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It’s a funny old sport, F1: an ever changing maelstrom of rule adjustments and technology upgrades, ensuring any given season is entirely disparate from the next. Imagine if FIFA suddenly deemed that football’s throw-ins were to become kick-ins, before adjusting the rule once more the next. That’s precisely the issue facing F1 …


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  1. Jules75
    Thumb Up

    Can't wait to get home..

    .... where my copy from Amazon awaits!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Uhhh ... hardware?

    I really thought this was going to be a a review of an actual race car.

  3. Captain Scarlet
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    attached to my trusty ironing board

    I'll have to try that, I have damaged numerous amounts of desks by clamping the wheels on to wooden surfaces only to fine when I need it to stay put it slips and distracts.

    1. hexx

      try wheelstand pro, I bought one and it's brilliant, not too expensive

  4. Richard Lloyd

    Load times dismal

    Whilst they've done a revamp for the 2011 season, is it just me or are the load times when visiting each track even longer than F1 2010 (which was already bad)? I have 12GB RAM, but it doesn't seem to have the concept of caching data for tracks already visited in this session. Perhaps the fact it's a 32-bit app (why? Aren't there loads of 64-bit Windows 7 users out there now?) doesn't help, but the loading times are so appalling that it detracts significantly from gameplay, IMHO.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      try a Ramdrive...

      If the install is smaller than 6GB try a ramdrive. Load some 6GB straight into a mapped ramdrive and watch loading times wither and die. Plus you can't corrupt your install folder if you always run it from the ramdrive.

      You can always hardlink the files or folders that hit the storage subsystem harder too, thus avoiding a complete reinstall of the game or copying the whole game to the ramdrive (if it doesn't fit). Just be sure the save game is not hardlinked.

      Or go splash-cash mode and buy yourself a couple SSDs and RAID 0 them.

  5. Cactusweasel
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    10 sec penalties

    I don't suppose they have toned down/removed/added option to disable the rediculously annoying 10 sec penalties that totally ruined my experience of F1 2010 - I lot count of how many I got for things that weren't even my fault, and gave up.

    1. David Neil

      You sure about them not being your fault?

      In 2 seasons I have had 3 penalties, and every one was for rejoining the race and causing an incident

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Especially online where some f***** brake-checks you and you have no chance to avoid them.

    3. nyelvmark


      C'mon, Lewis - use your real name.

  6. Armando 123

    Big question

    Do they have tires that can actually handle the turns at Indy? (Sorry, we're still bitter around here.)

    1. Flugal


      Bridgestone always did - it was just Michelin who weren't prepared. Glad they didn't change the rules of the race to favour teams who weren't properly prepared. And it was Schumi's only win of the season so I was quite happy!

      No Indy in this year or last year of course anyway, but looking forward to it resuming at Austin though.

    2. Bunker_Monkey

      Tires for Indy?

      I am more concerned about the fact that the Car itself cannot handle indy unlike its big american brother Indycar / Champcar!

      Still bitter about the resulting crash that young ralf experienced.

      google "kenny brack crash" on youtube and watch! Yes he survived!!!

      1. Tom 260

        As I recall it was more a complaint about the freshly diamond-cut road surface that was supposed to increase traction on the banking section (for the Indy cars that only use the outer oval), but was resulting in increased tyre abrasion on the F1 tyres. Given that the rules that season only allowed tyre changes for rain and punctures, and the Michelin tyres weren't up to lasting the race, the Michelin runners decided to quit on safety grounds.

        Michelin did try a second tyre type, but this also suffered the same problems, and would not have been allowed by the stewards under the regulations in any event. Bridgestone didn't suffer any issues over the weekend, so presumably their tyre construction was more suited to the circuit.

        In any event, roll on the new US circuit next year, which is designed from the outset as a F1 layout, just needs the fans to attend, or it'll become another Turkey.

        1. Andy Enderby 1


          ..... And the Bridgestone angle was that they were the incumbent tyre supplier for the IRL and of course, for the Indy 500 itself, and had prior access to the new surface. Michelin had no choice, they'd have been sued to buggery and back if any had gotten themselves hurt, the FIA were aware that they couldn't race that track configuration with the tyre they had available and in grand FIA fashion and in the face of personal interference from Max Moseley (who used the issue as a political stick to beat teams not signed up to the then pending new Concorde agreement), and lobbying from the eventual winners, refused all compromise except their own risible option - the Michelin runners filing through the pits on the speed limiters every lap...... Bonkers.

          From my point of view everybody dragged the sports name through the mud that day with the possible exception of the Michelin contracted teams who were contractually obliged to follow Michelins advice that the tyres were not safe and as such should not be used. If they hadn't pulled the plugs and run regardless Michelin could and probably would have removed such a teams tyre supply for the remainder of the season. Unfortunately the Michelin teams were also contracted to Bernie and the FIA to take the start, on pain of removal of transport funds, start money and financial penalties, so we had the edifying sight of them filing back into the pits at the end of the recon lap. The poor sods were over a barrel.

          As to the game itself - the review fails to acknowledge poor framerates on PS3, the same replay cache file issue that crippled performance at times on the F1 2010 title on PC (possibly rectified by moving your replays to another drive or by simply making the replays read only if you don't have a spare drive available.This worked for me, framerates rendered the game useless, but are now excellent with detail at max)- stupidly there's no other way of switching off replays than this kludge nor did they fix the bloody issue itself. There's also a god awful keyboard driven menu system on PC (no mouse for menu use), some very odd handling, lag in control inputs caused by some sound card drivers, the inability to remember you have a wheel attached at times, the inability to remember any settings at times (again) and and quite a few other bugs confirmed and discussed on the Codemasters own forum already that I can't remember.

          I have to ask..... Did the reg reviewer actually run this title or did they simply import a press release into their review.....and did Codemasters actually test the product before release ? C'mon be honest.

  7. Flugal

    Can't wait to get home

    Come on 5.30!

    Mmmm, am starting to feel queezy, *pathetic cough*.

  8. deshepherd


    "Imagine if FIFA suddenly deemed that football’s throw-ins were to become kick-ins"

    They actually did ... well, they thought it might improve the game and ran a trial for a season in 2 or 3 different leagues - think the "Conference" (i.e. whats now the BlueSquare Premiership) was one of the leagues that ran the trial. Result wasn't what they expected - think they thought kick in would result in quick short passes to bring ball back into play but instead, I assume, resulted in large numbers of throw-ins turning into slightly different versions of corners with long flighted crosses and lots of delay and barging around in the penalty area before it was taken. So the result of the trial was that the idea was dropped.

  9. Lamont Cranston

    Wheel attached to an ironing board?

    Elsewhere on the site, there's a wheel-based arcade unit attached to a washing machine - is 2011 the year of driving-sim/household-chore convergence?

  10. Lord of Cheese

    ironing board?

    I heartily recommend using a black and decker workmate, much more stable than the ironing board and gives you a handy place to securely put the pedal box.

    1. sheep++;

      Re: Ironing board

      I can just imagine the missus coming into the room and saying - what are you doing?

      I'm just ironing love.

      What's that revving noise?

      Oh I just souped up the iron.

  11. jon 13

    Construction site

    How accurate is the India track ?

    1. Jeremy 2

      About the same as the Korea track in last year's, I suspect! IIRC, it was a hodge podge of an accurate-ish track layout (from plans rather than actual measurements, I assume) and completely fictional environments. Probably about they best you could hope for...

  12. MikeyD85
    Thumb Up

    RE: Grip Levels

    There's less downforce in the cars this year due to a lack of the double diffuser.

    Perfect example:

    Codies have just done a much better job this time. Credit where it is due completely!

  13. AdamWill

    'real' sim

    "F1 2011 is also, out of sheer necessity, a game of compromise; when you think that a true F1 sim would be all but impossible to drive for mere mortals"

    you can get a reasonably good idea by getting a copy of Live for Speed and trying out the F1 car they modelled in that; it's enough work just changing gears five times in two seconds, never mind actually braking and turning the flipping corner. I felt quite proud of just finishing a lap without missing any corners, never mind it was 15 seconds below optimal. (And I was pretty _good_ at LFS.)

  14. janimal


    My biggest problem with f1 2010 was actually the lack of a decent replay. Without being able to view what happened to your competitors and no display of lap number / splits/ times etc... You mnight have a great race but have no way to find out what happened to your rivals in the race.

    Anyone know if they have made replays actually useful this time?

    1. Andy Enderby 1

      @janimal - still porked

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Anyone else find online play on the PC not too great?

    Cars literally fly in the air and carbon fibre shatters out of nowhere in from of you when other people have bad connections.

    1. Andy Enderby 1
      Thumb Down

      PC multi player is not merely, "not great". Currently suffering the same problems as yourself, most likely due to reliance on peer to peer rather than a dedicated server.

      Is moderation stalled here El Reg or a critical comments going to be withheld for ever and a day....?

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