back to article Murdoch organ intrudes into readers' private places

It's been a few short months since Murdoch rag-for-suits the Wall Street Journal perplexed the world by releasing a flawed whistle-blower website for people wanting to leak tasty secrets to the newspaper. Now the WSJ has tweaked its privacy policy and switched on creepy browser-tracking by default. It brazenly confirmed …


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  1. Atonnis
    Thumb Down

    One word....


  2. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    Where can I complain

    about the hideous image you've just inserted into my head?

  3. Llyander


    At least they're being refreshingly honest about it.

  4. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    What "identifiable" information?

    They do not have "identifiable information". They actually have your _IDENTITY_ as it is behind a paywall so they have collected your name, credit card and billing address in the process of you getting to it. In fact they even had the authority to do a credit check on you and collect that data too.

    That is slightly different from scraping some "identifiable" information from bits and bobs.

    1. Will 28

      Oher information could include:

      Your (approximate) current location at time of login, the time of day you tend to browse the site, your prefered browser, the articles you read, the length of time you spend reading an article, etc.

      I suspect they want to collect habits to link to identity data, rather than identity data itself.

  5. Christoph Silver badge

    It's for your own good

    They are helpfully going to tell you about things you might otherwise have missed.

    After all, they're highly trained professional marketing people. Obviously they know what you want better than you yourself do.

    And if some silly little end-user complains about it then he simply doesn't understand modern marketing.

    Or of course it might just be that they're a bunch of slimy arrogant turds, but that can't possibly be true because they're highly paid.

  6. Jim Carter

    This makes me very glad...

    That I avoid the Murdoch press already.

  7. spodula


    simplfying their privacy policy.

    Privacy policy:

    "You have none"


  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    New Corporate Slogan

    Having reviewed customer comments the proproposed new News Corp slogan is

    We're Listening

  9. Anonymous Coward

    I have the PERFECT merger!

    Apple, Farcebook, & News Corp. They're ALL run by scumbags.

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