back to article Amazon to whup Apple rivals when Kindle Fire hits UK

Apple's tablet rivals will face "almost impossible competition" when Amazon brings its Kindle Fire to the UK, pollster YouGov has predicted. Having talked to more than 3000 Brits about their fondness for fondleslabs, YouGov found that 72 per cent of punters planning to pick up a tablet in the near future said they will pick an …


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  1. jeffo

    I think the reason Amazon are not selling the Fire in the UK yet is because they don't have the necessary media deals in place. Opinion seems to be that they're losing money on the actual device and look to make the profit on the media etc. that the users consume on the device. So, without that in place, it makes no sense for them to release it in the UK.

    Even so, I think a lot of people will be tempted to hold out for the UK launch, so it will still probably hit sales of other tablet devices.

  2. Fishy

    How much?

    "YouGov said £250 is the price people want to pay for tablets."

    I wasn't aware that I wanted to pay anything for one!

    1. Marvin the Martian

      Want to, want to, ...

      I want to pay £250 for our family holidays too, but it's not really going to happen is it?

      There's a difference between "preferred pricepoint" and "will refuse to shell out anything above".

      1. Robert E A Harvey

        What is this 'holiday' of which you speak, oh alien one?

        I can't remember the last one of them

  3. Mark #255

    of ratios

    $499:$199 is a 5:2 ratio, or 40%. In the UK, the iPad2 is £399; 40% of 400 quid is £160.

    So what's the extra £90 for? A tax on people who are bad at maths? (I thought the lottery served that purpose, anyway).

    1. Matthew 25

      Amazon will claim its because they have to change the language for non USA products. So, I recommend everyone in the UK who buys one of these send it straight back if it doesn't do 'British' English.

  4. Robert E A Harvey


    the Yougov result should be no surprise to anyone reading the comments here, on enGadget, and a million and one other places.

    It is a mark of the greed and stupidity of HP, Rim, etc. that they tried to sell at the Apple price point.

    1. ThomH Silver badge

      Not just the Apple price point

      They tried to sell near identikit products, in HP's case with significantly reduced functionality, at the same price point as the runaway market leader. Amazon seem to be the first company to have hit on the idea of doing a device that is both distinct and priced attractively.

      Unless Microsoft do something really amazing, my feeling is that it's a two-horse race from here on out. The interesting thing will be whether Amazon's forked Android slowly diverges from the Google original on technical grounds so as to make it effectively a different target.

    2. Euchrid

      re: Pricing

      The BOM cost for the HP Touchpad was estimated at about $317 (I'm going from memory, so might be $10 out), which was a shade under the estimated BOM for the iPad. Rather than because of greed and stupidity, it could be said that the price point was set at where it was because HP could make a profit from each device sold.

      Arguably, it wasn't the price itself that was a problem for HP, but that the performance was a little buggy (something that just about every review pointed to) and that in the mind for many consumers, there was no compelling reason why they should go with an WebOS tablet, rather than an iOS or Android one.

      1. Robert E A Harvey


        A fair argument - but why, then, do so many 10" netbooks retail at half of that figure?

        1. MCG


          Perhaps because most if not all of the 10" netbooks have lacklustre processors, low (1024x600) displays, and dismal battery life?

  5. Gerrit Hoekstra

    Rip-off Blighty

    The US retail price of $199 converts to £129. Yet apparently we in Britain are going to be content with a price-point that is nearly twice that.

    In other news: A YouGov survey finds that Britains on the whole are mugs and don't mind being ripped off by consumer electronics vendors, incompetent telcos, lying politicians, corrupt town planners, ham-fisted taxmen, deseased health workers, uneducated teachers and well-overpaid public servants. After all, one mustn't grumble.

    1. tamar1n47

      dude, the 53.8% uk rip off tax is a given.

      i love getting ripped off by consumer electronics vendors. so much that i think amazon should sell this for £250. i'll by 10.

    2. Jedit

      Learn to read

      The survey says Britons who want a tablet are willing to pay a maximum of £250 for one. It did *not* say that Amazon were planning to charge £250 for a Kindle Fire in the UK.

      Nor did the survey say that anyone would pay £250 for a Fire. Most people who know enough about tablets to make a judgement will be using the iPad 2 as their idea of what a tablet is, so really the survey is saying that consumers think that £250 is a fair price point for an iPad.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Is this the same YouGov thing that says "For now we talk of Tablets but we mean the iPad (unless we are part of the techoratti (sic) that revels in the minor anti-Apple backlash)"?

    Could it be that the whole article's just trolling for hitz though so YouGov can convince our glorious leaders that they are big players, and sell them yet more crappy survey data from bored morons dressed up as market research?

  7. richard 7

    Are you insane?

    'YouGov said £250 is the price people want to pay for tablets'

    Erm how far up their arseare their collective heads? DId no one learn anything from the HP debacle? $199 <> £250 by a LONG shot.

    I was actually looking forward to perhaps justifying spending money on one of these but once again we are getting shafted on price.

  8. technohead95

    UK price

    If the US price is $199 then I would really hope the Fire in UK is £150 at the very most. The current exchange rate brings it to £128 but we all know that UK gets the raw end of the stick with tech prices. If the device came in at between £128 to £150 in UK then I'm sure it'll just fly off the shelves.

    1. ThomH Silver badge

      Looking at precedent

      The Kindle 3 launched in the US at $189 (sans tax; see the many articles on Amazon's US avoidance of sales taxes) and the UK at £152 (fully taxed), both back in July last year. At the time the exchange rate was around $1.50 to the pound and VAT was 17.5%, so a literal translation of the US price with no other adjustments would have been about £148.

      I therefore think it's likely we'll get a pretty accurate conversion rate for the Fire.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Because British people like to buy christmas presents AFTER Christmas? This still makes no sense, anyone planning on buying a Fire will now look elsewhere to a brand that offers it's products in the UK. Post-christmas there will be no demand and in the UK the Fire will disappear into obscurity.

    1. TheItCat

      Who on earth buys something that expensive as a xmas present?

      Completely unrelated: why are Britons so deep in debt?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Content is king

    I didnt think the Fire only being for America was because of maximising stock for the yanks but because they only have the licencing to stream/host all that content in the cloud in the US.

  11. Peter 48

    it's all in the marketing

    a nice way of twisting a study to apple's favour. So how many of the 3000 are looking to buy a tablet? Of those that were looking to buy an ipad, how many were actually informed of what else was out there? I suspect to a significant amount the selection read something like this: choose from

    a. Apple ipad

    b. apple ipad 2

    c. samsung galaxddfdfffee

    d. blackberry dfddef;kwwew

    e. sdssdk sfsdfdf,;

    f. sffdfsfdf;l ????????

    the point is, most of the other devices meant nothing to them, so they simply selected the most well known. The ipad's success has nothing to do with being better than the competition (it isn't by a long shot) or android being too expensive (they are already good value when compared to the ipad). Apple have simply done an outstanding job in promoting the ipad, and in promotion is where all the rivals are failing miserably. They could be handing android tablets out for free and they still wouldn't shift as many if they don't promote them. Samsung and the Galaxy S2 is a perfect example of this. The GS2 is selling like hot cakes, and part of that is certainly down to the huge amount of promotion they are displaying everywhere. In a world saturated with information and tech, simply releasing a good product will mean nothing unless you are able to ram it into the public's conscience.

    PS: where is Asus once again in these surveys, especially seeing as they have released the most popular android fondleslab out there?

    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: it's all in the marketing

      Key phrase you use: "simply selected the most well known".

      True, and it shows that the rest are *not* as well known. And that goes double for Asus and companies like it. They may be well known by tech fans, but not by average folks.

      Do not dismiss marketing: it's how you sell a f**k of a lot more kit than your competitors.

      1. TheItCat


        you can just produce a good product and get Apple's marketing machine to make your product popular by suing you.

        Seems to be working for Samsung...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No mention of Archos

    Give the significantly better specifications and lower price (Assuming its £250) of the G9, I suppose they need to advertise more.

    1. cloudgazer

      Archos have made so many bad tablets with poor and indifferent reviews that the problem isn't their advertising, it's their brand.

  13. Piro


    Thanks, Amazon!

    Maybe the companies will finally understand that to compete with Apple, you can't make a product that is as good as, or even better than Apple, if you price it close to their product.

    This has always, always been true in the PC space. People who want a Mac, buy a Mac, the price/specs don't have much bearing on it.

    The fondleslab market is a little more fuzzy.. maybe people think they want an iPad, but if they saw what is an extremely similar device for practically half the price, from a big name, they'll probably give it a look. If it's the same price, they'll get an iPad, because.. it's an iPad, it makes them cool, right?

  14. Roger Varley

    WTF is going on

    two surveys this week, suggesting Joe Public is prepared to spend £X on Y - neither of which resemble any relationship to reality ....

  15. ToonArmyBarmy

    The price is right

    I have always said that, the mistake Apple's rivals are making is in their pricing and that is why those alternatives have not taken off.

    If someone is going to spend £350 - £400 on a tablet, they are most likely to go for the common option that is tried and tested (and is already used by their friends and colleagues).

    However, price that alternative at £200 - £250 and people will be much more likely to 'Take The Risk' and buck the trend.

    Saying that, there is the possibility that, once Android(ish) tablets become more common and acceptable due to the Kindle offering, people may look at the more shiny and pricey alternative with more favorably.


  16. deshepherd

    What I think the implication is that the "tipping" point in the UK for people to buy a tablet is £250, however if Amazon maintain the same price point for the Fire relative to the iPad then that yields a UK price of around £130 ... also using price ratio from e-ink kindles to fire in the US yields price of around £150/160. I.e looks likely that Kindle Fire will launch at well below the price people seriously consider buying a tablet so sales could be huge.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'll only consider it over an iPAD if I can have a "normal" browser i.e. one where my data isn't analysed by Amazon - I get enough junk emails from them already...

  18. Silverburn

    14% want the *old* iPad version?

    <-- see icon

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I assume it will be a price thing

      same as why people "want" a small hatchback rather than an Aston Martin.

  19. Bill Cumming

    US -> UK prices

    People tend to forget that all US prices are listed Excluding tax (no standard tax rate between states!)

    So the $199 is actually £129.32 Ex Vat or £155.18 Inc VAT (@ 20%)

    So at best I can see them setting the price at between £169 & £189 inc vat.

    1. Ramazan


      But you forgot that "the average sales tax is around 7.25%" in USA in comparison to 20% in your kingdom

  20. Pete 43

    I thought that people didn't want tablets

    They want iPadz

  21. Andrew Jones 2


    Much as the Fire looks interesting - there is no way I am paying any money to Amazon for a product that comes from the Apple side of doing things - eg:

    We could have added SD removable storage without really increasing our manufacturing costs at all - but we decided not to - so the 8GB on board is all you have whether you like it or not.....

    Um..... no thanks.

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