back to article US Matrix-style Cyberwar firing range moves forward

The US military's plans to create a cyberwarfare firing range in which to test cyber weapons and train the cyber warriors of tomorrow is to continue, with a further $10.77m of funding just announced. Under the National Cyber Range project, the wacky weaponeers of DARPA have long planned to create a walled-off network …


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  1. Mondo the Magnificent

    So, how much...

    ..will the U.S. taxpayer fork out for the red and blue pills?

  2. Guido Esperanto

    $10 mil extra?

    I mean all they need is a couple of hundred computers, running various flavours of OS,

    couple of ISP style switches, few routers, firewalls and an ass load of cable.

    ok, I'm being a pedant, but if they are "mimicking the internet" their isnt MUCH more too it.

    /mines the one with the blank government cheque book....all signed :D

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In other words...

    After decades of research into artificial intelligence, machine learning has finally been perfected enough so that it can simulate real human responses in cyber warfare, and accurately do things like "Click on this attached PDF to see a celebrity boob slip" when requested to in an email.

  4. Red Bren

    Judgement Day is coming...

    "a walled-off network be populated by software "replicants"...innocent bystanders in the devastating digital warfare taking place around them."

    How long before the replicants get tired of being digital cannon fodder and breach the "walls" of the network?

    I'm sure I saw an Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary about this...

  5. Peter Sommer

    What are the assumptions?

    The value of a conventional war game depends heavily on the quality of the underlying assumptions - about weapons capability, terrain, supply lines - as well as the skill of the participants. For most wargames we have pretty good levels of knowledge which the game's organisers can use both in design and making judgements

    But we know almost nothing about the Internet "terrain" in terms of the capacity of elements to resist attack or to recover, and we know next nothing about dependencies. And if we think we have knowledge today, it will be obsolete tomorrow, simply as a result of the natural process of innovation.

    The easy temptation is to make all the targets weak and all the decision-making replicants stupid. That way the arms salesmen and soldiers can go back to the tax payer and say: "Our tests have shown how vulnerable we are We need even more money"

    The Cyber Range project is really no more than an extremely expensive version of an XBox game with "cheats" built in to produce particular outcomes

  6. Thomas 4


    Did that description actually make sense to anyone?

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