back to article PC World throws in free Bravia telly with Sony fondleslabs

Early-bird customers who purchase the Sony Tablet S when it is launched this Friday will be given a free Sony Bravia TV. Retailers Currys and PC World are to start selling the Sony Tablet from 7am on Friday at the Tottenham Court Road flagship store, where the first 100 customers will walk away with a 32in Sony Bravia TV worth …


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  1. Andy ORourke

    Looks like a good deal..........

    but then I read the smal print, 1st 100, London, etc (I bet you have to buy the top model as well)

    Maybe they are trying to raise a frenzy of Apple-esque proportions for the sale of the new Sony fondleslab?

    Looks nice though doesnt it?

    1. N13L5

      Sony charging 100 Pounds for a crummy UMTS module in its slabs and notebooks sucks...

      Thats the same thing you get in one of those 3G USB sticks you can get for around 15...

      Smells like a rip-off

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What do these companies not understand about the pricing of their fondleslabs?

    Anything anywhere near the price of an iPad, then people will buy an iPad instead.

    1. DrXym Silver badge

      Prices are coming down

      Just not with Sony apparently. The Eee Pad & Iconia can be had for around £315-325. Archos just announced their 10.1" 9G prices will sell for £299, less for an 8" version.

    2. MGman


      They'll sell 100 to those people who get the free TV.

    3. HP Cynic

      Yeah, except the first 100 people outside this particular branch on that day!

    4. Baudwalk

      You're not wrong

      But not entirely right either.

      Some people do buy 'droid slabs at iPad prices. I did.

      No, I'm not an Apple hater. I just compared what the two platforms offered, considered what my needs were, and went for an Asus Transformer.

      Most choose an iPad, but with Apple's serious sales figures, even reaching a fraction of those numbers at this point may still look like a potentially very lucrative market to get an early foothold in.

      Just because HP seem hell-bent on making every wrong decision possible in the mobile market, don't think *all* the Android makers are just as clueless.

    5. Ralthor


      Anything anywhere near the price of an iPad, then people will stick with notepad and pencil.

    6. MJI Silver badge

      Sony still (just) have a cool image sometimes

      Also it will sell because it is NOT an IPad.

      Mind you that HP looked nice as well.

  3. DrXym Silver badge

    £400 is too much

    There is no point trying to sell a tablet at the same price as an iPad. It won't sell.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Not a problem with the price or the spec

      £400 IS a good price for a very nice tablet.

      The problem is braindead consumers only know iPad, because that's what the TV tells them.

      If they actually know Honeycomb tablets existed and were better than iPads for the same money, they would be selling like hotcakes. (some are, like the Asus Transformer, which is outselling all inventory that arrives).

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        £400 IS a good price for a very nice tablet.

        Based on what?

        A market entry point determined by ...Apple?

        I think that about £200 would be a good price for a very nice tablet,

        Yep, I know I won't be buying one for a while!

      2. CD001

        Reminds me

        To many people, MP3 player == iPod - gonna be the same deal on fondlslab == iPad; except for Reg Readers of course, to whom it will be a fondleslab - and for whom the countries of Bolivia and Bulgaria will always be associated with "marching powder" and "airbags" respectively (yes, I was propagating a country table in a database yesterday, thank you).

  4. Chris 171

    Re Price.

    Not if you have decided never to buy anything from apple (in my case at least, but Im not alone Im sure).

    Sony has the brand to carry the stated price in my opinion, after all its just hype that overcomes the apple premium no?

    Quite fancy one I must admit, I like its form.

  5. Mark Forster

    3G Prices?

    Why are tablet makers charging so mych for 3G - surely the chipsets cant cost more than about a fiver?!?!

  6. Matt_payne666

    i like the fact that I dont need no stinking title

    ohh... free tablet with sony telly!!

  7. ratfox
    Thumb Down

    They have it backwards

    They should offer the fondleslab with every TV.

  8. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Deckchairs, Titanic ?

    Is that the sound of DSG sinking without trace?

    Fail obviously

  9. theBatman

    Currys favour?

    I read that as "curry flavour"...

  10. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Hmm, Sony. Is this a company that inspires confidence?

    Nope. I wouldn't want it even if the tablet was free, instead of the telly.

  11. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

    Noone buying TVs

    Using tablets instead, no wonder everyone has bad necks and backs these days!

  12. NoDosh

    Drove past the store this morning

    and I can guarantee not one of the people in that queue had the faintest idea what they were buying. I predict 100 BNIB Sony Fondleslabs on ebay by nightfall.

    Sent from my Xoom and yes, I paid full price. Nice BT keyboard an mouse as a "sorry for the pricepoint" though

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I Was There

    As someone who was there, I can confirm that despite Sony's best efforts, this was the usual DSG clusterfcuk. I pitched up just after 5.00 a.m., and was assured that all 100 people in the queue from yesterday had booked their place. In fact, at the time, there were about 80. So despite the bribe of a £549 RRP telly, not exactly matching Apple in the fanboi league overnight.

    Thinking the game up, I headed for a coffee only to see a photographer tweet that there were still spaces in the queue. It took 25 minutes to find a Sony marketeer who confirmed that I should just join the queue anyway. By then I'd missed out by about a crucial 30 places or so.

    The only thing magical and revolutionary about this launch was the magical and revolutionary close-up magician, Brendan Patricks, sent to amuse the queue - who was genuinely amazing.

    I stuck around until we were let in anyway, and had a good play with the tablet with the assistance of a very well trained Sony rep - DSG's photogenic youngsters doing little more than smiling inanely. Mind you, in order to do that, I had to tether the slab to my own Three MiFi, as DSG were unable to provide a workable WiFi network in their "flagship" London store. Even with this early software, it seemed responsive, and fullscreen flash on the full iPlayer site worked perfectly. I quite liked the wedge shape too, although I'm not sure about some of the industrial design, the ports, in particular, look a bit shoddy.

    If Sony controlled the whole retail experience, they might be halfway to competing with Apple. While they are stuck with retarded channel partners like DSG, they've got no chance. Should have launched at John Lewis.

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