back to article Kick! Bostock! out! too! demands! Yahoo! shareholder!

Outspoken hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb has discharged another strongly-worded letter to Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang and the board, urging changes at the top to bring the company back from the brink. Loeb, who heads up the Third Point fund, which holds a 5 per cent stake in Yahoo!, is not content with Yahoo!'s sacking of CEO …


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  1. vilemeister

    Old Joke is Old

    Seriously, I'm not trolling here, but haven't you guys used that joke enough when referring to anything to do with Yahoo!?

    1. MikeSM
      Thumb Down

      I still chuckle each time I see it and even read the headline to myself exclamation points and all.

    2. Tom Maddox Silver badge

      Maybe! You! Should! Read! A! Different! Site!

  2. Chris Parsons

    Spot on, vilemeister

    It was mildly amusing for a couple of time, but Jesus, talk about doing it to death. As for Tom Maddox - What? I find one thing puerile, so I should not read anything else? Bit extreme, isn't it? Is it necessary to agree blindly with everything El Reg says?

    1. Tom Maddox Silver badge

      Don't! Worry!

      You'll! Get! Over! It!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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