back to article Oracle settles with Feds over price gouging

Software giant Oracle has settled a fraud suit launched by the US government to the tune of $199.5m, the US Department of Justice has announced. The DoJ complaint against Oracle was filed in June 2010 in the wake of a whistleblower lawsuit by former Oracle employee Paul Frascella, who was senior director of contract services …


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  1. JaitcH

    No Oracle reference for Paul Frascella then, I guess

    Both Canada and the US have these purchasing arrangements and each and every order acknowledgement and invoice has to be sworn that they are most favoured customer prices.

    The wording of the oath is very clear and has to be sworn by an officer of the company. It is a dumb thing to cheat on them as government auditors come in randomly to check on things.

    The penalty for swearing false declarations is a fine or jail time.

    With $40-million Paul Frascella should be set for life!

    1. Peter2 Silver badge

      I have to say that with $40m in pocket he's probably not to concerned about the lack of a reference.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Patience, young Grasshopper.

    I wait eagerly for the UK version of this legislation......




    and wait....






    and wait............





    and wait........

    1. niya blake


      It could happen. I never thought I'd see a black president with a Muslim name, but I think the chance of the US actually electing a Muslim or an openly gay president would happen first .

      1. Ru
        Paris Hilton

        "the US actually electing a Muslim or an openly gay president would happen first"

        Could be worse.

        The could elect a *woman*

  3. Paul E


    should give him a job to wind Oracle up!

  4. Will 28

    Is there some legal or accounting significance in not hitting $200m

    Or did someone just sneakily pocket half a mil? It seems a strange number to settle on.

  5. Silverburn

    Oracle overcharges ???? way....surely jest....

  6. Flybert

    Well .. that's curious

    As I recall .. Microsoft gave China huge discounts to obtain better cooperation on piracy

    Did then the US government get the same kind of discounts ? .. and if so ..

    are private consumers / businesses getting royally screwed and are the only ones supporting MS's 40% gross margins ?

    1. Ru

      I rather suspect...

      the alternative was something like 'let China carry on using all their software for free', something that Uncle Sam presumably does not do either.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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