back to article Netflix whisks DreamWorks deal from under HBO's nose

Troubled US streaming service Netflix has bagged a deal to start piping DreamWorks Animation movies to punters. The studio's contract with US television channel HBO expires the end of 2013, but according to the FT, the film company's new agreement with Netflix will allow the streaming service to show some of DreamWorks' films …


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  1. RudeBuoy

    Troubled NO.. Embattled YES

    If you can increase your price by 60% and only lose 4% of your subscribers, it is the right business move. How is that enough to describe NETFLIX as troubled.

    I suspect that this is the reason the CEO apologized but stated that the changes will remain in place.

    1. GoGlen

      Though I do not like rate increases - I am very tired of the too-often-used and inaccurate (due to incomplete) mantra that "netflix raised their prices by 60%".

      No, only for the worst-case-scenario, did the rate go up that much. What is the % of users it affected?

      We started Netflix years ago, at $16.99/mo for 3-at-a time. It crept up to $20.99, but added streaming during those years.

      Now, it raised to $24.99 - a 19% increase. This is the plan most people are on, from various articles.

      However, I can drop streaming... and be right back to $16.99 for... 3-at-a-time. Hmmm - sounds like the exact same price as I was paying in 2005!

      I just lament the name change. Kvakster or whatever.

  2. GotThumbs

    Not THAT BIG a deal for me.

    I just tweaked my Netflix account to DVD only. Not interested in using two sites which is Netflix's direction for streaming and DVD rental. I CAN get other content via the web and Over the Air programming. I canceled my Cable TV subscription over a year ago and haven't looked back. Just kept the cable internet and I'm more than satisfied with entertainment selection and saving big $$$. Cable and Netflix priced them-selves out of my market.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Awesome... a company that I'm angry at can stream movies from a studio that thinks vapid pop culture references are a good replacement for actual humor.

    At this point, I'm not sure who I detest more - Dreamworks for producing shit-on-shingles CG, or Pixar for making brilliantly-executed movies... and then saturation-bombing marketing so intense that it's nigh-on impossible (due to gifts etc) for a parent to avoid having his toddler turn into a walking billboard.

    On the bright side, as a Kwik-mart - err, Kwikster... Kwixter? Kuikztr Quitster? Hell, I can never remember - customer, I won't be subsidizing the fees Netflix will pay to open the spigot on the Dreamworks drivel pipe.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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