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Recent figures may show that smartphones are now outselling no-so-smart mobiles in Europe, but that’s not to say ordinary handsets are dead and buried. New to their ranks is Sony Ericsson’s Mix Walkman, which attempts to put some life into the old dog by exploiting Sony’s music player branding. The Mix is rather chunky - it's …


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  1. Lord Elpuss Silver badge

    That... a very nice looking phone, from the front anyway. The UI isn't half bad either, although possibly not to everybody's taste (assuming it's roughly similar to the Xperia)

    Shows that good phone design isn't restricted to generic black rectangles and little coloured squares - guess Apple might have had a point in rapping Samsung's knuckles, given that they could have gone a multitude of different ways - this being one of them.

    </ducks and prepares to be flamed by anti-Apple zealots>

  2. tmTM

    nice, but......

    Would have been much better as a proper android phone, not a look-a-like.

    It'd have to be seriously cheap to find any buyers with decent smartphones coming in under £100 these days the market simply isn't there.

    And everyone knows that O2 offer 'unlimited' internet on thier PAYG plans now, so data is available for those on a tight budget.

  3. Wapo
    Thumb Down

    Weak Audio?

    OK, so it suffers from the European ear protection disease. But what exactly is the sound level it puts out? An early Apple iSnot Nanu (G2) delivered a measly 2.5 milliwatts into my 32 ohm earbuds while a cheapo Korean MP3 player blasted 25 mW into them. I want a milliwatt figure, not just "weak sound level".

  4. CaNsA

    Shoulda Woulda Coulda

    Just updated the w995........

    Cracking phone, cracking features (8mp cam, 8gb card inc, wifi,) excellent sound quality.

    Prolly the best phone i have ever owned.

  5. Zmodem

    walkman phones are not about the volume of earphones, it is the output speaker on the phone itself, and will and can be heard 60yards away on a quite cold night, while the music player is usually all organized and easy to use

    walkman on the phone is just so you know what you are getting while the rest of the phone is the same as all other version with a few changes, and the only range SE should have

  6. Ramazan
    Paris Hilton

    retro phone

    It's powered by obsolete OS but sports touchscreen? I don't get it. Why not just use a keyboard? IMO remake of Moto RAZR V3i with 3G an 3.5 jack would do much better in the market, given that RAZR is metal and stylich while Walkman is cheap plastic and ugly.

    1. Zmodem

      the 995 is metal and a mans phone for building sites etc, while engineers have the filofax of the iphone

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