back to article Huawei gets charged with juicy Android handset

Huawei has bumped up the battery life with its latest Android smartphone, unveiling an energetic handset which'll keep running for up to three days. The Huawei Honour runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread on a 1.4GHz processor. It packs a 4in capacitive touchscreen and comes with with an 8Mp rear-facing camera and a 2Mp webcam, as well …


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  1. b166er

    That actually looks quite nice. I'll be interested to see how much.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Pinch of salt required

    When I bought my BlackBerry, its battery life was 3 days. One year on, it's more like 12 hours.

    1. Hieronymus P. Organthruster

      Battery == consumable item

      Then... buy a new battery, or ask your carrier for a replacement if you have a service plan?

      Try one of the beefed-up Seidio replacements available at Amazon for around 40-50 quid. The 2700mAh in my 9700 goes a week between charges.

      Incidentally, along with the unified messaging screen, which no other mobile UI seems to get right, monster battery life is the principal reason I've stuck with BlackBerry. If other manufs. can improve on the de facto standard crappy 12 hour life of smartphones generally I'd be quick to switch.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rounded corners

    And it makes phone calls.

    Got no chance.

    1. Jon B

      Agree - you can hear the apple lawyers scribbling away already

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Yep !

      Can see Job's throwing rotten apples (Via Smash, Grabbit and Run lawyers) at Huawei.

  4. gautam

    Too late

    2012 is in terms of Smartphones.

    There will be lots of ZTE, Samsungs, Lgs and other clones available by then and their offering wont be too attractve unless priced extremely keenly!

  5. John Riddoch
    Thumb Up


    About time someone started getting the battery life sorted on these things. My first mobile back in '97 was a Phillips Fizz, a brick of a thing that, despite its weight, could only manage a paltry day without needing a recharge. Now with smartphones, we've come full circle to an expectation of only lasting a day between charges.

    I had hoped that next-gen phones would start using more power efficient CPUs and we'd get better battery life, but the emphasis seems to have been on dual core & faster CPUs rather than time between charges. Running Angry Birds & watching HD movies seems to be the priority over being able to use your phone for more than a day...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is that 3 days with the backdoor open to the Chineese Government, or without?

  7. stsr505089

    Kind of depends how many of the toys you have turned on on how impressive 3 days is. My Galaxy Ace will run for 3 days on standby providing I don't make/receive any calls and turn all the toys off. It runs about half an hour using it as a sat nav and about 2 hours playing angry birds.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3 days....

    and I widered why I hadn't "upgraded" to a smart phone. I think my 2 weeks on my old "dumb" phone is crap...

  9. Arrrggghh-otron

    I heard rumours that this was going to be $300 sim free in the states. I would be tempted if it turns up at £150. Colour me cynical but I expect it will be over £200.

    1. ridley

      $300 = £200 approx at the moment.

      So I would expect more like £250-£300 in rip off Britain

  10. Lottie


    So they'll be on the market around the time I'm going to look at getting a new phone eh?

    For me, the battery life is the biggest smartphone annoyance. This looks quite nice as well

  11. Steve Evans


    3 days on a 1900MAh battery?

    Hmmm... Doubtful in any real world test... Unless they're reduced the radio consumption by a huge margin. Which you can do, but then it becomes useless as a phone unless you're standing on the top of a tall building - next to the mast!

    1. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  12. jubtastic1

    Does it also have a 5000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio?

    3 days doing what exactly? Is it nothing by any chance?

  13. David Simpson 1


    "as well as DLNA capabilities"

    DLNA capabilities can be added to any Android phone easily by installing 2Player it works better than most bundled clients.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3 days on 1900mah...

    They forgot to add "with wifi/3G turned off"

  15. Craig "Spuddleziz" Smith

    Motorola Atrix

    has a 1930mAh battery - with Juice Defender on you can get just over 2 days - 3 if you disable everything.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    where'd they get that logo?

    Looks like they copied it from NBC (in the US,) and beheaded the peacock.

  17. alan buxey

    3 days...that all?

    my ZTE Blade aka SanFrancisco lasts pretty much a week without needing a recharge. its a great little Android phone

    1. Richard Wharram

      What ?

      I like mine but it's hard to get more than a day out of it.

      1. MikeyWilko

        Share the secret..

        I too have a San Fran running a vanilla 2.2 ROM from the Modaco boys, so no operator crap over the top at all. I only turn data on when needed and switch my phone off overnight and I get 3 days from one full charge. Sooo, come on then...a whole week? Do share...or is it a little bit of porky fibbing..

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I think I'll wait for the real world reviews.

    Wow, it's almost like they looked at what everyone else had done, then copied / stole / reverse engineered bits of each and threw them in a box. That's most unlike Huawei... My prediction is about a million bugs, a million law suits and no firmware updates.

  19. Graham Lockley

    I wonder...

    if it will have any Nokia code in there somewhere ? Huawei are probably one of the few companies that can make Apple look saintly :)

  20. yella
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    2012 will be the year android phones becomes correctly priced.

    People were hoping that android phones would storm the market, but all that happened was a slew of over priced phones with near enough the same specs, lower screen resolutions and prices that matched the iPhone.

    Really these phones should be plowing the market up with cheap affordable phones with the specs that are required at anything from one third of the price of a iPhone and upwards.

    Getting realistic a phone has a life expectancy of around 1 year, over manufacturing is pushing up the price, people buy a phone that they expect 1-3 years out of, but end up updating after one year as the phone can no longer run all the latest stuff.

    Hopefully huwai, zte and the rest can bring these prices down, they may not have the life expectancy of a htc or iPhone, but you know were you stand when after one to two years if your phone is still functional its a bonus. Dropping the prices down is going to open up the real trend of updating your phone every year at an affordable price.

  21. andy gibson

    @ Alan Buckley

    My Orange SF is the same. I have the screen set to auto-dim and turn off bluetooth and wi-fi when I'm not using it. I only have to do a couple of charges a week.

  22. cs94njw
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    JuiceDefender (FREE) cures a lot of (not all) problems with battery on Android phones - first time I've used my phone and at the end of the day it's still got more than half its charge.

    My contract finishes next April, so I'm keen to see which phone is going to have NFC (for the Olympics), decent battery, and good memory (stupid Desire S :( ).

  23. Gordon Stewart

    ZTE Blade/Orange SanFran

    With light-moderate usage, I routinely get 3 days out of my ZTE Blade/Orange SanFran, but on occasion I get 5 days out of it.

    It's running the FLB Android 2.2 ROM.

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