back to article Autodesk shifts design apps to the cloud

Autodesk is planning to take the bulk of its software onto cloud services in the next three years, beginning with AutoCAD WS. “The collaborative aspects of cloud working are going to revolutionize the design field,” Andrew Anagnost, vice president of suites, web services and subscription at Autodesk, told The Register. He …


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  1. Mr Young

    Yee - use the cloud for all my design work!

    I don't fucking think so - think of all the corporate emails that can be intercepted and read by an ISP or Cloud Service provider! I'll stick to pencil and paper for the meantime thanks. Where is the confidentiality nowadays anyway?

  2. Stu 18
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    don't panic

    Autodesk software is so fully of bugs that it will take them years to rewrite it.

    Even though they release a new version every year, it is only to shift the menu items around and add new bugs, I mean features. They don't fix the oustanding ones.

    It will also have autodesk stlye pricing, $500/hour sounds like them.

  3. bazza Silver badge

    @Mr Young: Yep.

    Industrial espionage made easy. Don't hack the company, hack the cloud they use and get *all* of their IPR, for old and soon-to-be-released products, in one easy step. And for all their competitors.

    Can you imagine Apple (for example) risking all their IPR to someone else's cloud? I severely doubt it.

    How on earth do accountants manage to override the concerns of engineers when it comes to the important of such things? Do accountants (for it is always they) not realise the company-killing value that their designs represent? Great if you can save a few bucks on software tools, but it doesn't look so clever if all your design work has been pinched by a competitor. I'm also astonished at how many companies will quite happily connect their design/engineering networks up to the internet. Do they get a kick out of risking their entire business to a network remote hack that they cannot guarantee to be able to prevent? Poor assessment of corporate risk all round I fear...

  4. Eddy Ito

    Pricing is key

    The reason so many people downloaded the Sketchbook app, like I did, was because it was 99 cents and the Sketchbook Express version is free. I made the mistake of trying it on a phone where it mostly sucks sewer water through a coffee straw, the tiny double barrel kind, not the boba straw you get from Charbucks. Anyway, it might not be so bad on a tablet but I don't believe there is enough real estate on my phone.

    That said, the Sketchbook app isn't cloudy. It's seems like a tiny version of the PC program. It's a bit like saying "hey these mini sliders sell great, we should rent space where folks can go and cut up beef to store in our freezer!" With that kind of thinking, I see a merger with HP in their future.

  5. poohbear

    Autodesk is moving to stop people pirating their software. If it's in the cloud, you need to pay for access. No more warez.

  6. Dani Eder
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    Some people cannot move to the cloud

    To give an obvious example, if your company does classified defense work, you *cannot* put your data on the cloud. So either Autodesk will provide a standalone version of their software, or such companies will find another vendor.

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