought...."

    You beat me to it.

    <Insert inappropriate tasteless joke about Jobs and Frankestein etc>

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A better explanation?

    Long term unemployed are falling off the list.

  10. Curly4

    Phantom umemployment rate.

    If it takes 200,000 new jobs a month just to keep even then how come the unemployment rate is only 9.1% now since it has been that for quite awhile? Are they dropping those who unemployment benefits have run out? It they are that would explain why the rate is not gone up. The number dropped just about equals the number added. That would be great for those who have to answer for a rising rate but not for the unemployed!

    1. tpm (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Phantom umemployment rate.

      That is precisely what happens. If you aren't looking for work, you are not unemployed. You are an unperson, apparently.

      1. midcapwarrior

        discouraged worker

        It's actually a separate category.

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