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SanDisk is a name more associated with memory cards than apps, but its new Memory Zone offering should prove useful to anyone who wants to manage and monitor their local and cloud storage from one place. The app gives you an instant snapshot of how much stuff you have on your phone - system and SD card - as well as your …


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  1. Bassey

    How big?

    5.7MB seems stupidly large for a very simple app that does very little. I am frequently amazed at the size differences between functionally similar apps - and that has become one of the things I look out for when choosing an app. If one programmer takes just 600k to acheive what another required 6MB to do then I tend to go with the 600k on the grounds there is a good chance that programmer had more of an idea of what they were doing - or at least they didn't just download a bunch of bloated libraries and components and stitch them together.

    As for the app it would need SugarSync support to be of any use to me.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As my phone has limited internal storage, I tend to ignore Apps that can't be installed on the SD - Though this does look very good, will keep an eye on it.

    1. Adrian Jones

      Same here

      I've installed very little in the main menu, but I'm still out of space.

      If an app can't be installed to the SD card now, I don't install it.

  3. KJB

    A Pretty Decent App

    I find it useful sometimes to have a graphical representation of my SD cards usage; it brought to my attention all the old backup files I had laying around that ROM Manager had placed before each upgrade.

    So yeah, thanks for freeing up a few GB's.

  4. SminkyBazzA
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    I've just downloaded this and it's only 1.7MB, not 5.7MB....

    Pretty good app from what I've seen, though I don't really use any cloud services yet, this will make it easier when I do :)

  5. Peter Townsend
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    I'm looking at the data from my Settings menu and it's showing as 4.5MB for the app and 1.2 for the data, so 5.7 in total. The apk is only 1.7MB but that means nada. It is big for what it does, but I think I'll keep it on my phone just to remind myself what files I've got where. One thing not mentioned is that you can create accounts from within the app - I've just opened a Box account via it and got handy 5GB for free. And I just discovered 90MB of bug reports on my SD card!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why does this app need to access phone ID and status? and use the net? and prevent phone from sleeping? and mostly use account credentials and contact data? and write to contact data? Even the "modify usb storage" is dodgy, read should be enough.

    C'mon Reg, privacy matters, features are not enough to recommend an app.

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