back to article iPad maker Foxconn catches fire, claims no casualties

A dramatic fire that billowed black smoke from the roof of Chinese gadget-assembler Foxconn has been extinguished without casualties or interruption in service. So reports Reuters, citing Foxconn officials who said that the fire, reported earlier today, broke out in electrical cables on the roof of one building. All was under …


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  1. Chimp

    Feed the troll

    Apparently, workers in factories in China are routinely beaten, poisoned, underpaid etc. Hence, a fire causing no casualties links to a story on child labour and poisoning... At another company.

    Whereas in the People's Republic of Britain, labour relations are perfect.

  2. BasevaInc

    Was that message addressed to Apple... 2 black puffs 1 white pop...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sub-standard construction / electrical installation?

  4. Thomas 4

    In other news

    Apple reports absolutely no overheating problems with new iPhone 5 battery, nuh-uh.

  5. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Feed the Troll [2]

    This is becoming typical of the lazy reporting that we see in dead tree papers and the dumbed down TV news.

    In other news,

    Records were today found in a school in South Wales that showed the level of absenteeism amongst male pupils aged 13+, that dated from before 1900. The main reason given for their absenteeism was that they were now working full time in one of the 10 collieries close to the village.

    Mrs Dai Jones, who found the records said, 'Won't someone think of the Children. This has to be stopped immediately.'

    [My Great, Great, Great Grandfather went down the pit in S. Wales aged 14.]

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Today's philosophy

    I want my iPad, I don't care if there's blood on it

  7. Mondo the Magnificent

    "iPad maker"

    So, Foxconn only make iPads? I believe they make a ton of stuff for other brands too, however I don't believe that the headline "Dell Notebook maker Foxconn catches fire, claims no casualties" would get the attention that this article aims for..

  8. NickH


    ... they were trying to take some features of the Amazon Fire tablet ?

  9. Wang N Staines

    Good marketing ploy

    to get fanbois to queue early for their next ifix.

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