back to article NetApp perks up FAS2000, bigs up Vegas gig

NetApp is set to refresh its FAS 2000 line with a FAS 2240 system – needing the much-anticipated Data ONTAP 8.1 software. We understand there will be a FAS 2240-2 and and 2240-4, both rack-mounted systems. The 2240-2 uses a DS2246 shelf with the 2240-4 requiring the DS4243 shelf. The latter will support 3TB drives as will a …


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  1. InITForTheMoney

    The reason they've sold fewer FAS2000 Series...

    These models don't support DataONTAP 8 or later, since the CPU's in the current line are not 64bit.

    This means that they won't be upgradable to the current release of ONTAP without swapping the storage head for a new model. These devices are effectively obsolete at point of sale.

    Consequently if you want to ensure your system has a good software upgrade path, and you were wise enough to ask about it, you were up-sold to a 3000 series that has 64bit processors. Everyone else is looking at a head swap at some point.

    The FAS2240 is the first 2000 series that has a 64bit CPU and is able to take advantage of the larger 64bit aggregate sizes and the new features in ONTAP 8. Seems very odd that NetApp have had ONTAP 8 as general availability for ages now, yet not all of their current models support it. Sort it out NetApp.

    1. SpinningRust

      FAS2040 supports ONTAP 8

      That's true for the FAS2000 line except for the 2040. It supports ONTAP 8 and 64-bit aggregates. I don't know the exact cpu it uses, but it is different than the mobile Celeron in the 2020/2050. I think it's a 1.66GHz Intel Xeon.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It will be interesting to see if the "new entry level TBA" (FAS2220?) is 8.x/64-bit, paving the way for NetApp to finally ship DOT8 on all systems. Everyone will still use 7-mode of course but it's a step in the right direction. They do need to change the name of "7-mode" though, it's not very inspiring.

    I wonder if the 2240 will replace the 2040 and 2050, it would make a lot of sense to unify these products. Plus if they do it right the New Entry Level TBA should be the same board as the 2240 with different CPU clock, mem capacity and slot count.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Promotional discounts on FAS2040 until the end of October 2011


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