back to article Work begins on radical Gordon super flash-computer

Supercomputer maker Appro International has finally begun building the "Gordon" flash-heavy supercomputer at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, which was funded by a $20m grant from the National Science Foundation nearly two years ago. The machine is a testbed to analyze what happens when you get the I/O and floating point …


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  1. Arnold Lieberman

    And we also have a partnership with Intel, which gives us a good price.

    Sounds all fair and above-board to me. Any idea who sponsored the PhD?

  2. Captain DaFt

    Why am I so childishly delighted that they made extensive use of flash drives in GORDON?

    1. MrT

      Eagerly awaiting news...

      ...announcing that the first job it does is to help save with a mighty hand every man every woman every child etc...

    2. sisk

      That was probably the whole point of calling it GORDON. It's a nice nod to classic sci-fi.

      Really I'm getting more milage out of the 'Bang for your x' headers in the article. Anyone else have images of cuncussion grenades go through their head at that one?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Typo, I believe

    That should be the Lustre file system, not Luster. This time the word doesn't need Americanising for the reg ;)

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