back to article .Scot campaign seeks UK Gov backing

The Scottish government has asked the UK culture minister to back its bid for a .scot domain when applications for new top-level domain names open in January. In a letter sent to Ed Vaizey today, Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment in Scotland, said that the .scot domain would bring together …


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  1. Fuzzysteve

    stupid idea

    We don't need /another/ tld. It's not like anyone would just have a .scot. It's just another domain to buy to ring fence your trademarks.

    Stupid moneygrab of an idea. If we were independent, then sure, but we're not; and not likely to be any time soon.

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    2. Chad H.

      Given that TLDs are going to be available to basically anyone who stumps up the cash...

      I'll prepare myself to register great.Scot ; anyone know where I gan get a 1.21 Jiggabyte connection to run it?

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Here's a Great Idea

      "Stupid moneygrab of an idea. If we were independent, then sure, but we're not; and not likely to be any time soon"

      and from the article itself...

      "The Scottish government has asked the UK culture minister to back its bid for a .scot domain"

      As ein Englander I personally reckon that the Scottish governnment should cease forthwith this domain tosh and pressure Westminster to allow all UK citizens to have a referendum on the forced full political and financial independence of Scotland. I'm sure that us English citizens would be more than happy for you lot up there to have the full independent you want. :)

    4. jonathanb Silver badge

      If Scotland becomes independent, then it will get its own two letter country tld anyway.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Oh FFS

    As per title..

    1. Anonymous Coward

      FFS indeed

      I can understand the Scots wanting their independence and if they vote for it in a referendum then congratulations and good luck to them.

      What I don't understand is why a party like the SNP, a party based on the idea of being independent, wants another country to pay for this new TLD.

  3. auburnman

    Speaking as a Scot, meh. Other than squatters and people building fan pages, who cares about top level domains nowadays? I had to look up at the address bar to remember if it was or .com - In the unlikely event that I lose my bookmarks my browser is kind enough to predict where I'm going by the time I've typed "thereg". I can't see this being useful for anyone other than scammers who are selling stuff and want to give the impression their product is genuinely from Scotland/London/NYC/KFC/whatever.

    Actually the more I think about it the less meh and the more annoyed I am - this is another example of people spending disproportionate time and effort (campaigning for two years?) demanding pointless crap that achieves next to nothing.

  4. Matthew Smith

    Yeah, I can see this being useful. Not very scottish though.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The SNP are a bloody joke, they waste obscene amounts of our money on pointless parliament buildings, tram lines, "homecoming" crap, leting some universities go to the wall (whilst trumping on about how their bullshit apprenticeships are a valid alternative and all they care about is a .scot domain name.

    Salmond hailed Iceland and Ireland as examples of what Scotland could achieve if they were independent, look at them now.

    The Scottish people deserve all they get for voting these imbeciles in to power and (as someone born in Scotland) I for one would not give two hoots if the country goes down the toilet, my skills will be in demand down south and elsewhere anyway.

    What is wrong with

    1. Billy 8

      Not a fan of the SNP - but...

      .. it was Labour who were behind the parliament building and the SNP were against the trams from day one.

    2. Steen Hive

      "my skills will be in demand down south and elsewhere anyway."

      Judging by your razor-sharp, analytical grasp of recent history regarding trams and buildings, I somehow doubt that very much.

    3. BillyIdol

      @AC 12:35

      > The Scottish people deserve all they get for voting these imbeciles in to power and (as someone

      > born in Scotland) I for one would not give two hoots if the country goes down the toilet, my skills > will be in demand down south and elsewhere anyway.

      Born in Scotland, then like the rest of the UK, you will know that not all the Scots voted for the Scottish Nose Pickers. Myself included.

      I would agree that Scotland is a joke with the SNP in charge of the executive, but then, what's the alternative for the UK or Scotland.

      Meet the new boss... Same as the old boss... Where have I heard that before...?

      Picture is for Salmond picking our pockets

  6. Whitter
    Thumb Down

    Please no!

    Not yet more domains to pay for the same name!

    Granted it gives an easier time to get a name, but its an illusionary benefit. How much use is <blah>.scot when somebody else has <blah> and <blah>.com? Your taget audience will never find you.

    Its more mobney for the same old rope: no thanks!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If they become independent

    won't they get a new two-letter ccTLD anyway?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      In theory, yes...

      But if you look at the current ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 list, there's not many 2-letter combinations left that would be at all mnemonic for "Scotland"... the only ones starting with S left are SP, SQ or SW. I expect the teuchters might prefer AB for "Alba" though, which is still available.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      If "they" become independent

      won't the other half of the union will need a new ccTLD too? GB? not any more

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        still exists.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Glad I'm not a Scot

    Sounds like this Alex Neil chap is a right prick. Hope you manage to get rid of him soon. I would add my hopes that Ed Vaizey won't listen to him, but then he's also a complete tool so I fear this will get backed.

    Firey death to the lot of 'em.

    1. Equitas
      Paris Hilton

      What exactly does Oli Wright mean .....

      by a "firey" death? Didn't he learn to spell in primary school?

      Paris, because even she isn't that thick.

  9. Anonymous Coward 101

    Not needed

    It always got on my nerves when I typed a web address and it turned out it ended in '.net' rather than '.com' or something. Nowadays, I just google a website and I get there without hassle. I can't see the point of this. Maybe there are opportunities for companies to sell Scottish produce abroad, and the '.scot' lends authenticity? Whatever.

  10. I_am_Chris

    What a pointless exercise!

    Why are so many people keen to carve off their own part of the web?! It's a global phenomenon - it doesn't matter where a website URL is 'from'. As long as the site is relevant it could be on the moon for all I care!

    FFS people need to get a grip and spend their time and effort on worthwhile things like the deficit. Not waste even more public money on vanity projects - yes the SNP, I'm looking at you. The sooner we get this indepence referendum out of the way the better and you can spend your time looking after the scots properly, for a change...

  11. Tim 48

    In the words of Dr. Emmett Brown

    mine's the one with the Flux Capacitor in the pocket......

    1. Neil 51


      which would randomly redirect to or

  12. Jolyon Ralph

    Not needed

    They only need to register

  13. Ceilidhman

    Wrong URL for dotScot

    OOPS, The URL for the approved bid is actually not the one quoted.

  14. J.G.Harston Silver badge

    Massive FAIL!

    1: TL-country domains are two letters, not four

    2: Stop destroying the hierarchial domain naming structure!!!!

    Is there a .california, .alberta, .bavaria, .piedmont TLD? No!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why would the UK culture minister care?

    Anybody with $185,000 spare, and some nameserver infrastructure will be able to register any TLD they like, .scot would be lost in the noise of thousands of random TLDs. It's kind of ironic that the SNP's bid for independence on the Internet will only come when everybody else and their dog get the chance to do the same...

  16. Ken 16 Silver badge

    What about .cfc and .rfc?

    never mind .weegie and .burger

    1. Lockwood

      ietf.rfc for all your standards discussions needs.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      .cfc for greenies

      and .rfc for networking?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    other options

    Just set up dotEdinburgh. Between that and dotGlasgee you have most of the population, and most of the business of North Britain covered.

  18. JeffyPooh

    /\- Austin Powers - Fat B*st*rd.

    Mark me down as supporting the proposal. It'll be amusing as all the stereotypes are registered by those wishing to poke fun at the

  19. Badbob

    Economy is going down the swanee...

    Scotland has a dying economy, a budget deficit that would make the rest of the UK look fiscally responsible and a heroin/drink/fags/obesity problem....

    Yet this is the most important topic on the SNP's mind?

    Welcome to Scotland, we're all f***d.

    1. Steen Hive

      In the period 2006 - 2010, Scotland subsidised the UK to the tune of £3.5 billion, while the UK itself was running a £73 billion deficit.

    2. Clyde

      re Economy is going down the swanee...

      Bollocks, absolutely bollocks. The Scottish government runs a deficit-free budget. It lives within its means. Which is a million miles more than can be said for those useless corrupt numpties in power in Westminster.

      Scotland's economy is performing better (marginally, but better) in every aspect than that of England. Scotland's politicians are positive about the future, ignoring the rampant naysayers of the labour party, who can do nothing but attack ecverything the SNP try to achieve. Who introduced the anti smoking laws to Britain ? The SNP.

      Who brought out anti binge drinking laws, only to have them voted down by labour ? The SNP. And now the same lot that were against them in Scotland now promote the idea south of the border.

      Who pays for personal care for the elderly ? The Scottish government, by an SNP led campaign.

      Who guarantees free prescriptions ? The SNP government.

      Who continues to give free public transport to the elderly and the needy ? The SNP government.

      Who has been spending on capital projects over the last few years to combat the economic situation ? The SNP government, and now Westminster is finally coming around to the very same way of thinking.

      Don't buy the "poor Scotland" baloney. Scotland pays in more to the Treasury than it takes out. And that's without counting in all the oil revenues. If independent, Scotland would be the richest country in Europe. Even than Norway. The Scottish oil fields have a higher return than the Norwegian sector. At least Norway has not squandered its windfall on illegal wars, on subsidising foreign financiers and bankers, and a thousand other money down the drain wheezes.

      1. Mick Sheppard

        The Caledonian Question

        Of course the deficit generating budget approved by the numpties in the House of Westminster was proposed and passed by a government in power by virtue of its Scottish MPs. To cap it all the chief architect of this was a Scot that preached fiscal responsibility in public whilst stitching the rest of the UK up in the process.

        You can keep your money, and your MPs. We can look after ourselves thank you.

  20. Doogie Howser MD

    "Scots say domain will pay for itself"

    Loosely translated as "let's get the stupid f**king English to pay for this too!"

    1. G28

      You pay for what?

      Loosely translated as "let's get the stupid f**king English to pay for this too"

      What?! You lot pay for everything?! This is an outrage! Here I've been paying tax and NI like a chump to Her Majesty's Government!! For years at that!!

  21. Dom 3

    .cat precedent

    @J.G.Harston in particular - the .cat domain for Catalan sites is well-established; and yes, people do use .cat domains without bothering to register the corresponding .es.

    1. Ken Hagan Gold badge

      Indeed. Without even bothering to google I assumed that somone would have registered the "tom" second-level domain and sure enough, I found a lot of Chinese on

      It must be a kosher TLD if it's got domain squatters.

  22. Andrew Punch

    I am still waiting for the .justlookitupongoogle domain

  23. Stephen Gray

    @ Steen Hive

    As far as one can tell the subsidy from other parts of the UK to Scotland is currently at least £22 billion a year. Public spending in England is about £7,500 per person, in Scotland it is more than £9,000. Since the Scottish Parliament was created in 1999, public spending has outstripped tax generated there by 45 per cent.

  24. Scarborough Dave

    .Yorks or .Pudd or .OwDo

    How about one for the republic of Yorkshire?

    After all we have more rights to be a nation state than bonny Scotland!

    1. Lockwood

      You do have one!

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