back to article Deep inside Intel's 'Ivy Bridge' chip

Intel's next-generation "Ivy Bridge" chips will include a host of improvements, including integrated graphics that the company claims will narrow the lead now held by AMD's Fusion APUs. "I expect that that gap, from everything that I've seen, is closing fast," Intel's director of graphics architecture Tom Piazza told an Ivy …


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  1. E 2

    Marketting spam

    Intel's marketting spam output this past two weeks or so is making me wonder whether AMD has a winner on it's hands with BD. Seriously - Intel has been talking about how wonderful it's processors will be in 2013.

    Sad thing is that GloFlo & TSMC might match Intel's current process tech in 2013... this BS from Intel probably will work!

    1. Thomas Davie


      Or... it could just be that there's a big hardware show going on and Intel and AMD are both there telling everyone about their products. Note – Ivy Bridge is due in early 2012, not 2013.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Close but no cigar

    By the time Ivy Bridge shows in laptops, AMD will be out with Trinity to replace Llano in early 2012. It's good for consumers but bad for Intel.

  3. Citizen Kaned


    i keep hearing reg users banging on about how BD will kick intel's arse but all the tech sites are saying the BD cant even compete with current intel CPUs, let alone the new tech out soon.

    are AMD going to be relevent again (like they used to be) or just for those that cant afford the power of Intel?

    i used to love AMD and had their first athlons but for a while now ive been Intel due to them being much more powerful in the real world (i.e. gaming etc)

    1. Rob Dobs

      Both companys have their fair share of BS

      AMD has been guilty of marketing FUD before too, but Intel certainly takes the cake.

      With them pushing how great their graphics etc will be I can see they are scared shitless by the Fusion chips and BullDozer.

      And exactly which tech sites are saying BD can't compete? The ones that are paid by Intel (either in direct bribes, or just in tons of intel swag....say something bad and all the free hardware from intel dries up..or they just refuse to give you early samples of chips and your site becomes less relevant. I wasn't even aware that AMD had given models to hardware sites for testing yet (though I haven't really looked either)???

      And yes there are several programs that many gaming sites just so happen to use for benchmarking that have also been paid by intel to be heavily optimized for their if you just use those select programs you will see better performance out of Intel. AMD consistently competes very well with Intel though. What most hardware sites seem to totally unwilling to do is do actual real tests comparing similar cost systems. With the money you save on AMD setup you can usually have enough left over to add a SSD drive, or other higher end options that really help even up the comparison.

  4. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    USB Interrupts

    Why on Earth does USB need to send 3,000 interrupts per second to the host CPU ?

    1. Richard 12 Silver badge

      USB is completely host-controlled, that's probably why.

      I suspect he's also talking about the 'worst-case' scenario - the entire USB subsystem - on a modern PC, that's generally six or eight Root Hubs.

      That much USB 3 running at super-duper-hyper-speed doing multiple transfers to multiple endpoints will be a lot of interrupts.

  5. Dick Emery

    Intel fail because their chip can't crossfire like AMD can. Unless they buy Nvidia of course.

  6. David Barr


    They can be relevant without having the performance crown. AMD chips are pretty good value for money through their range, and with BD the range will extend further up, it seems likely to about the 2600K level.

    For most enthusiasts the 2600K is overkill, it's only really high end users who are content to spend way ahead of the price/performance curve that will only have Intel to choose from, so this whole "AMD isn't relevant" argument is bunk.

    What matters is the sweet spot, and at that point Intel and AMD compete, which makes for cheap computing for everybody.

  7. Bronek Kozicki

    it's all about graphics isn't it?

    ... apart from PAIR. I see very little to be excited about for those with discrete GPU cards.

  8. Chris 228

    Trinity is a big jump

    Trinity will be a big jump in performance from Llano so it should be well received. Llano is far better than Intel's terrible IG. APUs are a smart move for both performance and power reduction. AMD has the lead on them and is likelty to maintain it for at least a few years from the looks of it.

    BTW the news this week is due to Intel's IDF. AMD always shows new products at a venue near by so attendees get a true picture of the near future and not just a snow job by Intel.

  9. Eduard Coli

    Perhaps they are scared of BD

    If anyone else tired of Intel's monopoly holding computing back?

    Lets hope they fixed the SATA3 controller this time around...

  10. Zot

    No OpenGL?

    I wonder why they went for DirectX instead, is it just an example?

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