back to article Former Acer CEO heads to Lenovo as a consultant

Former Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci is joining Lenovo as a consultant to help steer the firm's consumer biz worldwide, particularly the integration of recently-acquired German PC maker Medion. The exec left Acer in March following a disagreement over future direction of the troubled Taiwanese PC maker and has been on a six-month …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Please don't let him anywhere near the power supplies!

    I have several acer devices, and not one of them has had a power supply which could last over 2 years. My Aspire iDea media centre got through 2 PSUs in under 3 years and annoyed me so much I modified the wiring loom so I could attach a standard desktop PSU to it. Unfortunately that's far too big for the case, so has to live round the back of the TV.

    My 5 year old Lenovo built thinkpad however, is still on its first power block, as is every Lenovo/thinkpad laptop I know of.

  2. Arthur Kater (12345)

    Gianfranco, the stockpiling specialist

    I assume Lenovo is soon expanding it's warehouses in order to build large stockpiles of suposedly sold Lenovo hardware (

    Good luck Lenovo!!

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