back to article VMware links Workstation 8 hypervisor to ESXi

VMware has spruced up its two virtualization hypervisors for client computers: Workstation 8 for x64 PCs and Fusion 4 for x64 machines with an Apple brand on them. Both Workstation and Fusion are what are called type 2 or hosted hypervisors, which means they run atop an operating system running on a PC, allowing for the OS to …


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  1. paul_w
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    Fusion 4 - Windows 8 Dev Preview

    You might be interested to know that Fusion 4 runs the Developer Preview of Windows 8 (64 bit) rather well indeed. Fusion 3 didn't want to know, and I guess this is indicative of the hypervisor changes that come with this new version. I'll be very keen on seeing how my other VMs fare on the newer version.

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