back to article Virgin Media goes cloudy for biz punters

Virgin Media plans to launch a range of cloud-based services for its business customers. The telco characteristically had a dig at its rivals, such as BT, by saying it wanted to directly "challenge" those outfits which, Virgin Media claimed, had "brought unnecessary confusion to the cloud, complicating what can be a simple and …


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  1. Monty Burns

    Riddle me this VM....

    I have 100meg to my door as a consumer but I can only get 50meg to my door as a business user? Whats the deal?

  2. Ian K

    Trust Virgin Media with critical company data?


  3. Chris 3

    Speaking as someone who has wittnessed the train wreck of their V.Stuff cloud-based backup services etc., I'd say stay well away.

  4. adam1942


    ...and this from a company that cannot provide Reverse DNS on a _business_ service...

    No thank you.

  5. Atonnis


    Why put [sic] inside a quote...if you're quoting you don't need it.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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