back to article Rise of Nightmares

A spine-tingling unease, an oppressive sense of dread, an irrepressible fear – dusting off and firing up the Kinect sensor can fill any self respecting gamer with a profound foreboding. Since its release almost a year ago, Child of Eden stands as the only hardcore game to shine its - admittedly brilliant - light through the …


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  1. MJI Silver badge

    Seen walk throughs of this

    On one of the 400 channels - Playr I think

    My thoughts were



    Better with a controller


    I want to sit down.

    50% seems generous

  2. Dan V

    Epic Fail

    Leave aside ethnic comments. Someone wasn't sober when composed this utter s*t. Please DO come to Romania, whenever you please.

    Best Regards.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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