back to article Cisco CEO: The future of communications is video

Cisco CEO John Chambers predicts that video is the future of global communications – and, coincidentally, his company can sell you the hardware to deliver it. “You may not agree, but I believe video will be the basis of all communication going forward,” he told attendees at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. “It …


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  1. StomperUK

    So why Video?

    That's an easy one - BANDWIDTH! Of course Cisco is keen to promote the idea of video as a key aspect of future communication. It uses bandwidth and that means tech-refresh and much more capacity. required. Ideal for Cisco to recover margins.

    Is video really needed for routine communicaitons? Without doubt, moving and even live video feeds can significantly enhance communications but not for every circumstance. More often than not, a good web conference with voice commincations can provide 90% of what is required with a fraction of the bandwidth consuption.

  2. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Video... again!

    Oh, please, if you're going to sell the same old guff a second time round at least freshen up the schpiel! How many times have CISCO tried to sell us all on vidconferencing?

  3. The Cube

    Future might well be Video but

    It won't be on overpriced Cisco crap built to chinese quality with it's code written by teams of bargain basement off-shored workers who can't spell innovate and wouldn't recognise a unit test if it hit them.

    The future of network gear is commodity ethernet, scaling out flat, not 5 layers of overpriced bandwidth limiting rubbish specified by the Cisco Certified Money Waster engineer.

    The future of client devices is coming from Apple or Samsung and HTC, it won't be four times the price it should be with half the functionality and it definitely won't give a toss whether it has a Power over Ethernet port worth ten times the end device cost to run it.

    Sorry Cisco but you need to face facts, the engineers all left that fossilising corpse years ago and it is just the bacteria (sorry, finance staff) left feeding on it's flesh.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Either Chambers is insane, or he's gearing up for a retirement into politics.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    videophones have been popular ever since they first came out ...

    and video conferencing has all but replaced f2f meetings and exec travel ...

    probably best to go now, John old son.

  6. Mick Russom

    chambers is a loser has been.

    Cisco is embarrassing. After purposely injecting and fostering complexity for YEARS to protect VARs and CCIEs, the world is moving beyond their expensive, under performing proprietary trash.

    Chambers, cram it up your craw, loser.

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