back to article Dell: HP's PC exit is an opportunity, not a death knell

It doesn't want to buy out Hewlett Packard's PC business, but Dell is going to keep making and selling computers – Michael Dell told yesterday. Dell sees HP's surprise exit from the field as an opportunity for Dell rather than a harbinger of doom for the industry. The Dell CEO maintained that hardware still matters and …


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  1. Sam Liddicott

    Goodbye HP

    Goodbye HP - once we would have missed you, but you've changed so much we've already missed you.

    Only the rip-off compaq bit remains.

  2. Zippy the Pinhead

    Goodbye HP... We won't miss ya!

    Your Desktops are average at best and your Elitebooks aren't!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Services are great, we’re doing lots of software and services. "

    Are they, really?

    What is Dell's role in delivering?

    Last time I looked, which is admittedly three years or so ago, Dell's role was taking the order and sending the invoice, and more importantly collecting a hefty margin on top of whatever was eventually paid by Dell to the subcontractor of the week that actually delivered the desired service.

  4. Raz

    Another HP goodbye

    I admired HP in the '90s. It started to go down with Fiorina, now it just rolls downhill... If the printer business is going to be less profitable (and it is, with the access to data anywhere there is not so much need to print stuff) HP will become 10 times as small as it is now.

  5. Scott L. Burson


    Hello? HP is spinning off the PC business, not shutting it down. They're not leaving the field at all -- they'll still be a huge player.

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