back to article Oracle offers commercial extensions to MySQL

Oracle has released three new commercial extensions for MySQL, provoking fears that the company might be trying to take the project too far from its open source roots. The extensions for MySQL Enterprise cover thread pool scalability, a pluggable API for PAM and Windows authentication, and additions to Oracle VM and Windows …


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  1. mraak

    Fork 'em

    It's about time someone does a "Hardcore Forking Action" on Oracle...

    1. Not That Andrew

      been there, done that

      MySQL was the first Oracle open sauce project to be forked. In fact there are too many forks of it, although MariaDB seems to be well supported.

  2. json

    remember this date 28 January 2015

    .. is the “.. the fifth anniversary of the closing of the transaction“. After which, Oracle said all bets are off as far as MySQL is concerned.

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