back to article Avere menaces NetApp with accelerators

Avere says it is capturing business that would have gone to NetApp because its clustered accelerators cost less than NetApp storage upgrades, and run faster. The FXT products from Avere are called optimisers by the company, and they sit in front of filers. They use tiers of storage, including DRAM, NV-RAM, flash and 10K SAS …


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  1. Jim O'Reilly

    Pressure on Big Iron?

    With a massive performance at a low $$/IOPS, these accelerator appliances will have a large impact on both block and file/NAS markets.

    Mainly, we'll see a downsizing of array HDD requirements by as much as 5x on spindle count, with a ripple-though on the array controllers, racks and frames, etc. This is a revenue risk for the Big 3, but may remove the mystique of needing Big Iron at all, and open up a wave of opportunity for Dell, Huawei and others to sell both the accelerator appliances and storage.

    When we add in Openstack and its Linux-like implications for being hostable on x86 COTS boxes, we have the Object Storage space also vulnerable to an accelerator approach, though I suspect this will be on the drive, rather than user, side of the array appliance.

    Life in storage is about to get interesting!

  2. J.H.

    feeling loved-up, Chris?

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