back to article Microsoft's €5.9bn Skype slurp to get EU rubber stamp

The European Union is set to green-light Microsoft's €5.9bn acquisition of VoIP behemoth Skype, putting 145 million users under Redmond's control. An announcement is due today, but according to the Financial Times, approval will come and without interoperability requirements, as long as Microsoft commits to maintaining non- …


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  1. JDX Gold badge


    Isn't XMPP the standard?

  2. Dave's Jubblies
    Thumb Up

    Sooo looking forward to this...

    PROPER cross platform video chat. Get it on the xbox, android, my windows phone, my tv... Hurry it up.

    Good news for everyone I think?

  3. Charles Smith


    I wonder if the Kremlin/FSB will get its set of the Skype encryption master keys as part of the deal. Wasn't that something the local Microsoft russian bigwig mention a few months ago?

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