back to article Lumison swallows DediPower Managed Hosting

Lumison has snapped up Reading-based cloud and co-lo player DediPower Managed Hosting for an undisclosed sum. This is the second deal this year for private equity backed, managed services provider Lumison, run by former Computacenter director Mark Howling, after forking out £22m for data centre co-location outfit Blue Square …


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  1. defiler


    Then howcome their admin is in Edinburgh, and all the support staff I talk to on the phone are in Edinburgh.

    We're a customer of Lumison, and on the whole I really like them. They generally get things right, and if you have a problem you can very quickly get hold of someone who not only understands your problem, but can also fix it very fast. On the downside, twice in the last year they've managed to have a serious core routing outage, including one just last Wednesday (caused by some absent-minded soul forgetting to commit switch config changes to NVRAM).

    Hopefully this expansion will give us more of the good service and less of the careless failures...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    website says

    Their website says they have just 2 datacenters, which is it 2 (3 now) or 8?

    Strangely they informed customers the day before the press release but asked customers not to comment on it via social media until after the press release.

    So it seems there is some consolidation in the market, Telecity recently bought IFL and then UKGRID (presumably because a lot of IFL customers where moving to UKGRID). Prices went up an average of 35% for us as a result.

    Wonder who will be next?

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