back to article 'iPhone 5' chippery captured on camera

Another week, another influx of next-gen iPhone rumours and speculation. This time, though, we have images of what appears to be the chipset that'll be used within Apple's upcoming handset. Is this the iPhone 5 chipset? The first image - spied on Chinese-language site Weibo - shows off the A5 chip widely expected to be …


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  1. Si 1


    Looking at the top of the touch screen, that grille pattern is what all the knock-off white iPhone 4 parts used to cover the proximity sensor (mine certainly does). If you look at an official white iPhone 4 it has a dark lozenge in that position.

    So unless Apple have decided to imitate the cheap copies I would seriously wonder if someone just decided to take some pictures of their iPhone 4 in pieces and photoshop the letters A5 over the CPU...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is it just me?

    or does the SIM card look like a full size SIM?

    1. deains

      Just you

      Look at the size of the minijack port on the top right, no way is that a full-size SIM.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Not only that....

      but why does a (supposedly) Chinese factory worker have an AT&T sim card in his/her possesion?

    3. Giles Jones Gold badge

      Just you

      It looks like a Micro-SIM to me.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Since a full size SIM is roughly as large as a credit card, no. No, it does not.

  3. Rob Daglish

    I thought it was a full size sim as well

    but it's difficult to judge the scale on these. I did notice it appears to be on the side, instead of the top as well. Ok, it might just be a prototype, but given the fact its been in the same place on previous phones, I can't see them moving it now. I wouldn't be suprised if it's a hoax, or some disinformation, but i'd be suprised if it was the next iPhone.

    1. D@v3

      Sim slot

      " I did notice it appears to be on the side, instead of the top as well."

      iPhone 4, SIM slot is on the side.

      That is all

  4. DrXym

    Software sim

    The pics appear to show a sim slot. I thought Apple wanted to use a software sim.

  5. Fat Jez

    why is it asking for activation? Would an iOS5 device not be capable of activating itself without being connected to iTunes?

  6. PaulR79

    Increased battery size?

    1430mAh is an increased battery size? What the heck is powering the current iPhone?! That's approaching acceptable battery size, which I consider to be around 1500mAh, but I thought it was much larger than that already.

    When will they (phone manufacturers) get over this fad of making things so thin you can use them as a knife and realise that there's a point when making something thinner that battery life suffers as a result? I have an HTC Desire HD and it's quite slender but the battery is a puny 1230mAh. I'd happily accept a slightly chunkier phone for increased battery but as it stands my only real option is to buy a PowerSkin cover which more than doubles the thickness of the phone.

    1. ThomH

      It's 1420mAh

      So 1430mAh wouldn't be a massive increase. Indeed, since that number comes from the tear downs that were carried out immediately after the device first launched it probably wouldn't even be surprising if Apple had silently substituted the one for the other in the existing model.

    2. deains

      The iPhone 4 currently runs on a 1420mAh battery -- that's almost a 0.008% increase in capacity!

      1. Z80


        Only 2 orders of magnitude out. Keep trying.

        1. deains

          D'oh - percentages are a nuisance really...

  7. gautam

    Jesus is coming

    The 5th Incarnation is upon us. I can see orderly queues forming outside the Regent Street store. Manna from heaven, and deliverance is assured.


    Paris, cos she's no angel and Im an atheist.

  8. Iain Gilbert

    All I want for christmas...

    Is a bigger screen and the ability to make calls in cold weather - it rings in your pocket but as soon as you take it out it drops all signal.

    <sigh> Looks like my next contract will be on the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Note.

  9. Rattus Rattus

    Have they made the case any less ugly yet? Seriously, every iPhone I've seen looks like a cheap plasticky device from the early 90s.

  10. Muhammad Imran/mi1400

    my bet is with "4s" not "5"

    seeing release dates of every June as major release period ( It seems jobs has abandoned a "release candidate" around June 2011. perhaps this June it would have been 4S but since its approx October.. i smell fishy and tech site should debate on this.

    Firstly i dont know and dont care of what steve releases. But I kinda see "Zero-Bezel-Screen iPhone" as iPhone5. This is the industry trend and leaked pics (heavy-bexel) could be an Abandoned-June-2011 release.

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