back to article Ten... Androids to outshine the iPhone 4S

Yes folks, it’s that time again when across the land otherwise rational and even sensible adults feel the need to whip themselves into a frenzy over the pending arrival of the latest iPhone. To be honest, I find the whole charade rather entertaining and have taken to sauntering over to the Trafford Centre come launch day, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "To be honest, I find the whole charade rather entertaining and have taken to sauntering over to the Trafford Centre come launch day, grabbing a cup of coffee and a sticky bun, pulling up a chair and making fun of the twerps lined up outside the Apple Store opposite."

    Queuing is a bit sad but going out of your way to watch people queuing - that's a whole new level.

    1. LesB


      I think we need an official term for this kind of silly writing[1]. Just as anyone who dates to contemplate buying an Apple product for any reason is labelled a "Fanboy", or more likely "Fanboi" by the terminally silly, we need a word for the people who hate all things Apple. Other than the obvious more vulgar ones, of course...

      [1] Not to mention the lack of proofreading.

    2. Anon the mouse

      You sir are a genius..... sounds like a perfect Youtube vid..... Sweeping shots of the queues, and right at the front on the other side someone sat having a coffee and snack and asking them awkward questions.

    3. Northern Fop

      You've ruined my plans

      I was all set to enjoy a cup of tea and a bacon buttie (sticky bun? pfff.) in the cafe next door. Watching him watching them...

      Now I just feel silly.

    4. Ian 16

      And pretty much sums up the rest of the article on that statement alone...

      Droid, as the name suggests - I thought apple fanboys were bad.

    5. Craigness

      Buying an ipad on the first day is sad but being the first in the queue and then videoing the blue tshirts as they funnel your credit card to the tills is a whole new level. Fortunately though, it means we can get our fix of braindead consumerist sheeple without having to leave the house.

    6. Cunningly Linguistic

      "we need a word for the people who hate all things Apple"

      Sane, rational, commonsensical, realist, pragmatist, intelligent... there are many more I reckon.

      Let the downvotes commence...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        There is already a name; fandroids. They are just as sad and pathetic as the "fanbois" and in many ways worse. All the thing that they accuse "fanbois" of doing they do themselves and worse, perhaps bar queueing...

        1. A. Coatsworth Silver badge

          @AC 22:18 GMT

          Nope, that one doesn´t work... Personally I dislike Google just as much as Apple (and their respective fanbases), and I know I'm far from being the only person who thinks that way.

          I've found that, in many ways, the most raging Fanbois and Fandroids (the extreme ones) can be compared to religious extremists and annoying, self-righteous atheists, respectively.

          Without any other sane options (WebOS is dead and Win Phone is Win Phone) I'll have to keep my aging Nokia alive well over its expiration date...

    7. sisk

      Be honest: A huge chunk of the people lined up to buy an iPhone would never consider buying any other phone, even if it were better both technically and aesthetically at the same price (which several, though by no means all, of the phones on this list are). It's that kind of blind devotion to a product that causes people to sneer at Apple cultists.

      Don't get me wrong: some people have looked at several options and decided they like the iPhone best out of the ones they tried. I question thier judgement (mainly because I find IOS to be a pain in the arse to use compared to Android), but I don't put them in the same category as fanbois. But when you refuse to even look at other options because 'all the cool kids have this one', as many iPhone owners do, I am going to think less of you and I think I'm right to do so in that case.

      1. robin thakur 1

        Actually, I choose to stay with the iOS system, because the OS updates happen on the day they are released, it runs iOS5 which is the most developed for OS and all my apps just work, without the need to root the device, which is more hassle these days than I'm willing to do. None of the phones in the article tempt me for these reasons, and you make no mention of battery life, Camera quality or screen pixel density, (not to mention the giant leap forward for AI, Siri) none of which the iPhone 4S have zero competition in. The A5 CPU in the 4S eats the competition for breakfast, which will probably change by the time the iPhone5 is released, but by then I'll be ready to upgrade. Whilst the iPhone 4S is an evolution of the iPhone 4, considering it is running twice as fast, with 7 times as fast graphics (and iOS actually has games which will make use of this last point, unlike Android) it's a pretty big upgrade.

        The only Android phone I could consider is the Nexus S, but considering the relative power of the iPhone 4S compared to it coupled with the poor battery life and display and the fact that the NFC doesn't even work in the UK, I'll pass thanks. Out of all the phones you selected to review, only the Experia Arc holds a candle to the design of the iPhone4 (they seem to have thought about design at least) but it has some rubbish overlay interface and you can't even update it!!

    8. daiakuma

      Foolish critique. Can't you spot a joke?

      It's humorous writing. The guy doesn't actually spend his lunchtimes as described. You're supposed to chuckle at the image, in the same way as you're supposed to chuckle at the witty similes ("a bit like saying you’d rather date Beyoncé than Rihanna because she has the slightly better singing voice", "crisper than freshly picked lettuce that’s been dipped in liquid nitrogen", etc.)

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Optional title? Wow!

    All very nice handsets, but there is one thing that stops me buying an Android handset: Android upgradability. A vast number of handsets are locked down by the manufacturer and cannot be upgraded to the latest/greatest version of Android (whatever the current flavour may be) or cannot be upgraded because they are too slow.. In contrast, the wife's iPhone 3G (yes, a 2nd gen unit) is currently running iOS 4 (4.21 IIRC).. Okay, no iOS 5, but still the unit is ancient in phone terms and yet still works beautifully with this OS. Any Android phones around that can boast the same thing?

    1. swisstoni

      Umm yes, my original T-Mobile G1 and my 16 month old HTC Desire are all running the latest version of Android (tablet version aside).

      That's the great thing about android, you can generally hack away to your hearts content.

      1. RichyS
        Thumb Down


        That's the problem with Android. You generally /have/ to hack away to your heart's content.

      2. Mark 65

        I think the point he's making is the manufacturer supporting the update rather than having to hack his phone. I have read plenty of complaints on these very forums from users complaining that the manufacturer won't be updating their handset from 2.1 or 2.2 to 2.3 etc. This isn't an Android problem per se but a manufacturer one. However it doesn't help sell the phones to those on the fence.

      3. Mr Happy :)


        The problem with having to 'hack' a handset is that 99% of people have no idea how to and hence don't.

        Upgradability 'is' Androids biggest weakness - unless you have a Google Nexus (I do) you are likely to be left with an outdated OS sooner rather than later. The manufacturers only get cash for selling handsets they have no reason to want to upgrade the phone OS only the phone. Apple mean while get a healthy profit from selling apps so they have a reason to upgrade old handsets.

    2. Arrrggghh-otron


      I'm still running the first generation Android handset on Android 2.3 and apart from the odd slowdown, it is faster than it was when new.

      Admittedly the upgrades beyond 1.6 were nothing to do with either the hardware manufacturers or T-Mobile and Cyanogen is no longer supporting it (though there are still some modders who are).

      While the mobile operators continue to butcher the phones they offer on their networks, the upgrades are at the mercy of both the hardware manufacturer releasing an update and then the network operators 'customising' and releasing that update, we won't see much in the way of updates unless they come from the custom ROM community. That is why the Nexus phones (which run vanilla Android) and presumably the Jesus phones too, will always have better upgrade prospects.

    3. Pete Smith 2

      Not upgradeable?

      Pah! I got an Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) last Christmas, running 2.1.

      Within 24 hours of getting it, it was unlocked, rooted and running a custom 2.2 ROM.

      I've just put Cyanogen mod on it, so it's running 2.3.4.

      Very upgradeable indeed!

      1. Greg 16

        I've also hacked and upgraded my Galaxy to the latest releases - but its not exactly straightforward and its also pretty risky.

        As much as I love using android, Google really should force the manufacturers to either update quickly, or make it a lot more straightforward to do yourself.

    4. TheRegistrar

      Android hardware isn't the problem

      CyanogenMod 7.03 works better on the ZTE Blade (600Mhz) than the rubbish bloatware Orange released on the handset.

      Post the incorrect memory configuration on the HTC Desire, most phones with unlocked boot-loaders will run the latest version of Android 2.3.x very comfortably and unless Sandwich suddenly requires a minimum quad-core 2Ghz processor with 2GB of RAM, many current devices would be capable of running it and may end up doing so, if Google return to open sourcing the code if it is any good, but that is a big IF.

      These same phones will continue to be upgraded by the developer community for a long time just to show that it can be done if nothing else, whereas users will get bored of their 3G's and want to move on, if they don't just use them as a phone, but there is no denying they had a good run.

      1. robin thakur 1

        Well, that's you. Well done. The real question is: "It it more or less difficult than opening iTunes and clicking on update?" Expecting the general population to have a degree in CS (or even the interest) to be able to update their phone in this way when Apple has been making it look easy since 2007 is living in crazy land. These are probably the same people who couldn't understand why everybody else didn't love Symbian and Wimo. As HTC's recent problem around security have proven, the ability for everyone to update when a new threat is found is really critical, and something that Android currently doesn't possess barring those that bought Nexuses. With iOS5 looking particularly strong and filling in the features that have been missing like Delta, OTA upgrades, WiFi sync and notification centre, I can't see why you wouldn't go iOS if you didn't just want to tinker with your phone.

  3. Belfunk

    Not a big fan of Apple myself..

    But to be honest, none of these phones can compete in price with the cheapest version of the new iPhone 4S. Unless you want to start comparin ZTE Skate v the iPhone..

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The prices quoted here were for outright purchase, not how much they cost when you tie yourself into a 24 month contract. On a contract most of them will be less than £100 if not free.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        You probably could compare the ZTE Skate to the iPhone. With an unbiased judge, and including criteria such as call quality, it'd be anyone's race.

        1. Gio Ciampa

          Just as long as it isn't done by the (i)Gadget Show - I still haven't forgiven them for the iPhone "winning" a challenge because Pollyanna took too long to decide what dress she was going to change into...

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Read between the lines...

            That was actually their way of saying it hadn't won, but they couldn't vote against the provider of the challenge sponsorship money. Things like that only influence people who aren't in the know... unlike the rest of us who only watch that show to win the prizes for sell on eBay.

          2. Miek

            Good 'ol unbiased Auntie. They absolutely love their apple gear and cannot help but tell us all how great they think it is.

    2. Tim Parker


      "But to be honest, none of these phones can compete in price with the cheapest version of the new iPhone 4S."

      I've no flag to wave for any side, and don't particularly care about mobile phones, however the Apple UK store lists the starting price of the 4S as £ 499 - more expensive than all the phones listed here for which a price is given.

    3. Growler

      Comparing Apples with...

      The cheapest 4S is £499 according to the Apple website. I think most of these will come in comfortably under or around that that!

      The headline price in the Apple keynote is for contract-subsidised phones.

      1. Belfunk

        Silly me

        Felt for the marketing trick :) I really thought for a moment that you'd be able to get an iPhone 4s for £150 :/ Well.. if Amazon can afford to do it with Kindle Fire, then why can't Apple?

        1. amanfromearth


          Kindle Fire ain't a phone.

          You need to compare apples with, er Apples.

          1. Ramazan
            Thumb Down

            @Kindle Fire ain't a phone

            All that crap from LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Google can only sell better than iPhone if it costs less than $200, that's what original comment about Kindle Fire was going to highlight. $550 for Samsung Galaxy S2? Are you joking?

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          Well the hardware costs several times that to buy as pats, before assembly, and selling phones for loads less than they cost to manufacture is a good way to burn through all your money and run your business into the ground. Apart from that it's a brilliant idea.

  4. Peter Bond

    Journalistic licence

    You can't actually see the Apple store from a coffee shop in the Trafford Center (the gf works there so I'm more familiar with that temple to consumerism than I really want to be) so I think that's a statement for effect rather than a literal truth.

    Every time there is an Apple launch you will see local hacks or news crews taking pics etc and I guess the Reg's man goes along for the same reason.

    It's still a fair comment though, I walked past that same store on the day of the iPad2 launch and the saw the queue and my only thought was "cretins". I mean seriously what kind of grown man stands in line to buy a gadget?

    I stood in line at an HMV to buy the Joshua Tree LP many moons ago but I was only 14 at the time!

    1. BorkedAgain
      Thumb Up

      One difference being:

      I still have my Joshua Tree LP, and it's as good as it ever was.

      Thanks, by the way; you inspired me to put it on again... ;)

      1. dzurn

        24 hours

        Within 24 hours of buying my own Joshua Tree LP, it was unlocked, skimmed, jailbroken, and reloaded with the latest Justin Bieber tunes.

        You're doing it all wrong.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      As a fresh faced 21 year old I queued up outside HMV on Market Street when the Stone Roses "The Second Coming" was released. That was a mistake.

      As for grown men being sad for queueing to buy newly released tech, it's their money and their time, you might not like it, but who are you to judge? You complain about it on a 'forum' (of sorts) that is squarely aimed at geeks and nerds who spend their evenings debating the benefits of rooting their phone and trolling each other! When all things are considered, it's downright pathetic. Hey, I'm just as sad. I'm here too, chiding you for doing it instead of just ignoring you all...

      Icon is for me.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        I'm reading this at 02:22 and going to the HTC Beats Audio party later and I have to be up for work in 3.5 hours.

        I think I need help

        Oi, TheRegister, update your mobile app, it's rubbish

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I agree with you the above

    But Samsung Galaxy S II in 6th what is this so called tech report on .... too much coffee sadly watching sad people maybe

    1. Mike Manship

      Popularity contest

      I wouldn't fret too much, the Reg rated the Galaxy S2 the best phone on the planet a couple of months ago and we should all know by now that when something becomes too popular it starts getting slated instead.

  6. Chris Holt

    You can get a 'droid that matches an iPhone....

    ...and I despise the apple love/apple hate commenttards but this article does nothing to boost the profile of Android

    If it had been headed 'A list of nearly-but-not-quite droid phones and also the ZTE' it would have been more accurate.

    Why list a number of phones that are the same price as an iPhone but don't compare, and say they are missing x, y or z otherwise they would be great.

    I like the Monte Carlo though...thats a totally fair suggestion for people who want a smartphone but dont want to pay Apple prices, ditto the Wildfire, assuming its not unusably slow for angry birds etc

  7. Rupert Stubbs

    Er... where are the 10 phones that outshine the iPhone 4GS?

    Not trying to be an Apple apologist, but that was a pretty crappy list. Quite a few of them aren't even vaguely iPhone competitors, and many are referred to in the list as being "underpowered" or "makes the text look blurry"...

    Personally, I think that Apple could have done a lot more to temper the loony expectations of the media and tecchies, as the media reactions have been entirely predictable. Had - for no particularly good reason - Apple introduced exactly the same phone, but with more iPad 2-like tapered sides and somehow-different back, and called it the iPhone 5, then most of the pundits would have been pretty happy with that.

    The fact that they followed the pattern of the 3GS, kept a perfectly good form factor (as they do in all their products when they get to it) - which means you don't need to buy new sets of accessories, docks, etc. - and produced a phone that won't alienate people who've bought the iPhone 4 recently (but will be a huge step up for the 3GS owners coming to the end of their 2-year contracts) seems to have been taken as a sign of weakness.

    As more considered voices have been saying for a long time now, it's the ecosystem that matters, not the individual devices. In the past, handset makers didn't upgrade the SW on their existing products - they wanted you to buy a new device every year. Apple is happy for you to buy a new device every 2 years, and keeps updating it as they go along.

    1. tmTM


      Only because recent launches will see dual-core phones running 1.5Ghz.

      For all except the skate I think you'd be more than happy with the processor speed.

    2. Synonymous Howard

      The difficulty I have with the iphone 4 and now 4S is ..

      its size and shape ... TOO boxy .. not curvy enough (it does not feel comfortable to hold for any length of time) and the screen (whilst very detailed and sharp etc) is not physically big enough for my old eyes.

      So its not enough for me to part with cash for an upgrade ... now the afore-rumoured iphone 5 specs (curvy back ... much bigger screen) sounded much better for me .. Apple really need a new physical design and another spec bump to creep ahead of the crowded 'droid collection ... software ecosystem even with iCloud won't be enough to stop a market percentage decline (even with relative price cuts and 3 different handset ranges). Actual sales will obviously go up and up anyway because the whole market is growing as smartphones become the standard phone to buy (or get "free").

  8. Richard Wharram


    Can be had for less than £200 unlocked now if you can find one in stock.

    1. Paul 135
      Thumb Up

      Indeed - el reg needs to check their pricing. SE have made MASSIVE price cuts on this one. Saw it somewhere for £175.

  9. Ian Watkinson

    Trouble is...

    The OS and support is sh1te.

    I tried an HTC desire before I went iphone.

    Had an issue, went to Vodafone, speak to HTC, HTC, not us google, google said, we don't support it except via groups...

    Compare that, to one call to Apple.

    Android could make me a coffee in the morning, run me a shower, warm the car up and drive me to work, but until they fix the broken support model, it's always going to be second place behind a unified support model with everyone pointing the other way, I want to like android, I really do but when it doesn't work, then someone needs to step up. At the moment the networks, manufactureres and google won't. So comparing one closed phone OS with another, I'll go with the one with the best support.

    Plus there is the small factor of it suffering from the Porsche Boxster Syndrome, it's ok but everyone knew you had it because you were too cheap to buy a 911, Android everyone knows that the only reason you bought one, was you were too cheap to buy an Iphone....

    1. BenR

      Almost, but not quite

      I was almost agreeing with you, up until your preposterous 'mine is more expensive, thus both it and I are better than you and yours' last paragraph.

      And, now I think, I'll counter your original point with - when I had an issue with my Desire, the network provider were unsurprisingly useless, but the HTC UK support and service people were the nicest, most useful bunch of tech-support people I have ever dealt with.

      1. Jas 1
        Thumb Up

        +1 for HTC Support

        Great customer service. Much better than venting on some google group which will never get a reply from google.

    2. Piro Silver badge

      If you're going to look at it that way...

      Then if you have an iPhone, it means you're showing you wasted a bunch of money.. on a phone.

      Yeah, you're not helping your case.

      1. Ian Watkinson

        how have I wasted the money on a phone, it does what I want it to do, cheaper than a

        1/ dedicated gps

        2/ Mp3 player

        3/ tablet

        4/ video player

        5/ ebook reader (although I do confess to having a kindle..)

        So where is the waste?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          You're missing the point

          You're saying you spent more on an iPhone than you could have on an Android handset.

          Last time I checked every Android handset can do all of that, too.

          It's fine that your iPhone can do it, but this whole "I'm better than you because I spent more money to do the same thing" attitude is what is not helping your point.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "too cheap to buy a 911"

      FFS. If someone buys a Porsche Boxter I assume and hope they feel duly delighted with the object, and with themselves they've had sufficient material success to buy it. Either you don't appreciate the difficulty most people have making that kind of money, and you're out of touch, and/or you're just not happy with stuff per se, there always being better stuff, and probably people too - and I think you think both.

      It's our lives' work in a sense to be happy with what we can get - telephony and combustion propulsion are miracles themselves, let alone smart telephony and Porsches. Don't diss that. Unless you're talking about a Nokia 5230 in which case, fine.

      Incidentally - OED: "cheap": N. Amer. collog. stingy.

      1. Ian Watkinson

        @AC 911 vs Boxster

        Except in the case of the 911 vs Boxster, the view was buy a 2 year old 911, it was (and probably still is) a better/cheaper bet than a new Boxster.

        1. Some Beggar

          Nice sneakers. You must be loaded.

    4. Some Beggar

      @Ian Watkinson

      Boxster Syndrome? Oh bless.

      You really think that spending an extra hundred quid on a phone is in any way comparable to spending an extra forty or fifty grand on a car? Really?

      Apple products are quite often lovely, but to imagine that buying them marks you out as a big shot is hilarious. It's the technodweeb equivalent of bragging about how much you paid for your Adidas sneakers.

      1. Ian Watkinson

        Clueless, if you think that the difference between a boxster and a 911 is 40-50k esp second hand then dream on.

        Besides, £100 or £50k, you can still appear to be cheap.

    5. Craigness

      On the HTC twitter feed you can see in real time the thoughts of the beaten down failures who constitute HTC's customer base, as they express their distain for the worthless piece of junk they have the misfortune to own on account of their being less successful in every aspect of life than the many admin assistants I see flashing their iphones in the pub. Look closely and you'll notice the many occasions on which HTC passes the buck on support calls (ignore the link to their support centre in their bio section).!/HTC

      1. Ian Watkinson


        @Bilboroberts Andrew, have you tried a soft reset?

        So we're in the have you turned it on and off again support mode? :-)

        Must rush out and buy an android phone...

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Don't they know their place?

        Admin assistants with iPhones in pubs? Aren't they suppose to be in bars?

        Not being funny, but the many iPhone users I know, don't actually become vocal about their phones until they've had a few to drink, then it is laughable to hear the issues they have day in, day out which other phones just don't have.

        No, I don't know how to reset it. No, I don't have a paperclip handy. No, I'm not interested in a product you bought just because you saw everyone else with one and believed their lies. No, you can't use Ping to contact your BB friends, who told you that?

    6. Miek

      "Compare that, to one call to Apple."

      Apple then turned around and said "Please open your wallet and prepare to be boarded!"

    7. Miek

      " everyone knows that the only reason you bought one, was you were too cheap to buy an Iphone...."

      Not at all, I [personally] didn't want an iphone after my experience with apple's "Support" with my iPod Touch.

    8. melts

      coxster vs 911

      isn't that like buying an iphone 4 instead of a 4s?

      anyway all these phones have pro's and con's that make it right for some not others. I've never had to ask for support with any phone I've owned, and I do kind of wonder what kind of problems people hit that get them on the phone/email/blog/twit/socialcrap/face-to-face with someone to help. honestly if you expect the good old 5 nines uptime on a phone and won't restart it when it does some stupid crap then maybe you need to get your head examined. i'm somewhat sick of this current trend of don't think just have a whinge, i'm unsurprised tech support dumbs down to power cycling equipment when whinger 10^9+5 rings up about the obvious. doubtless there exists people who don't get it and well I'd give a hall pass in regard to seeking tech support for basic problems, but they are the elderly, and thats about it.

      yes things don't just magically keep running perfectly, yes you might need to use your noggin to get the most out of your purchase, yes if you want it to be better than you bought it you need to pay for it.

      a perfect synonym for it is your 911

      yes cars need to be serviced to keep working, yes you need a big pair of brass balls to push the car as fast as it can go on the track, and yes if you want a better tune, better seats, a different coat of paint you will pay for it.

      and most 911 owners lack the brass balls to get the most out of their car, another fact that shows that people buy shit they can't use because of the cool factor.

      oh and lastly, what about unimog syndrome, last i checked they were more than your porsche, could drive over it and generally drive most anywhere. or be really silly and say everyone that doesn't by a Komatsu PC8000 (or maybe a CAT 793c?) for their travel needs are obviously buying inferior products. pff

      price isn't a particularly good way of judging things at all and people who care how much you pay for something come across as shallow... style over substance and all that guff

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mandatory Google ID

    Google already know too much about me and the mandatory Google log in and massive additional information release to them puts me off. Leaking it to Apple isn't much better but they don't know as much about what I do off the phone.

    I'm assuming that Google ID is mandatory I've never set up an Android phone, it was on the Google TVs that I played with.

    Anonymous because sometimes that's what I want to be.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      re: Mandatory Google ID

      It's up to you to be honest.

      Android phones do like to get a google mail ID from you for syncing contact info and google docs etc, but you can always duck that part of the process.

      Personally I just set up a new google mail account for the phone to sync with.

      1. Chronos
        Big Brother

        re: Mandatory Google ID

        And I just skip it entirely, install a custom notROM (currently CM7 nightly as the CM7 stable suffers from a most annoying hard-lock when charging on the Blade) without all the Google spyware muck and have done. There are plenty of .apks outside of the market to keep you busy, including some gems (ATide) that you can't get from Ogle.

        Note well that there is currently no unlock solution for the Skate/Monte Carlo aside from those silly X-SIM adaptors that don't work very well with USIMs. The Blade/SanFran is still the budget phone to get if you want a half-decent system, some major de-Oglage and SIM-freedom and its absence here is a serious oversight.

        1. TheRegistrar
          Thumb Up

          Nightly build if is

          Didn't know the stable build was causing the lockup, thanks

  11. Mondo the Magnificent


    The only frenzy over the arrival of the latest iPhone seems to be that of the electronic media!

    Must be a slow news month or something, if it wasn't for the Fruit Co. Phone there would be a lot less to write about...

    As an [HTC] Android handset owner, I am more interested in how HTC are going to fix these backdoor data leaks that you've recently reported

    Again the media uses Apple to promote Android handsets. Why? Is it the fact people will click and read articles that relate to the already over publicised Apple handsets? So, why not compare Androids to Androids and stop using Apple as the yardstick come beating stick?

  12. davew_uk

    How can you recommend the LG Optimus 2X when it is well known to be an utter lemon?! There's a good reason why Expansys, Amazon etc. are knocking this phone out for under three hundred notes, its because the return rates on this unit are through the roof!

    Head over to and read 150+ pages of O2X owners complaining of constant crashes, freezes, reboots and the Sleep of Death. Then read another 100 pages of O2X owners complaining about the promised Gingerbread update that never came, and never will come.

    I had one for a month, never again will I buy an LG mobile.

    1. tmTM


      The same guy recommends Sony phones to everyone, obviously he's never known anyone who is currently struggling with one they obtained last year - the product support is abysmal.

      Just because they've released a bunch of pretty phones doesn't mean they've cleaned up their act.

      1. Paul 135

        SE have been releasing updates more frequently and timely than the rest of the Android providers this year.

        SE also offer official ability to unlock your bootloader as well as are now supporting the development community on XDA and Cynanogedmod etc.

  13. Whitter


    I note "use as a phone" got a mention in 0 out of 10 reviews, despite being a bugbear in IPhone's bad-list yesterday. Oh well.

    But then, I still use a Nokia 6230i, so what do I know!

    1. chr0m4t1c

      I think you've missed the point.

      No-one uses these handsets to make phone calls, anyone with any shred of dignity will immediately replace the factory firmware with something off the interwebs, install all of their development, diagnostic and system admin tools on it and use it as a very mobile, but inconveniently small terminal to administer the big iron they look after or hack into networks with.

      Make phone calls? The very idea!

  14. David Evans

    I have an iPhone 4 as my work phone and I genuinely can't see what all the fuss is about (I think its a bit boring to be honest and the single button thing just irritates me). The missus has a Galaxy SII and its just orders of magnitude more desirable.

    If I was buying for myself, the Galaxy (for the screen), the HTC (for the UI) or the Xperia Arc (for the external design) would all be in front of the 4S for my hard-earned.

    1. tmTM


      with those you'd be keeping more of your hard earned in your pocket compared to buying a new iphone.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I was planning on spending $600 on hookers'n'blow this weekend, then I read this article. Now i'm gonna have to go buy a new Android handset ...

    1. Peter 48

      typical fanboi

      Always going for the hookers and blow when everybody knows that escorts and dope is where it's at.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ZTE Skate is clearly the closest to the iPhone since it won't run flash either!

    1. Ken 16 Silver badge

      unless you load the hacked Flash4Arm6 APK

  17. RichyS
    Thumb Down

    All these are great if you buy simply by looking at the spec sheet; but I think I'll stick with looking at the whole end-to-end user experience and benefits, thanks.

  18. Blubster

    "To be honest..

    , I find the whole charade rather entertaining and have taken to sauntering over to the Trafford Centre come launch day, grabbing a cup of coffee and a sticky bun, pulling up a chair and making fun of the twerps lined up outside the Apple Store opposite.

    Yes, I know it’s wrong,"

    -- but it feels SO right..

  19. Will Gilpin

    Why people like iPhones

    People don't choose smartphones because of a minor improvement in specs. There are some people who will always buy Apple, some who never will, but many who see their friends with a phone and say "what's it like?"

    This is where Apple wins. Simply put, people like using their gadgets. Top of the JD Power smartphone customer satisfaction survey for the 6th year running.

    It's not about GHz or GB. It's about enjoying the whole package

    1. Anonymous Coward

      thats bullshit

      people buy iPhones because that's what they are expect to carry, and that myth has been carefully crafted by Apple.

      Remember all those posts about "Android is for geeks", guess who was writing those posts?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Who was writing it?

        The same "social networkers for hire" that downvoted your reply, and consistently upvote anything pro-apple (or pro-msft, depends on who is paying that day) on the first 30 minutes an article is published?

  20. introiboad

    The iPhone was there first...

    ... and so I bought it. Along with it, I have been buying apps for a few years now, meaning that it's just not an option for me to switch to Android, I have too much money invested in apps to have to buy them all over again (assuming they're available).

    That said, I do like the iPhone and unless Apple screw it up I have no real reason to switch. I did use a Nexus One (got it for free at a Google dev conf) for a few months when I lost my 3GS while waiting to buy a new iPhone, and I must say it wasn't very pleasant, especially regarding music: the fidelity of sound reproduction was just not on par with that on the iPhone.

    I would be willing to try again with HTC this time, since they usually get rave reviews, but I really can't afford to buy all my apps again :(

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Isn't this what Apple relies on?

      You paid for some content and are now locked into their eco-system for ever.

      The longer you leave it, the worse it's gonna get. Ditto for Kindle....

      The sooner you leave that locked in ecosystem, the sooner you can buy your Android apps once and have them work on all your Android devices, regardless of who makes it, now and for the future.

      By delaying the move, you are only causing yourself more hurt in the future, Android is now the number one priority for devs, so expect your apps to arrive later on IOS.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        @ac 1218

        You must be dreaming if you think the Android apps you buy today will still work properly in other devices running future versions of Android.

        As for the apps arriving later on iOS you're just having a laugh arent't you? FIFA 2012 ring a bell?

        Funny lad.

  21. Alex C


    Interesting article - not sure they are all iPhone 4S beaters per se, but there are some very decent phones there. Moved away from 3 years of iPhone (3g and 3gs) use 3-4 months ago to android and the Galaxy S2, and couldn't be happier.

    I moved after some spectacular fails on the part of Apple service (I got robbed on the iStore and they utterly failed to do anything about it - refused to reverse the transactions, refused to even say whether or not they'd help the police in a trivial prosecution, and avoided answering any question, instead using boilerplate text designed to get me to go away).

    My first iPhone (3g) had suffered a hardware failure after 15 months forcing me into another iPhone (3gs) contract (particularly if I wanted to retrieve my contact data and not pay another £120 unwanted airtime), and when the glass screen of the new one cracked the apple shop wanted to replace it for a 'very generous' refurbished phone price of £249. The internet provided me with the solution to that for £13 and about 20 minutes of my time with a hair dryer.

    I loved the iPhone and iOS a lot and recognised that (from the 3g onwards) it was a real game changer. My early adopter friends with android were singing it's praises and so I periodically got to play with their phones. In my own opinion the UI overtook iOS about 18 months ago, and when my contract expired I moved over to android.

    It took me a weekend to de-iTunes my computer (re-encoding my music to normal formats - not entirely necessary - but cathartic), a couple of abortive efforts to buy a 32gb class 10 microsd card from eBay for small money proved annoying, but easily resolved by moving to class 4 (there's only music on there so it was irrelevant). After that it was plain sailing - I bought the Galaxy S2 outright, sold off the old 3gs, moved to giffgaff, and will have repaid the TCO difference within 10 months - so I'm no longer trapped to a contract after a phone has run out of warranty, and if giffgaff ever give me trouble I'll immediately move, at a loss of, at most, a tenner. It also has a 3 year accident and spills warranty purchased for £49 via Amazon - considerably cheaper, longer lasting and wider ranging than Apple's warranty offering. If you have the initial cost of the phone available it's something of a no-brainer to stay out of a contract.

    Android isn't entirely perfect - the native music player's shoddy and pod-casting is handled poorly generally, but the market place solved those pretty cheaply. I've had no problems with the market place and, since android outsells iOS 3-1 (approx) at the moment, there are more than enough apps (usually free) to keep me happy, and I suspect that won't change. I also invested another tenner in a couple of spare (Samsung branded) batteries and a wall charger for them, meaning my phone never needs to be tethered to the wall for any length of time. I'd love the android phone community to place a sufficient capacitor in their next generation of phones to make the batteries hot-swappable.

    I can't speak for the other phones but have to say the Samsung Galaxy S2 is far and away (for it's time) the best phone I've ever owned (including my old beloved SE T28). After a few months it's never felt flimsy (a complaint I often see bandied about it) and always felt light with plenty of screen space for not much bulk.

    I also can't believe that Apple seems to be getting away with claiming it's twice as fast for internet because they finally support hsdpa. That's some brass neck.

    Cheers for reading this far - I hope that was an honest depiction of how a former fanboi found happiness elsewhere... I still have lots of friends who rave about their iPhones and more power to them, but I reckon I've found the greener grass.

  22. Lionel Baden
    Thumb Down

    Missed opportunity

    I Have the LG 3D

    It is a damn good phone and yes the 3d part is a gimmick but it is still a good gimmick.

    I had the choice to buy it a X2 or a 3D and they are basically identical but 1 has an extra feature.

    And in my hohnest opinion the 3D option is well worth it.

    Shame on you for disregarding something just because its not fun for you.

  23. Benchops

    Surely most of them will only be queuing for

    the new micro USB converter?

  24. PassiveSmoking

    Accessibility fail

    All the various features of the Android devices is all well and good... if you have good eyesight. If you don't, then you're in big trouble because Android is basically piss poor when it comes to accessibility. I've owned a HTC desire, and there was pretty much no accessibility settings in the version of Android that that handset supported. Even something as simple as changing the font size wasn't included!

    Apple, for all their faults, pay a huge amount of attention to detail when it comes to accessibility in their products, with full screen zooming, voice over and all sorts of other touches that make a device with a screen as small as a smartphone's usable to people who wouldn't be able to manage otherwise.

    Note: This is not intended as either fanboyism, or trolling of Android. There's plenty about Android to like and conversely plenty about Apple to dislike, but as a partially sighted user I doubt I'd ever use an android device again until the accessibility situation improves drastically.

  25. Jean-Paul

    That list is funny

    Yes some of the specs may impress an 8 year old, but it is a bit pointless as all of them still use tinker toy Android on it. There just isn't a comparison, google still screws up your contact photos, still can't deal with peoples names containing prefixes, spaces, hyphenation and post fixes. It just isn't production quality stuff.

    Move on nothing to see here other than the boring guy in the pub who insists on listing the spec difference between the ford focus he drives. Nice if you are the mundane person but for the rest of us nah....

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You sound like a Lexus Salesman

    I'll stick with my Mercedes thanks.

  27. Synonymous Howard

    Yeah they are all okay but in a way there are too many choices now ...

    So I'll continue to sweat my 'original' iPhone 3GS asset but I'll go for the free iOS5 update (the 3 -> 4 upgrade made a big difference and stopped me replacing it so 5 will probably do the same especially with the cloudy synchronization and usable notifications .. still miss androidic homepage widgets though 8-) .. and I've just ordered a £3 replacement (and 30% more mAh) battery and £7 for a new coloured back shell to give it a 'hardware' refresh.

    Maybe next year if the 3GS gives up ... the mythical iphone 5 might actually be out and then there will be more choices from Samsung as well. Not interested in speed of games/graphics but I am interested in good camera optics and ready-to-shoot speed as I'm more likely to be carrying a phone than a DSLR or Bridge camera.

    With tablets getting smaller and phones getting bigger I'm probably looking for a 5 inch tablet with 3G and skype/google talk ... rather than strictly a phone (as I spend < £5 year on calls 8-) and my main use is for mobile internet access.

  28. John Ruddy
    Thumb Up

    Even better value

    Orange have dropped the price of the Monte Carlo to £119 yesterday. You have to buy a £10 top up to go with it, but its really great value at that price.

  29. Dick Emery

    The sensation has a price. About £470-500

  30. jason 7

    They are all...... least £100-£150 too expensive with the exception of the Monte Carlo.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "With Android devices now outselling iOS phones by two-to-one"

    Oh dear, who's the sheep now...

    Other than that great troll bait article. Keep it up El Reg.

    1. Dick Emery

      Yeah that's like saying oranges from different regions are selling more than Granny Smiths (if there was only one type of apple).

  32. Force.

    You seriously need to adjust the price listed for the xperia play I wouldn't get one for £420 but recently it has been going at around the £200 mark on many respectable websites.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Motorola Pro+

    How have you managed to give a phone that hasn't been released yet 85%?

  34. cloudgazer

    Accurate portrayal of facts please?

    'Samsung’s Mk. 2 Galaxy S is, depending on whose numbers you read and believe, the best-selling smartphone of 2011'

    Hmm, I think you meant that to say 'the best selling smartphone released in 2011', because the way it's worded currently makes it seem like it's sold the most units in 2011, and that's just not true - as I'm sure you're aware.

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I would rather date Beyoncé than Rihanna

    1. Easier on the ears

    2. Easier on the eye

  36. P. Lee

    Porsche boxster syndrome?

    Not quite a good analogy because they are both Porsches. That's more like buying the 8gb rather than the 32gb version of the Apple product.

    On the other hand, you might want a Land Rover. Not as fast, but better over rough ground, carries more people and happens to be slightly cheaper than the 911 too. It isn't better or worse, its just different.

    Of course, if you are buying a phone as a status symbol, you will want the iphone purely because it costs more, so the Porsche analogy works well there. However, some people want a phone for what it can do for them. Horses for courses.

    Despite (due to?) having an iphone in the family, I actually prefer my samsung. It isn't as pretty as the iphone 4, but it does more of what I need it to do and it does it in an easier fashion.

  37. Patrick 14


    You can get the Xperia Play for £200 from expansys and just over that at clove

    Its not bad but I found the camera very very slow.

  38. Pessable

    if none of these handsets put their hands up your dress

    "if none of these handsets put their hands up your dress"

    I can't beleive that someone doesn't edit these articles for taste and decency.

    1. DRendar

      New here huh?

      As title.

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not sure that any of these outshine the old Iphone4...

    ...let alone the Iphone 4S, except in some specific features.

    Just another case of Reg taking the opportunity to whip up clicks based on an Apple release by trying to be controversial.

  40. Anonymous Coward

    So in summary..

    The lowest score of all these iPhone4S beaters is 75%, that surely makes the iPhone4S a 70% review score then? (Plus the 10-15% Apple tax bonus of course)...

  41. Tony Horrocks 1

    Where is your evidence?

    Errmmm is it me or is there a distinct lack of evidence to support the headline of this article? None of your reviews give any point-by-point comparison between the review model and the upcoming iPhone 4S, nor the new software features available for it, iOS5.

    Not only that, how on earth could you actually do a real life comparison since the iPhone4s has not yet been released?

    I'm surprised The Register prints this sort of garbage.

    1. Piro Silver badge
      Thumb Down


      It's a troll article, and you fell for the bait. Good lord.

      It amused me anyway.

  42. Peter Townsend

    Yes, it's you...

    "Errmmm is it me or is there a distinct lack of evidence to support the headline of this article? None of your reviews give any point-by-point comparison between the review model and the upcoming iPhone 4S, nor the new software features available for it, iOS5.

    Not only that, how on earth could you actually do a real life comparison since the iPhone4s has not yet been released?

    I'm surprised The Register prints this sort of garbage."

    I suspect this is how it works. Reg sees iPhone announce date, thinks, "Ah, good excuse to do a round-up of the main competition from the only real competitive OS".

    Random hack is told to knock out 150 wds per phone - which kinda rules out any forensic point-by-point comparison - and give it a gently anti-Apple spin in the interests of getting the brand fanatics frothing at the mouth (again).

    Job done I'd say.

    Of course there is always some tit who takes it far, far too seriously.

  43. fattymcbutterpants
    Thumb Down

    Have fun with that malware

    Anybody can write malware that many ignorant Android device owners will download and install.

    No thanks!

  44. Ramazan

    these times it takes 10 of 'em

    to outshine lone iPhone

  45. Gadget Rage is BAD


    One of the biggest things leveled at Apple is that the 4S lacks innovation, show me where exactly on any of those phones where the innovation is? They're all just the same thing with slightly different screens, cameras etc. iPhone competitors, yes, beaters, no.

  46. Don Constance


    Do any of these phones come with a dictionary? If so you might want to use it to look up "enormity". A little more attention to grammar required, perhaps at the expense of taking the piss out of other peoples choice of toys.

  47. Alex McKenna

    Why settle for 5 inches?

    If I were Androidist, I'll be saving my pennies for the next size up - the 6.9 inch, or the super 8.5" Galaxy phone - or maybe the one after that - the 10.5 incher.

    Of course it will mean either growing larger hands or using both to hold the darn thing to my ear.

    Seriously though, all these phones have one thing or another going for them, but sadly none have the whole lot, and most have nasty flaws.

    End-user satisfaction ratings are the best clue to which phone works in real life, and which is just a feature-box-ticker.

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