back to article New iPhone offered for sale via unauthorised outlets

An unauthorised market in Apple's next-gen Jesus mobe is emerging ahead of today's much anticipated launch with price tags that would reduce most desperate fanbois to tears. Suppliers in Europe have been contacted by broker Rainbow Concepts Inc, peddling the 16GB model at $925 and the 32GB version for $1,025 with minimum order …


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  1. James 51

    You still havfe to use itunes.

    1. ThomH

      No you don't

      You might want to catch up on the announced iOS 5 features.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Not with iOS 5, you don't even need to plug it into a computer.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        That the IOS feature that allows you to update your mobile the same way as you can update a android handset? Or that the IOS feature that makes top down notifications ala android!

        And Apple are suing Samsung - ROFLMAO - amount of feature copying in IOS5 Google could and should be rapeing there ass's Worldwide.

  2. Mondo the Magnificent

    Why dig so deep...

    ...just to be one of the first with the new handset?

    Soon the CSPs will be offering them bundled call packages that are sure to benefit those who were prepared to wait an extra few weeks...

    At the same time, they'll appear on the Apple Store and those who don't want to be tied into a new contract will be fleeced directly..

    Then.. in 6 months the "white version" will be made available sparking off even more unjustified excitement over an existing product in a new tone....

    Oh, joy...

  3. Northern Fop


    It. Is. Just. A. Phone.

    1. Olafthemighty

      This is not just a phone...

      This is a hotly anticipated, dangerously over-hyped, next-generation Jesusphone!

    2. Mike Bell

      @Northern Fop

      Actually, it's not just a phone.

      My son, for example, can use it to play his dodgy music videos wirelessly on my home cinema.

      1. Northern Fop

        @Mike Bell

        Fair point. How about this:

        It's. Just. A. Piece. Of. Electronic. Equipment. Similar. To. Many. Others. On. The. Market. But. With. A. Picture. Of. An. Apple. On. It.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Fair point again but how about this:

          "It's. Just. A. Piece. Of. Electronic. Equipment. Similar. To. Many. Others. On. The. Market. But. With. A. Picture. Of. An. Apple. On. It."

          That. Might. Work. As. Intended. This. Time. Even. If. You. Use. It. Wrong.

  4. It wasnt me
    Thumb Up

    "Apple did not respond to calls at the time of writing."

    Hats off to you Reg Hacks for your tenacity. Did you really expect them to respond?

  5. James Hughes 1

    Seems a bit steep

    For a phone.

  6. jai

    so, he's sourcing them from the US, and therefore making money on the exchange rate and lack of VAT, AND marking up the price by twice what is suspected? nice bit of work if you can get it

    1. Herbert Meyer

      up the supply chain

      This, and the reports of "Apple Stores" in China, leads me to suspect the manufacturers are running the production lines overtime, and shipping production to somebody other than Apple. One of the hazards of outsourced manufacturing.

  7. tmTM


    I know apple fanbois are amound the stupidest of creatures and will happily sell their grandmother for the next iPhone, but the vendors too??

    You'd hope they'd be more savvy and see through such rubbish.

    1. Martin
      Thumb Down

      The vendors aren't mugs....

      ....they know that there WILL be end users who are dumb enough to buy at these prices, so they'll grab some and sell them on.

      I don't approve - I just know it's the way of the world.

      1. tmTM

        minimum order?

        With a minimum order it's not just one or tow fools, you've gotta catch 500 brainless plonkers before they make it to the apple store and fine the same item going for half the price.

        Not forgetting of course that the order price is $1K per phone, the retailer will need to add their profit margin onto that - and with such a risky proposition to start off with they'll need to add on a decent margin in-case they don't' shift all the overpriced stock.

    2. Ted Treen

      @tmTM:- One assumes it takes one to know one...

      "...I know apple fanbois are amound the stupidest of creatures and will happily sell their grandmother for the next iPhone..."

      But for the really, REALLY stupidest of creatures look no further than those who decide that using any, or some of Apple's products make you a "fanboi" and that their own take on the whole of technology is so mind-blowingly perceptive, that anyone who ventures to differ in the slightest way is to be treated to execrable invective (usually spittle-flecked).

      1. tmTM

        Missed the point?

        Just a touch perhaps?

        Pretty much everyone at some point has enjoyed some of Apple's products, afterall they're very good.

        But I think those that would happily que outside a shop at midnight or those who would even consider paying double the RRP just to have the very lastest thing before anyone else does. Those are fanboi's.

        So which store will you be queing outside of in a few weeks then ted Treen?

  8. KevinLewis

    Bad joke alert..

    "Apple did not respond to calls at the time of writing."

    Is it that they were using an iPhone 5 with an even worse aerial reception, or they were too busy suing Samsung?

  9. Hardcastle the ancient


    for a phone???????

  10. andreas koch

    Fair price, a Rolex costs more.

    After all, it's an iPhone, and on top of that, an iPhone 5! I mean, after you've spend roughly 3 grand on iPhones since the first one came out, would you really want to lose your 'living-on-the-very-edge-of-technology' status for a mere £1000? Think of what your mates will think if you still have an old one days after the release.

    It's a fashion article*, and wearing yesterday's fashion is lame. Gotta keep appearances up.

    * of course, it is also a mobile phone, and a social network client, and a creative tool, and a lot more. And it's also well engineered. True. But I'm sure that most people will have it as a statement, not a necessity. If you're creative enough to draw a stunning evening dress concept on an iPhone 4 while you're commuting, you will not turn out a much better dress with an iPhone 5, or a worse one on a sheet of A5.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Apple is a cult

  12. Fihart

    @ andreas koch

    A Rolex is only like an iPhone in that both are overpriced and many other products offer most of the main functions for under £10.

    The big difference is that a 30 year old Rolex that hadn't been serviced for 25 years could be restored to almost new condition and accuracy -- at a cost of nearly £250, but with a 3 year warranty. I would guess this now rather old watch could still sell for around twice the original purchase price -- some rarer Rolex models go for much more.

    What sort of support do you get for an iPhone that's five years old ?

    1. andreas koch


      Well, I stand corrected, you are right. I should not have likened an iPhone to a Rolex.

      It's more like the dress I mentioned being designed, or a handbag or a pair of shoes: Cartier puts it out for £5000, the copy at Topshop costs £250, 12 months later for £30 at TKmax. But, by then useless because it's last years rag, and you wouldn't want to be seen in it.

      Under this premise, who wants support for a 5 year old iPhone? It's sooo old! As I said above, fashion article.

      On the other hand, has the term 'Giffen goods' come to anyone's but my mind yet? I think from now on I'll call it the Giffen-phone.

      (<blush>I'm not a good example, I'm still using a Siemens EF81</blush>)

  13. Fihart

    @andreas koch

    No shame in using your old Siemens.

    Five year old Nokia I found in the trash still has great battery life. I had to tear off the screen's cover to see it in sunlight but otherwise it does the job.

    Replaced a particularly feeble newer LG.

  14. Jim Bob


    Did this ever not sound like a scam? Twice the price for a non-existent product for delivery a day after Apple said they would ship it (if it existed)

    Nothing funnier than watching people talk about how shit a piece of vapour-ware performs in the real world.

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